Keaton Henson and Autumn de Wilde Collaborate on ‘Lying to You’ Music Video

Keaton Henson "Lying to You"

We’re big fans of British singer-songwriter Keaton Henson. Not only are his lyrics thoughtful and poetic, his delivery is so subtle and beautiful, his emotion seems to stir yours with every listen. Already an artist with an armful of thoughtful and interesting music videos that function more as short films, his latest, “Lying to You”, is a collaboration with photographer Autumn de Wilde. An ode to the teenage girl, it stars de Wilde’s enigmatic daughter, Arrow, as she traverses suburban streets dotted with cat topiaries and errant Winnebagos in such a way as to make you remember the pangs of adolescent loneliness. We were so taken with it, we recently spoke to de Wilde to find out more about her inspiration and process for the video.

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Dee Shin’s Magical Video for Patrick Watson’s ‘Blackwind’

Patrick Watson's 'Blackwind'

Screenshot from Patrick Watson - Blackwind

Late last year the Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson ran a competition asking fans to create a music-video for his track “Blackwind”. The entries were really impressive and it’s incredible to see the quality of fan-made videos being made. Last month he finally announced the winner as Chloe Poirier-Sauve but also gave special mention to six other entries; one of which is this video created by the South-Korean director Dee Shin.

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“Brennisteinn”, the brand new song and video from Sigur Rós

"Brennisteinn", the brand new song and video from Sigur Rós

"Brennisteinn", the brand new song and video from Sigur Rós

About an hour ago Sigur Rós dropped an email announcing the release of a new album called Kveikur which is being released on June 17/18. In addition they also released a new video to accompany it titled “Brennisteinn”, which takes Sigur Rós into a much harder musical territory. Like I’ve never heard Sigur Rós sound this bad ass before, it’s kind of amazing. Plus the video, directed by Andrew Huang, is also pretty gnarly. I think it’s about a ritual sacrifice and the end of the world, but you can make your own assumptions.

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The Leisure Society’s fantastically fun ‘Fight For Everyone’ video

'Fight For Everyone' Music Promo

'Fight For Everyone' Music Promo

This is a delightful little animated promo for The Leisure Society’s new single “Fight For Everyone” which is animated by the British animation studio Persistent Peril. The video shows the creation of a new planet by a giant blue hand but unfortunately things don’t go quite according to plan as chaos unfolds when evolution steps in. It’s a lot of fun, featuring great colors and a lot of playful whimsy.

The track is taken from the bands third album Alone Aboard The Ark which comes out on April 01st on Full Time Hobby.

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British Sea Power Celebrates Bicycles in ‘Machineries of Joy’ Music Video

British Sea Power

If you like bikes, winding country roads, sweaters with jeans, or lovely ladies in minimal makeup, you’ll love British Sea Power’s new music video for their single, “Machineries of Joy”. Personally, I’m into the song itself and can’t wait for the band’s fifth album (also called Machineries of Joy), but the video is a hypnotic and meandering celebration of both bicycles and the act of riding them. We follow a jeans and sweater wearing maiden riding her bike through the countryside as weird bike sculptures and a lone horse appear around her. It’s unclear whether this is really happening or merely a product of an intense (and sweaty) bike ride, but it’s subtly beautiful nonetheless. It sounds like the album itself is equally as enigmatic as the band has this to say about it:

“Various things are touched on in the words – Franciscan monks, ketamine, French female bodybuilders turned erotic movie stars. The world often seems a mad place at the moment. You can’t really be oblivious to that, but we’d like the record to be an antidote – a nice game of cards in pleasant company.”

Sounds joyful indeed.

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The Awe Inspiring “Fjara” video by Sólstafir

‘Fjara’ video by Sólstafir

‘Fjara’ video by Sólstafir

We here at TFIB like Icelandic music. Like, a lot. It’s not that we will cover Sigur Ros and their amazing music videos… It’s that we’ll cover the singer as well. We give all kinds of shits about Bjork too, and frequently drift into a hazy sleep listening to múm. The blend of electronics and classical, well, we’ll just listen to Olafur Arnalds for that.

It can’t all be the romance of experimental, post-rock, and classical, music with a beautiful backdrop, right? Can Iceland rock? Like, HARD?

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“Look At The Light,” a new music video by Sin Fang

"Look At The Light," a new music video by Sin Fang


Sindri Már Sigfússon has had an interesting career in music. He started out the band Seabear as a one-man musical project in 2003 that evolved into the seven-piece band we know and love today. He then released a solo album under the name Sin Fang Bous in 2011, and now he’s released another solo album under the shortened monicker Sin Fang. Get all that?

He’s released a new video for the song “Look At The Light” and both of them are pretty extraordinary. The song itself is really layered sounding with lots of harmonies, strings, horns, and everything I generally find great about his music. The video though is quite trippy and a bit surreal. There’s bits of reversed footage, blown out 3D-esque effects, all kinds of weirdness. Together though they provide a beautiful experience. Sindri, if you somehow read this blog, please say hi to me in Reykjavik!

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Celebrating Sigur Ros and the Release of the ‘Valtari’ Mystery Film Experiment

Sigur Ros Valtari Mystery Film Experiment

It’s impossible to celebrate Iceland on #MusicMonday without mentioning Sigur Rós. Arguably the country’s biggest musical export (next to Björk), the band continues to astonish and inspire with their epic brand of atmospheric rock. At times subtle using spare instrumentation and ambient emotion, and other times crescendoing into a cacophony of guitars, their music is singular, innovative, and utterly captivating. The same can be said for their music videos and concert films, too.

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