Last Week in Music | 1/27/08 – 2/03/08

After months of bitching and complaining my is finally displaying my totals accurately. If anyone is having any problems with’s client, I highly suggest switching over to iScrobbler. My only beef is how ugly the icon is, but it works great, so whatever.

Like I wrote in the previous post, I listened to pretty much nothing but Vampire Weekend all last week. In fact I listened to the album almost 17 times, and that doesn’t count when I was listening to it in the car. I think I might try and go see them play at Amoeba tonight, if there isn’t a line out the door for them.

After that was the new Sébastien Tellier and Magnetic Fields’ albums. Tellier’s album is growing on me more and more, and I’m especially liking the last part of his new album. The Magnetic Field’s album is becoming a big favorite of mine as well, but it’s such a drastic departure from their last album I that it’s been taking some used to. I’m really enjoying ‘I’ll Dream Alone’ a lot, it’s more of a classic Magnetic Fields song.

The rest was just the usual stuff I listen to throughout my day, although there was an inclusion of Sondre Lerche, whom I had a craving to listen to out of nowhere. I forgot how good his first album Faces Down was.


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Last Week in Music | 1/20/08 – 1/27/08

Last week I decided to download and start using iScrobbler and completely ditch’s silly scrobbler. The thing never worked for me, but iScrobbler is doing a much, MUCH better job. It works through Growl, (which some of you may know what that is, I barely do) and has been a lot more simple to use.

As for music, the most played artist was Air, as I was having some weird craving for easy listening French music. Next up was Spoon, which came up while I was listening to my iTunes on random, and I then played every album multiple times. Caribou and Beirut’s older stuff has been going still, and then is a chunk of songs that are from mixes that I made. After that is Destroyer, who I’ve been trying to get into and The Magnetic Fields, who’s new album is really great. Explosions in the Sky popped in there because I was listening to them while I read The Road. Their sound definitely matched up with the tone of the book, and it definitely helped while I read it.


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Last Week in Music | 1/13/08 – 1/20/08

It’s Monday already, the weekend totally flew by, but it was quite productive, and Jeff and I had a lot of fun. I hope everyone else had a nice weekend! I’ve also slowly realized that my scrobbly thing is still not working with my iPod. I accidentally deleted it from the preference menu, and now I can’t get it to show up again. Whatever, I downloaded iScrobble, and it should fix things (crosses fingers).

As for the music I listened to last week, it consisted of mostly things I listened to over the weekend. Jeff and I left Stars going all day Sunday, along with Radiohead, because they’re both awesome. I listened to the new Magnetic Fields record a lot, I’m really enjoying it, even though it’s pretty different from I, which is my favorite album. I’ve also been listening to a lot more Doves lately, sort of getting back into them some.

I’ve also become a pretty big fan of Caribou as well. I’ve slowly been listening to them more and more, including a two disc re-issue of Start Breaking My Heart, which is quite good. It’s very electronic, not quite as pop as his newer stuff is, but I’m a fan of IDM so I enjoy it quite a bit.
Also towards the bottom of the list is Ratatat, which I had the urge to listen to after hearing it in the party scene in Cloverfield.


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Last Week in Music | 1/6/08 – 1/13/08

Blah. Either my recorder at home isn’t working, or the one at my work isn’t. No matter what, it’s still kind of annoying. But I think this is fair representation of what I was mostly listening to.

Jeff and I are still listening to a lot of Beirut, and I’ve been listening to a lot of Vetiver. The new Magnetic Fields album Distortion is pretty interesting, and I’m pretty sure I like it. At the bottom of the list is Kimya Dawson, because I’m totally in love with the soundtrack to Juno, and Math and Physics Club is sort of a new-ish find that I’m enjoying a lot.


