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‘Between The Hours Of’ Bar Stool

Otis College of Art student Isaac Nurik created this beautiful and simple barstool concept and I totally want one. Created as a concept for Los Angeles’ Alibi Room, the stool is made from one sheet of aluminum which is water jet cut and powder-coated. The wooden part of the stool is tung-oil stained oak, which has a really nice, deep color. I love the shape of the legs and the powder coated aluminum looks great with the dark wood of the seat. If I owned the Alibi Room I’d buy a fleet of these.


The Real Good Experiment by Blu Dot

I’ve been on kind of a video binge lately, and this is what started it all. On Thursday, I think I’m going to post nothing but videos for the day, but that’s besides the point. I remember hearing about this little experiment a few months back that Blu Dot, a store that sells high-end design furniture, would be giving away 25 chairs in random locations scattered throughout New York. The buzz on Twitter alone was pretty exciting. But as it turned out, they had much more in mind, what they called The Real Good Experiment.

They ended up watching the chairs from afar, waiting to see who would take them. Not only that, but they even rigged the chairs up with GPS units just in case they lost them somehow. As you’ll see in the video they were able to track a few of them down and then interview the people who took the chairs, to ask them why they took them.

For some reason I find this video absolutely magical. The production value of the video is off the scale, most notably for me was the audio. It’s also funny to see who passes up the chair and who actually takes them. Note to large brands: this is how you get people to buy your products.


Mathias Hahn

I’m really enjoying the colorful furniture designs of British designer Mathias Hahn. The table at top is titled E8 and was inspired by a cobbled together piece of furniture that ended up being used as a dinner table. It was created to be long and narrow so you could work at the table and then when it’s time to eat you merely make a space next to your computer and papers. Plus you can’t resist that splash of yellow that coats the bottom of the table, giving it an unexpected pop.

The chair below that is just called Wooden Chair and features slotted joints that you are clearly displayed in a bright blue color. This not only makes the chair sturdy but gives it a little excitement as well. I would definitely love to have a full set of chairs and the table in my future. There’s such great simplicity to these pieces but the details really make it something special.

Found through Dezeen


Smooth and Smoothie Bench and Table

I’m not sure that I’d ever buy anything like this for my home, but I’m kind of in love with this bench and table combo called Smooth and Smoothie. These gummy pieces of furniture were created by French designer Florent Degourc who created these out of foam and resing, making it seem like these puppies are melting right onto the ground. A fun concept, which might look better in some more muted colors, but still really well done.

Found through Limited Hype


The Selby Visits The Everyday Life Objects Shop in Milan

Todd Selby and his camera took a visit out to Milan and visited the Everyday Life Objects Shop, a pop-up store featuring the combined efforts of Reference Library and Apartamento Magazine. The shop featured lots of really simple but beautiful items, and Todd’s photos only enhance their natural beauty. I’m loving this push toward simpler ways of doing things and drawing on more traditional or classic ways of doing things.


Amazing Eames Plywood Sculpture

I know I’m a lotta’ behind on this, but I just came across this beautiful molded plywood sculpture by Ray and Charles Eames. The sculpture was created in 1943 and it just blows my mind. I never really thought you could even do something like this, especially in 1943! Measuring in at 37 inches high, 27 inches wide, and 13 inches deep, this little guy would be so amazing to own!

This little guy sold at Christie’s for a staggering $365,500 back in 2008, which is pretty shocking, but I guess it’s pretty amazing piece… right?

Lockwood Chair by Miswell

Continuing my recent flirtation with chairs, I present you the Lockwood chair by Miswell. This little puppy has a steel frame with a wooden seat and a really unique silhouette. I love the bends in the back of the chair which would cradle you into the chair. I think that blue color is pretty amazing as well, I’d love to have a little patio with a set of these to lounge around in.


Hug Chair by Ana Kraš

My dining room chairs are horribly ugly. I have those kind of chairs that you see at a yard sale that totally look like they came from K-Mart in the early 90’s. Now seeing this beautiful Hug Chair, I realize how much I’m missing out. These chairs, designed by Ana Kraš, are two layers of birch and beech plywood mixed into one stunning shape. The combination of different colors and materials that you could create gives this chair such amazing possibilities.

I just wish these were for sale (and not for $1000 a piece, thanks).


Library Chair by Misawa Naoya

I’m kind of madly in love with these chairs designed by Misawa Naoya. They’re called Library, and are made of beechwood with 4 different color choices. I’m quite fond of the sea breeze and yolk colors (ok, I might have made those names up, but couldn’t you see them being called that?).
Sadly, I think these chairs aren’t for sale, they were a special project done by Misawa.

Found through Spoon & Tamago


The New Grey Gardens

I first saw Grey Gardens based on a recommendation from an old friend of mine, who was absolutely in love with it. He was going to NYU for film at the time and had impeccable taste anyways, so I had to see it. The film definitely stuck with me, as Edie and Little Edie are two of the most amazing “characters” ever, and the Maysles did an amazing job of portraying this once beautiful women living in a run down mansion.

Well now Drew Barrymore and HBO are creating a film based upon the lives of the Bouviers, profiling they’re rise and fall. Drew Barrymore plays Little Edie while Jessica Lange plays older Edie. Overall I think it looks great, and Drew Barrymore looks and sounds pretty spot on, so I’m pretty excited. What do you think?

The HBO version comes out on April 19th, and you can read more about it by clicking here.