Paul Paper’s ‘To Sea The See’

The wonderful Paul Paper is having a 3 day photo exhibit from December 5th to the 7th, featuring “some seen and unsee pictures”. He’s also debuting a new video, entitled ‘To Sea The See’.
There’s one catch, though. It’s taking place in a flat on Antokolskio street in the small town of Vilmius, which happens to be the capital of Lithunia, the place Paul calls home.

So if you happen to have some friends or family in Lithunia, you should check out his show, he’ll have tea and cakes for everyone.


Bobby Solomon

December 3, 2007 / By

…and winter again.

I saw this photo on Jean Snow a few days ago, and I’ve had it open in my browser because I can’t stop staring at it, I think it’s absolutely beautiful. It was taken by a girl named Yuki, and is from her Night Lights set. In fact, her whole Flickr account is full of beautiful pictures. Give them a look!


Bobby Solomon

November 29, 2007 / By

Lots of Lomography: Boston & New York

To start off, I’m back in LA, and pretty glad to be home. I missed being here, missed sleeping in my bed, and driving my car. Jeff and I had a great time though, and to prove it, I have a bunch of rad photos.

I’ve been slowly using my Lomo LC-A more and more lately, trying to figure out it’s quirks and the such. Well, I ended up shooting three rolls while I was on the east coast, so I think I’ve finally figured it out. It’s actually pretty fun to use, though I’m still having some trouble judging distance for the focus. But I think practice will make perfect on that issue.

All of the photos were taken in Boston or New York, and I used Fuji 200 film. I love how old and vintage they feel. It’s kind of nice to step away from digital for a while and have some photos with some grain and grit to them. There are 17 more photos under the cut, so I suggest you check them out.

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November 28, 2007 / By

+KN in Boston / Day 1

Hello everyone! I made it into Boston, and I’m having an awesome time so far. I landed at 6 in the morning after a restless flight. I think I slept a lot, but it was hard to tell. Yesterday afternoon we met up with Jeff’s friends Nina for brunch at Cosí, which was a a cute café in Kendall Square. I had an overly salty egg sandwich.

After that we met up with Christina at Dunkin Donuts. It was her birthday, so we decided to go shopping on Newbury Street, which was a lot of fun. We saw a guy who was basically dead on the street also, which wasn’t so fun. Thankfully, a woman stepped up to perform CPR on him, and was able to get him breathing again. An ambulance came shortly after, so hopefully he was okay.

Then for dinner we met up with Matt and Naomi, who invited us to Shabbat dinner with a bunch of the Jews on campus. Jeff is Jewish, but I’m not, so it was pretty interesting, and a lot of fun. We had Jew bread, which I can’t spell, but it was delicious. There was matzos ball soup, salad, and chicken with vegetables. Other people were complaining about, but I thought it was really good! The prayer was pretty interesting as well, it just sounded like they were repeating themselves a whole lot. I also got to meet a bunch of really rad people as well.

After that, we headed over to Matt’s dorm to have some drinks and hang out. It ended up being a lot of fun and I took photos of everyone who was there, which are under the cut. I’ll be posting later tonight possibly, but if not, tomorrow!

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November 17, 2007 / By

Marc Jacobs Loves Harry Potter

I keep seeing this ad in magazines everywhere, and I think it’s so funny. The photo is one half of a Marc Jacobs ad, and as you can see, Marc is an avid reader of Harry Potter, as the boy in the photo is the beautiful version of Daniel Radcliffe. Marc Jacobs always has the best ads, like his recent one with Michael Stipe in some regular looking bathroom in a bright blue pair of pants and no shirt on.

I’m guessing the photo was taken by Juergen Teller, who takes most of the photos for Marc by Marc these days.

Maybe that’s a trashy Hermione to his right? haha…


Bobby Solomon

November 14, 2007 / By

Photos from the Vans Sky Gallery Exhibit

Last weekend I was invited to the opening of the Vans Sky Gallery show at the New Image Art Gallery, so I popped over and took some pictures. I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now, I’ve felt really bad that they’ve been sitting on my camera this whole time. It was kind of a small show, but overall the vibe was fun.

Each artist involved in the project had a piece of art on the wall and a customized pair of shoes. Then next to that was one of the new iPod minis, which was playing an animated video or interview the artist, relating to what they created. I watched the Sage Vaughn video, which was an animated video with his artwork. Pretty cool stuff.

Check out under the cut for a ton of pictures from the show.
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Bobby Solomon

November 9, 2007 / By

Clayton Cubitt

When I think of really good art, no matter what medium it is, I think of things that effect me emotionally. While looking at the photos of Clayton Cubitt, the range of emotions I felt, were honestly, all over the board.

The photos above are from a project called ‘Lagos Calling’, where he recreated what he calls the “African skinhead fashion from the early seventies.” I know nothing about any of this, but what I do know is how amazing these photos look. They look like the could be right out of the seventies. The styling is absolutely perfect, and the models are incredible. I felt shock and envy looking over all of these amazing images.

After that I took a look around his site and decided to look at his photos of the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. Looking at them and reading the captions that went along with them was really hard to do. The pictures are beautiful on their own. It’s hard to believe that he can take such amazing photos in such a harsh place. But when you read the stories that go along with them, it turns the intensity knob to 11. I was close to tears many times, reading about the courage that people had and the lives that were lost.

If you have some time to check out his photos, I highly suggest you do so.

Found through Boing Boing


Bobby Solomon

November 8, 2007 / By