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Best Friends

This is my best friend Garrett and I. I’m on the left, if you weren’t sure.
We took this at the Swerve Festival earlier today.
We have a tendency to do buck teeth in all the pictures we take together. That’s what happens when you know someone for 16 years. And I have no idea what’s supposed to be going on in the photo. Like a happy couple on a cloud outside their living room?!

No matter what, it’s genius to me.


Checkland Kindleysides

This is a really weird question, but have you ever wanted to live in a website?
I can’t say that I ever have, but after seeing the new site for Checkland Kindleysides, my position has totally changed. Checkland is a graphic and environmental design company based out of Liecester, which seems to be in the middle of England, surronded by nothing but nature. Which is probably where they drew the inspiration for their site from.

Similar in feeling to the Mauricio Alejo image I posted about not too long ago, Checkland uses beautiful and elegant paper cut-outs as background imagery and ways to display their work. The minimal approach is absolutely stunning, as is their incredible body of work. Their Levi’s and Sony campaigns are definitely worth your time to check out.


Link via K10K

Alex Brown

I found this hysterical image last night in the front of Vice Magazine and had to post it. The photo was taken by Alex Brown, a photographer from New York who has a pretty great collection of portraits (though I’m not so hot on his website, sorry Alex).


Triops Camera by Franziska Faoro

Triops Camera by Franziska Faoro

This little gem of an idea has been floating around the web for a while now, but it’s such a great concept that I wanted to put my own two cents in. This is the Triops, a camera that offers a ton of possibilities, and new experiences in photo taking. For example, you can attach a lanyard to it, and fling it into the air, taking incredible aerial shots. Or you can string it up at a party and have it respond to sound or movement, getting pictures of unexpected events. Built into it are 3 fisheye lenses, which coudl also give you 360º panoramic images as well.

The camera was created by Franziska Faoro, a German born designer who’s traveled the world studying design. I love that she totally destroyed the common notion of what a camera is, and was able to bring it into a new realm of potential. I know that I would think of a million things to do with something like this. And there’s no doubt in my mind that I would be in the street, throwing this thing up in the air as high as I could! I’d probably end up losing it that way! It would also be cool if it was waterproof as well, so you could have amazing underwater panoramic images. So much amazing potential!


Made in Bunch: Bunch Logo Redesign

A Bunch of Bunch Logos

Bunch Design is currently having a logo redesign, and you can get in on it. They’re looking for you (the oh-so creative type) to interpret their simple filled-in letter B shaped logo into something new and dynamic! So far there have been a ton of great entries, which makes it pretty fun to browse through them all. What you see above is some of my favorites, which kind of fall into all sorts of different categories.

Check out their redesign site, Made in Bunch, for all the rules and regulations and how to submit your own design.


Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis

Coudal Partners' Layer Tennis

Starting this coming Friday, September 28th, Coudal Partners will be proudly presenting the return of Layer Tennis! For those who aren’t sure, Layer Tennis is similar to tennis, but instead of rackets and balls you get Photoshop, Flash and any other creative medium of your choice. Given 15 minutes to complete a “volley”, you add to, twist, warp, and completely change an image in any way you want. That image is then passed to the other player who does the very same, but tries to one up you as well. Each round lasts for ten volleys, and when it’s all done, the site visitors get to vote on who won.

I’m really excited for this to start up again, these can be so much fun. I’m most looking forward to the third week of competitions, which take place on October 12th. The match features Chuck Anderson of No Pattem versus Steven Harrington, with commentary by the great Jason Kottke. This should be really interesting because of how different their respective styles are. Chuck Anderson is all about the multi-colored gradients and light trails, while Steven Harrington likes line drawings and half-tones.

I’m really biting my tongue a lot on this match-up, so I’m just going to say that I hope that Steven Harrington knocks the lens flares outta’ Chuck Anderson. But I’m also really hoping that they create something really bad ass together.


The Bike Show

 The Bike Show featuring  Parra, Brent Rollins, Feoff McFetridge, Willo Perron, Tyler Gibney, Adrian Nyman and Grotesk

I believe that if you live in Los Angeles, you have to be pretty damn crazy to ride your bike around town. Most of the time there are no bike lanes at all, and the idea of riding between parked and moving cars doesn’t sound appealing to me in the slightest. But I do like the idea of an art show featuring bicycles with a retro feel, and graced with artwork and designs by some of the best artists around.

The Bike Show is taking place at the HVW8 Gallery on September 29th, from 7-10PM. The bikes themselves were designed by Tobias Adolfsson, who is a Swedish designer who wanted to create something that was well-designed, but still affordable and relatively low maintenance. The artists chosen to design the bikes are Swedish designer Parra, Ego Trip collective member Brent Rollins, my favorite designer in the world, Geoff McFetridge, jack-of-all-trades Willo Perron, HVW8 founder Tyler Gibney, photographer Adrian Nyman, and awesome illustrator, Grotesk. This should be a lot of fun! I’m definitely going and bringing my camera!