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Photos from I Am 8-Bit 2008

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it out to the opening of I Am 8-Bit this year, too much work makes Bobby a sleepy kitty. But I did come across oldmanmusings Flickr account which has a great set of photos from the night. The show looks like it was packed, as it is every year, and featured a bunch of really great art yet again. I’m pretty sure my absolute favorite though was Scott Campbell’s pieces, which feature the cutest little versions of video game characters that you’ll ever see. I used to play a ton of DIg Dug on Atari when I was a little kid, so that piece in particular really does it for me.

To see the rest of the awesome art, click here and get ready to be overwhelmed!



I’m pretty excited by the idea of having games to play on my iPhone. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot like playing on a PSP, plus it’ll keep me busy while I wait places. One game that I just came across is called Rolando, it looks like it’s going to be damn fun. Basically, you control a bunch of colorful circles with funny faces on them, trying to get them to their home, which kind of looks like a cave. You control the cute little guys gesturally, like swiping left and right, and dragging a box around the circles to select them.

The circles themselves are way fun. There’s are two types of orange guys, one with yellow Wayfarers, the other with horn rim glasses. There’s a blue guy that can stick to surfaces, even upside down, a pink guy who has a little hat on his head, a big fatty guy who kind of looks like a king, and another big, drippy-looking, purple guy who can pick up the other little guys with his stickiness.

What makes the game seem even more fun is that they use The Clapping Song by Shirley Ellis. It’s absolutely infectious and would make an amazing soundtrack, though I highly doubt it’ll be used. Check out the video and see for yourself!


Spore Creature Editor Is Out!

I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for some sort of Spore goodness, and finally my prayers have been answered. Today saw the release of the new Spore Creature Editor, which gives you a taste of how the game is going to look and feel. All you have to do is download and install it and you’re ready to go. I’m really happy that EA has decided to make this available for both PC and Mac, considering just how many people are switching over to Mac.

The little critters you see above are some that I made. I think I called the big one Baxter. The little things behind him are what his/her/it’s babies look like. The editor was actually pretty easy to use, although the free demo is limited to 25% of the customizable options. If you’re on PC you can purchase the full Creator for $9.95, but it’s not available for Mac users yet. The first creature I made though had a slight glitch, his legs kept going on backwards, but after I restarted it everything was totally fine. It’s really fun because you can literally do ANYTHING with what you make. Give your creature tiny arms or arms that drag on the ground, different types of skulls, feet, tails, claws, horns… and this is only describing the free 25%.

If you have any interest at all in this game definitely checkout the creature maker and waste some time making something awesome.


Grand Theft Auto IV

I’ve never been a big fan of Grand Theft Auto, I always died on the missions and honestly my favorite part was driving around. But seeing screenshots and footage of the fourth installment of the series has me really wanting to buy a PS3. The most recent news is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode, which is a new feature to the series and sounds like they’re really doing it in a big way.

Multiplayer mode will support up to 16 players at one time, except in co-op mode which is limited to 4. There’s going to be four different multiplayer modes so far, which include:

– Team Deathmatch: This is the classic kind of multiplayer mode, everyone is trying to kill everyone else. You win by accumulating the most money in a certain period of time.

– GTA Race: Imagine Gran Turismo except you can go anywhere in the city and shoot rockets at your opponents if you have ’em. This is the one I think I’d enjoy the most, plus you can choose your vehicle.

– Cops N Crooks: One team is the cops, one is the crooks. The cops can see the crooks on their radar, but the crooks can only see escape points. The crooks need to get their boss to safety and the cops have to stop them at any cost. Sounds like fun to me.

– Hangman’s Noose: This is the Co-op mode where you need to get a crime boss to an extraction point alive, but first you need to take care of the cops and find a way out. Can you and your team do it successfully? I kind of hate escort missions, so this one might be annoying.

If you’re as excited about this as I am, be sure to head over to Kotaku’s article about the multiplayer mode, as well as having a bunch of photos.


YHTBTR | You Have To Burn The Rope

Think you’re pretty good at video games? You probably haven’t played anything like this before. The game is called You Have to Burn The Rope, and features a small Kirby-esque fellow who wears a top hat and throws axes. The point of the game is to beat the Grinning Collosus, a giant black demon who’s indestructible… think you’re up for it?

