Tranquil shots of Nature in Miren Pastor’s ‘Bidean’

Bidean Miren

Sometimes it’s nice to encounter work where you don’t know the full story. This is the case with Bidean; a beautiful series of images from Madrid-based photographer Miren Pastor. Pastor’s work explores open fields and deep recesses. Her images are bathed in a beautiful light where nature seems to either be dawning a new or where the sun is slowly taking its final crawl across our planet. Whatever state these images are captured in, it’s hard not to get swept up in their lush beauty.

More images from the series can be found on Pastor’s website with a series of words in Spanish.

Bidean Miren

Bidean Miren

Bidean Miren

Bidean Miren

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2014 iPhone Photography Awards Winners Announced

Yilang Peng

The winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards have been announced and the results are remarkable. We’re to the point where mobile cameras and photo editing apps can produce photos that rival their more expensive brethren. Examples like the photo above by Yilang Peng and the ones below demonstrate that it’s less about the equipment you have but your ability to see the world in a beautiful way.

Highly recommend checking out the sections of Architecture, Animals, Others, and Sunsets. It’s also interesting to check out the winners from past years, dating back to 2008.

Adrienne Pitts

Cocu Liu

Danil Konovalov

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Andrew B. Meyers Photographs Reality in a Surreal Manner

Came across the work of Canadian photographer Andrew B. Meyers again and had to repost. His photos don’t look real in any way. The way he lights them and the layout of the objects bring this ordered surreality that’s wonderful to take in. I also have no idea how these are made, but if I had to guess I’d say a mix of photography and Photoshop wizardry.

Andrew B. Meyers

Andrew B. Meyers

Andrew B. Meyers

Andrew B. Meyers

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‘Watermark’ is a Documentary Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen Before


Water. It covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. It’s vital for all known forms of life. It’s pure, it’s beautiful, and it’s awfully artistic, as seen in its leading role within Watermark, a documentary exploring “the extent to which humanity has shaped water, and how it has shaped us.” It’s the result of taking two award-winning documentary directors, Jennifer Bachiwal and Nick de Pencier, and soaking them with renowned Canadian photographer, Edward Burtynsky. While living beautifully on the big screen, this film can just as easily find a home on a gallery wall. It’s an amazingly produced documentary that’s excels in every category of film making, combining several elements to ultimately transform the way you think about water and your relationship to it.

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‘Animal Visions’ in Tom Chambers’ Magical Photomontages

Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers is an American photographer who creates intriguing photomontages which hint at strange stories and magical unspoken tales. His series Animal Visions is a wonderful example of what he does so well. Focusing on his fascination with the animal kingdom, this work explores the relationships and connections between people and animals and creates wonderful images that are surreal and beautiful.

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Stunning Air France Ads are Ready for Take Off


This week, Air France unveils its new campaign, “Air France, France is in the air.” The French agency behind it all, BETC, has slowly but surely been revealing the campaign with a series of posters. Featuring the amazing photography of Sofia & Mauro, bold design, and palettes to make any color-lover swoon, it’s a strong move in the right direction for the brand, and a reminder that advertising’s not so bad when it’s beautiful.

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