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Los Angeles, I’m Yours Video: Sinclair Denim

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There are a lot of Los Angeles makers. There are painters and coffee makers and ceramicists and woodworkers and all sorts of people who make things, many of which have some reverence or relationship to the city that surrounds them. The city has become a paradise for those who make!

To speak to this and to really capture something in the air, LAIY has some exciting news to share: we’ve launched a video series to share stories of the creatives the city is housing. They are quick little peeks into culinary or fashion worlds, designers or juice makers—and they all speak to something very specific about the city. First up as our subject is crazy local jean maker Sinclair Denim, fancy pants (and more) makers who put an incredible amount of work into their crazy jeans.

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Project Rebrand Los Angeles: The LA Flag


Have you ever looked at your city’s flag? Chances are you probably have not. You’re probably aware of your country and state’s flag but your city’s flag is probably something you didn’t know you had. A lot of cities have flags, actually. Los Angeles is one of those and it is an embarrassment. It’s like a Bob Marley celebration cake that Cookie Monster attempted to claw up. It’s so bad and sad and needs some help.

In honor of September being LA’s birthday month, we wanted to give her a little love by pushing you in LA and out of LA to make a flag for the city of Los Angeles. Like TFIB’s Re-Covered Books Contest, we’re conducting the first Project Rebrand Los Angeles and hope to come up with a few options for rethinking the Los Angeles flag.

So, we want you to get your entries in: what do you think LA’s flag should look like? Send them in and you could win $50 from Amazon and some other goodies, too. We can’t wait to see how everyone interprets the city…

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 8.12

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 8.12 1

The City Sisters: An Interview With Karen Alweil, Barbara Bestor, & Sara Stein of SoLA
SoLA is the acronym for Sisters Of Los Angeles, a high design souvenir concept that has been sweeping the nation. It’s coming from retailer Karen Alweil, renowned architect Barbara Bestor, and marketing veteran Sara Stein. They make very beautiful, very good looking glassware, totes, iPad cases, pencils, and more. They’re doing some pretty great stuff: these ladies are definitely a bunch to watch.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 8.12 2

Inside AETHERsf
Local outdoorsman Aether have retail store—and it isn’t in Los Angeles. It’s actually up North in San Francisco, a city that has a lot more people focused on outdoor activity and in need of techy jackets. The store is located in Hayes Valley and is very unordinary: it’s made of three shipping freights stacked atop of each other and appearing as if it could fall over. It’s a remarkable, droolworthy space that is required visiting if you are in SF.

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This Week On LAIY: Week Of 8.5

This Week On LAIY Week Of 8.5 4

Sculpture, Painting, & Place: An Interview With Molly Larkey
Molly Larkey is a fantastic, fantastic artist. She started off as writer and then switched to sculpture and in the past few years has done some crazy sculptures. They are so super cool and we’re obsessed with her work. She’s so cool—and her work is so colorful, bright, and very “now.” We love her.

This Week On LAIY Week Of 8.5 2

Duc Kien’s Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets
We’ve been on the hunt for a perfect jean jacket all Summer…and we’ve found them! They’re from LA designer Duc Kien who has started his fashion enterprise by making jean jackets. They are super structured and durable and perfect. We have two and are obsessed. If you want an affordable, good looking light jacket, this is for you.

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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 7.29

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.29 1

Creating Community Through Craft: An Interview With Karen Kimmel
Karen Kimmel is kind of like machine. She’s one of those people who has evolved into more than just her: she’s become a lifestyle. The Artistic Director and artist does everything from guide the look of brands like Splendid to conduct her own creative retreats for families. She also has an amazing eye for visuals, which make her office a pastel pretty delight. Some great photos are in this story, guys.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.29 2

Katin Wants You To Great Ready To Surf
Southern Californian surf brand Katin is responsible for making surf culture. That is a fact! They’re the closest thing we have out West to a heritage brand and we recently got our hands on lots of rad ready-to-wear surf clothes. They range from tropical patterned hats to tailored swim shorts to a pineapple printed oxford. Lots of good stuff here!

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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 7.15

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.15 1

Film As An Art Industry: An Interview With Hadrian Belove of Cinefamily
Cinefamily is a Los Angeles gem, this resource and hub for all things film. They celebrate the mainstream, the underground, the proper, and the odd all under the roof of an old silent movie theatre. They appreciate film for their artistry and–surprisingly–are the only LA institution doing this. How?! We are a town dedicated to film! Anyway, we spoke with one of the Cinefamily co-founders Hadrian Belove about the non-profit and to get an idea of what they bring to LA.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.15 2

Inez & Vindooh At Gagosian Gallery
It’s easy to call photographic duo Inez & Vindooh celebrity photographers. They shoot a lot of well known people, yes, but their passion is showing the unexpected and really making you rethink preconceived notions of beauty, gender, and even portraiture itself. Their work is recently on view at the Gagosian in Beverly Hills and features some of their best work with celebrities and a new crop of wild flower portraits.

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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of July 8

Top Five From LAIY Week Of July 8 1

How To Fill A Niche: An Interview With Dave Pifer Of Secret Headquarters & Vacation Vinyl

In coolborhood Silver Lake, Sunset Junction is basically the hip Times Square. The area has everything and two stores that we love are comic book shop Secret Headquarters and record store Vacation Vinyl. They both are so unassuming and low key while resonating a very cool aura about them. We had the chance to speak with one of the co-owners of both of the stores, Dave Pifer, and got to hear all about how it is to run a store in the coolest part of town.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of July 8 2.1

Clare Graham At JF Chen

Artist Clare Graham has a knack for turning trash into treasures. His most recent body of work consists of furniture made from soda can tops, net and plastic wrapped bondage stuffed animals, button mirrors, and cabinets made from teddy bear eyes. His work is the recent subject of a little show at JF Chen and it is one of the craziest things we’ve seen. Some of his work is pretty affordable, too.

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Top Five From Los Angeles, I’m Yours: Week Of 6.17

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 1

The Process Of Design: An Interview With Joey Roth
We’ve been fans of the work of designer Joey Roth for years and we were so surprised to hear from him a few years back that he had actually moved to Los Angeles. We were so pleasantly surprised because he’s such a talented, smart guy–and he totally adds to an ongoing tradition of clean, modern design that is often overlooked in Southern California. We caught up with him to chat about his work and to hear what exactly his process of making is.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 2

James Turrell’s A Retrospective
If you’ve dipped a toe in the recent bubbling jacuzzi that is the art world in America, you will have gotten several splashes from James Turrell who has multiple shows happening concurrently. One of them is an amazing, almost too absorbing retrospective at LACMA. It’s broken into two parts–his past works and recent works–and it is built out on his own terms: you have to reserve a ticket and there are strict maximum capacities of certain pieces. There is one piece that you get to stand on the inside and it feels like you are in the stomach of a beautiful monster: this is the best art show of the year, hands down. While you are there, please stop into the gift shop: we picked out a few things for you.

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