The game is absurdly simple, not to meant to challenge anyone really, it’s just a simple idea done in a clever way. I think the best part honestly is the song at the end of the game, a little slice of musical genius. Waste 5 minutes of your life trying this, it’s cute.


Amateur Surgeon

Want a fun way to waste tons of time which could be put to better use on productive things? Try Amateur Surgeon, another amazing game by the folks over at Adult Swim.

You play as Alan Probe, a pizza boy who turns into a surgeon after he meets a mysterious old man he accidentally hits with his delivery truck. Together they start a back alley hospital using the only tools they have, a pizza cutter, some tongs, a lighter, some anesthetic, a stapler… you get the picture. The games art looks a lot like The Boy Fitz Hammond and has a ton of really great, weird, interesting characters. The game is so completely addicting that you get sucked into them game and 3 hours have passed by… trust me on this one.

There’s 8 people to fix at first, and then there’s also a newly added second edition which I’ve just gotten too. Trust me on this one, you want to become a surgeon too.


Crayon Physics Deluxe

I’m pretty sure that we’re reaching the point of indie video games being produced at the same quality level as mainstream systems like Wii or PS3. Take for example flOw, a game that started out as an MFA thesis project in game mechanics and ends up being finding a home on the Playstation 3. I feel like Crayon Physics Deluxe is going to end up falling into the same category.

The game is ultra simple, you need to make the ball touch the star, that’s it. The reason this is so fun is that you have to use your imagination in order to make that happen. watching the trailer, it looks like it would be an absolute blast to play. This game is totally made for either the computer, or one better, the Nintendo DS which has a stylus already. I think games like these really go to show that indie gaming community are pushing more boundaries than the bigger video game developers. How many more war or racing games do we really need?! The most creative games of the last 10-15 years are games like Parappa the Rapper, Ico, and Katamari Damacy, which pushed the envelope of what’s creative and interesting.

Crayon Physics Deluxe doesn’t have a release date yet, but it did win the Best Game at the Independent Games Festival which netted the developers $20,000. That should definitely help the game get some legs, so hopefully we get to play it soon!


Street Fighter IV In-Game Images

I came across these new screenshots from the upcoming Street Fighter IV and thought I’d share. I’m guessing that everyone on earth has probably played Street Fighter II before, and if you haven’t, you might not have hands. So what Capcom has done is taken that same SF II look and feel, and jazzed it up with a bunch of fancy new graphics. The lighting effects, motion blurs, and particle systems all seem to be pretty top notch, as you can see from the video slideshow above. Definitely excited to see this / do that Blanka roll thing at people.


A Bunch of Spore Updates

Wired put up a really great gallery/article with some updates about Spore.
First off, the game is being released September 7th for Mac, PC, and Nintendo DS, all at the same time. That’s still quite a ways away, but Will Wright has figured out how to keep everyone happy till then… a Creature Editor! It’s going to be released a few months before the game comes out, and will allow you to make creatures just like you do in the game. It’ll tell you as soon as Spore comes out, and allow you to import the characters you’ve made as well.

Another cool detail they’ve leaked is that you can start the game at any point. So if you don’t want to start out in the “cell” portion of the game, you can jump directly into the making of your creature. I think this could be helpful especially if you’ve played the game a million times and are sick of being a tiny shrimp in the evolutional tide pool.

I guess there’s also something hidden in the center of the universe, which you can try and find once you get the space travel ability. Will Wright and his creative team have totally done it again, and I’ll be posting more of these nerdy posts as more info becomes available.


Nerding Off to Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I don’t own a TV or a Wii, but watching all of the awesome looking trailers for the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl makes me want to get both. They’ve definitely stepped up with the amount of gameplay there is, with solo and group missions, a ton of mini-games, and even playable retro games like the original Mario Bros. and Metroid. What’s also amazing is the new cast of characters, which includes new character’s like Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kid Icarus, which was one of my favorite games for the original Gameboy.

The video above features all of the character’s “final smashes”, which is basically like a mega power up for the characters. Some of the smashes are way more useful than other’s, but characters like Mario and Link definitely have an advantage. Check out the video and get excited.