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Last Week in Music | 12/30/07 – 1/6/08

I just wanted to take this chance to say sorry for not posting anything for a little while.
I’ve been extremely busy with a gigantic project I’m putting together for the blog. I’ll be announcing what this project is around March, so you’ll have to wait till then to find out. But trust me, it should be pretty rad for everyone, and it involves FREE things. Free is always best.

Here’s my pathetic Last Week in Music from last week. I listened to a lot of Beirut’s old/new labum, The Joys of Losing Weight (which I posted here). The other stuff were just some stuff I listened to while I was sick over the weekend, nothing too exciting. Check back next week for a much fuller, and more precise list.


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Last Week in Music | 12/09 – 12/16

I didn’t do a Last Week in Music last week because of all the busyness of last week, but it’s back, and still not counting everything I listened to. I had Yo La Tengo on for most of the day yesterday, and it didn’t register at all. Maybe it’ll shop up next week, though above it clearly says that yesterday was counted as one of the days.

Anyhow, I did listen to Beach House’s new album Devotion quite a lot, and it’s actually really great. I liked their last album a lot, but I think this one surpasses it. It seems less morose and more musically exciting. At least on some songs.

After that is Sigur Ros, who I listened to for the better part of Saturday night as I read Harry Potter 5. Then Radiohead, because I’m still loving the 2nd disc to In Rainbows immensely.
The Beatles were in there because I had an itch to listen to Bishop Allen because it’s one of the catchiest albums of the year, Ben Folds Five because they’re classic, The Microphones because I was listening to them after posting about Dan Elverum’s new Mt. Eerie 6 & 7 he released, Darkel because I forgot how good that album really was, Blonde Redhead because I heard a song from Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons and wanted to hear more, and The Polyphonic Spree because I wanted to hear the Thumbsucker soundtrack.

Wow, that’s such a mess of words. Anyway, here’s my favorite song from the new Beach House album:

Astronaut / Beach House


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Last Week in Music | 11/25 – 12/02

I didn’t post a Last Week in Music last week because I was in Boston, and I wasn’t home or at work to listen to anything. But it’s back now, although the totals are really low again this week. Whatever, I think it covers what I listened to mostly.

I tried to listen to a lot of wintery things last week, so I put on the Forbidden Love EP by Death Cab for Cutie. Such an amazing EP, it’s too bad they don’t make music like that anymore. When I was in Uniqlo in New York, I actually saw Ben Gibbard. I should have stopped him to have a chat about the sad state of his music these days.

The new Bishop Allen album, The Broken String, is still being listened to quite a lot as well. It’s a really nice album, very catchy. Also adding to my wintery mood, I listened to a lot of Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, and Joni Mitchell’s Blue. They sound like the season right now. At the end of the list is Elliott Smith, who may be depressing, but he’s so somber that it makes for good music to read to.


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Last Week in Music | 11/11 – 11/18

Last Week in Music, I had a couple of new things pop up on my list. Buillion, was number one, who I think might be trying to paint himself as the next Dangermouse. What he did, was combine the beats of J Dilla, with the best album ever written, Pet Sounds, and called it ‘Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee’. What you get is something pretty close to amazing. Hearing the chopped up beats of Dilla mixed with the beautiful vocals of The Beach Boys is pretty damn awesome. What’s also really cool, is that the album is free to download, just click on the title of the album up there.

Then there was Coconut Records, who I keep saying I’m going to post about, but so far I haven’t. Hopefully I’ll get to it this week, since I have so much free time. Such a great album.

After that was Jana Hunter, who I wasn’t so sure about at first, but now I’m really starting to enjoy her album. It’s really folk-y, but I’m really enjoying a lot of the instrumental stuff. It’s definitely growing on me.

I also just got the new Bishop Allen album, Bishop Allen & The Broken String, which I’m reading on Wikipedia that it came out on July 24th. How in the hell did I miss this? Anyhow, it’s their second full length album, consisting mostly of songs from their EP’s they made last year, but remastered and made new-ish. The album is pretty good overall, though I feel like it could have been a lot stronger.


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