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Helena Frank combines animals and humans in these charming illustrations

Helena Frank

Helena Frank

Helena Frank, a Copenhagen based illustrator and animation director, creates these beautiful pieces which comically combine both animals and people. I think in a lot of ways doing work like this could be cheesy but her ability to render these characters is top notch, giving the illusion that these amalgamations could be a reality. I mean, that puppy astronaut above is amazing, with those big eyes and realistic rendering of the suit, it’s too cool.

Check out more of her great work below.

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Adam Simpson Illustrates Architecture From Around The Globe

Adam Simpson - Moby - An architectural playlist 1

Last November Nowness asked Moby to curate a playlist which twined music with buildings. The resulting piece was accompanied by some beautiful illustrations by the London-based illustrator Adam Simpson and I feel he really did an excellent job of combining Moby’s musical selections with his architectural choices.

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The Morgan Museum’s ‘The Little Prince: A New York Story’


Once upon a time, somewhere on this very planet, a simple, yet utterly accurate secret was revealed from one fox to a tiny visiting prince of another world:

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Whoever would have thought that it would take a talking fox within a children’s tale to so simply sum up the human condition? This fox, of course, belongs to none other than Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous French tour de force, The Little Prince. The Morgan Library and Museum of New York City has turned Saint-Exupéry’s beloved tale, and the stories behind it, into an exhibit, The Little Prince: A New York Story. If you’re like me, and often gaze at the stars, perhaps wondering if a particular sheep has eaten a certain rose, then you’re sure to enjoy this exhibit as I have (oh-so-very-much).

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Architecture and Love Meet in Giordano Poloni’s Illustrations

Climbing in Love - Giordano Poloni 1

Two of my favourite things are architecture and illustration so it’s no wonder that I love these illustrated buildings by the Italian illustrator Giordano Poloni. Giordano currently lives and works in Milan where he creates both illustrations and motion-graphics for clients such as WIRED, Random House, Vice Magazine and Smith Journal. These images come from an ongoing series called “Climbing in Love” which Giordano describes as “a personal series about architecture and love stories”.

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Juliana Futter’s Body & Life Illustrations

Juliana Futter Illustration 1

Juliana Futter Illustration 2

Juliana Futter is a London based illustrator whose work is a bit difficult to describe. The style is understandable as they are colorful and often rippling images you may see in yourself, in your home, or in history. The subjects are a bit difficult to articulate as she doesn’t necessarily work on “just one thing.” She isn’t obsessed with a small animal or certain type of food but instead mashes together the the body with life, specifically from Classic eras.

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Far out posters by Danny Jones

There’s some really great side work coming out of Palo Alto based designers Danny Jones, who also goes by the name YASLY. His Tumblr is filled with a collection of posters that feature all sorts of random shapes and patterns, lots of cool marbling and overall a very abstract vibe. If these were silkscreened I would snatch these up in a second, but unfortunately, I think they’re only a byproduct of his immensely creative brain.

See more examples of his lovely posters below.

Danny Jones

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Story-telling illustrations by Emilie Sarnel


Emilie Sarnel illustrates pinup girls, anthropomorphic food items, wolves with attitude, and tropical countries using bold black lines and bright pops of colour. Her style is sharp and geometric while still retaining a nice handmade touch. She’s not afraid of using large swaths of starkly contrasting black and white, though there are some illustrations in full neon palettes. Her projects beyond illustration include food packaging, product design and city guides. All of Emilie’s work looks like there’s a personal story behind it.

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Drawing street style photographer Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham Illustrations 1

Bill Cunningham Illustrations 2

Street style photographer Bill Cunningham is a national treasure. He’s an American institution and a style icon in his own right: he deserves to be knighted by Barack Obama for being a beacon of creative inspiration and hope in America. The popular and wildly successful documentary Bill Cunningham New York illustrated his greatness to wider audiences and he certainly has a cult status in and out of the fashion world. To celebrate the photographer and the frenzy of Fashion Week in New York, New York Magazine‘s The Cut tasked eight illustrators with creating homages to Bill. They are sweet dedications from talented adorers that make him look his best and exude his perpetual positivity and quirkiness.

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Lively Mid-Century Style Illustrations by Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly is an Irish illustrator who lives and works in Dublin. Strongly influenced by 1950’s modern design, his work is inventive, bright and cheerful. Frequently his images feature lively scenes, with each one bustling with interesting characters and lively action. There’s a great harmony to his compositions and I love the vibrant energy in his work.

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