Kilian Eng’s tribute poster to ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’

Kilian Eng's tribute poster to 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a mysterious and ambiguous film that’s truly a bizarre masterpiece. The 1975 film was directed by Peter Weir, who you know from Dead Poet’s Society and The Truman Show, about a group of schoolgirls that disappear on Valentine’s Day of 1900. I mean, that set up alone should have you intrigued.

Last week saw the release of a tribute poster by the talented Kilian Eng, absolutely one of my favorite illustrators. He’s done an impressive job of capturing the intrigue of Hanging Rock, the purity and innocence of the girls, and the juxtaposition between the two. The piece is so stunning, and technically it’s a brilliant, being made from an 11 color screen print. I can’t even impinge what a pain in the ass those separations were!

You can snag a poster for yourself by clicking here.
Below is the trailer, just in case you haven’t seen the film.

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Funky, graphic illustrations by Sara Andreasson

Really feeling these pieces by Sara Andreasson, an illustrator and designer who’s based in Gothenburg, Sweden. There’s such a playful and graphic element to her work that’s so appealing, but what really sets it off is her color palette. There’s a slight Parma vibe to it all but her combos of dusty pinks and drab olives is truly stunning.

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

Sara Andreasson

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Moody, textural illustrations by Karolis Strautniekas

Karolis Strautniekas

Karolis Strautniekas

These days I find so many new artists and creatives via Instagram. For example, I came across the work of Karolis Strautniekas, a Lithuanian based illustrator via a comment on a recent photo I took. Diving down the rabbit hole I discovered his beautifully moody work. i love his use of color, particularly the rich blue tones he uses, as well as the texture that’s ever present, giving his work a tactility and grit. He’s also quite adept at light and shadow which gives each piece a unique depth. Also be sure to check out the video at the end of the post which brings his work to life.

Karolis Strautniekas

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‘Brush Girl’ by Christoph Niemann

'Brush girl' by Christoph Niemann

It’s hard to give such a creative individual like Christoph Niemann an ordinary title like “illustrator” but it would probably serve him best. Over the weekend he created this exquisite sketch simply titled “brush girl” and I rather liked it. Funnily enough may brain immediately goes to Degas when I see this. Perhaps it’s the skin tone, the face that’s hidden from view or the tone of the skin color. Either way it’s quite stunning for such a clever idea.

If you’re a fan of Niemann’s work you should take some time and read his interview over on FvF, it’s a treat and it gives you an idea of what his work ethic and ideals.

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This Charming Charlie: Playfully Combining Peanuts With The Lyrics of The Smiths

This Charming Charlie: Combining Peanuts With The Lyrics of The Smiths

This Charming Charlie: Combining Peanuts With The Lyrics of The Smiths

What happens when you combine the soulful, emotional lyrics of The Smiths with the beautifully drawn world of Peanuts? You get This Charming Charlie, a mash-up comic that takes the characteristics of both world’s and artfully combines them into brief, angst-filled masterpieces. I believe I’m a bit behind the curve on this though I had to share as it made me laugh. In fact, it was such a big deal that site creator Lauren LoPrete was served a cease and desist, which was retroactively redacted because the Moz was “delighted and flattered” by the site. Pretty badass for a side-project, if you ask me.

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Warm Your Hearth and Home Digitally with Yule Log 2.0

Warm Your Hearth and Home Digitally with Yule Log 2.0

Yule Log is a website composed of a collection of short films created by illustrators, animators, directors, and creative coders, that wants to bring back the age old X-mas tradition. The site’s creator, Daniel Savage, did a version last year as well which was equally great. I’d rather put one of these fine pieces of art on my TV rather than watch A Christmas Carol on repeat for 24 hours.

Below are a few of my favorites.

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Machiko Ono’s Beautiful, Large Scale Live-Painting

Machiko Ono's Beautiful, Large Scale Live-Painting

Art at a large perspective never fails to impress me. Much of my own work is done tweaking the pixels on a subtle UI or for a mobile app, which is such a tiny world when compared to art pieces. Last week I came across this time-lapse video of illustrator Machiko Ono painting a large scale portrait of a young woman. It’s fascinating watching the piece come together with such precision especially when the piece is larger than she is. I could watch this all day.

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