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Fantastic Scientific and Biological Illustrations by Katie Scott

Katie Scott

If you don’t already know the work of London-based illustrator Katie Scott then you’re in for a treat. Katie’s unique style is unlike anything else I’ve seen being made today. Inspired by the scientific and biological illustrations of the past, Katie’s hand drawn work feels fresh and distinctive and it’s no wonder that she has worked with so many impressive clients over her the last few years.

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Reality Meets The Surreal in Hugo Barros’ Trippy Collages

Hugo Barros

Portuguese artist Hugo Barros has a gift when it comes to the art of collage. His hand-crafted works create fantastic compositions that are filled with cosmic imagery and surreal sights. He shows skyscrapers that burst from desert dunes and waterfalls that cut away to reveal giant volcanic clouds below. A trip through his portfolio is a journey into a strange and magical place and it’s a journey that comes highly recommended.

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Mondo’s Disney Exhibition Brings Art Back into the Movie Poster


Editor’s note: I work for Disney and the division that helped create the art show, but I had no part in this post, nor was there any money or funny business involved. Just saying.

The movie poster is dead. Remember the times of hand-drawn studio posters that possessed a creativity rivaling that of the films they represented? Neither do I. Or at least these would be the words I’d be spouting if not for Austin based Mondo. Last week, in collaboration with Oh My Disney, Mondo unveiled their most recent exhibition, Nothing’s Impossible! A homage to the beloved Disney classics we all cherished growing up (or, most likely, still do). Their gallery was filled with works inspired by the films and characters of Disney, featuring Mondo’s most talented recurring artists.

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The Urban Sketches and Drawings of Jess Douglas

Jess Douglas

Jess Douglas is an illustrator currently living in a small coastal town off the coast of south-west England. Growing up in Ibiza, Jess moved to the city of Plymouth to study illustration and found that her work quickly began to rebel against her country upbringing.

“[It began] reflecting a growing interest in the grunge and grime of the urban environment” she says, and it’s clear to see this reflected in her work. Shop fronts, buses, signage and grungy old streets make up the focus of her work and the resulting images are terrific.

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Great Animated GIFs by Kurt McRobert

Kurt McRobert

Brooklyn-based illustrator Kurt McRobert has been making some GIFs recently and I really like them. The one above is a particular favourite. It shows the dangers and challenges of life as a cyclist in New York City and features suspense, drama, action and comedy! In all honesty, what more could you want from a four second loop? It really does have everything!

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Colorful Portraits of Musicians by Tuna Bora

Bjork by Tuna Bora

Portraits of Pop Musicians by Tuna Bora

Tuna Bora is a Los Angeles illustrator who sent over a recent project of hers, these vibrantly colored portraits of musicians. Her sketchy style lends an energy to each of these pieces which really make the subjects pop. I also love the people she chose to illustrate, like Daft Punk, Björk, Blood Orange, St. Vincent, Lorde, Jack White, King Krule, and lots more. Really lovely work.

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The Illustrations of Zao Dao Capture A Certain Spirit

Zao Dao

Zao Dao

Zao Dao is a Kaiping, China based illustrator who does manga-esque illustrations that are full of personality and lots of little details. There’s this graceful fluidity to everything that makes each piece look like it was so naturally done. And I love the ornamentation and many of her figures, adorned with lovely beads and ornate jewels. You can see much more of her work by clicking here, and looking below.

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Surreal, Piercing Illustrations by Steve Kim

Steve Kim Illustration 1

Steve Kim is a Los Angeles based illustrator whose work is a morphing of many things. He does a lot of work for The Verge and Polygon which has him reflecting on topical items like memes and video games. His style is central to his work and he doesn’t relinquish any part of himself to a client. Kim makes ghostly, somewhat haunted illustrations that slice people and subjects up, creating odd and eerie works.

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