This no nonsense branding kills the pretentious aspect of wine

Easy Choice WInery - Design by Realist

Easy Choice WInery - Design by Realist

Most wine bottles are boring. Wandering the aisles it’s hard to tell most of them apart, because really, the only true way to tell them apart is by tasting. Still, effective packaging design is the easiest way to increase sales, so creating an interesting brand is extremely critical. That brings up the work that Realist has done for The Easy Choice Winery, an upscale winery in Paarl, South Africa, who’s brought some humor and simplicity to their branding.

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Content Aware Typography turns mundane type into wild experiments

Abstract Kellogg's Corn Flakes box

I found this crazy looking Corn Flakes box over the weekend and thought, “Wow, I’d stop and consider buying that.” It turns out it’s a part of an interesting Tumblr called Content Aware Typography which has 4 simple rules:

1. Choose a picture with some typography in it;
2. Select an area that is close to the letters;
3. Apply Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill;
4. Submit.

The results are actually quite beautiful, and it’s really interesting to see how Photoshop’s content aware tool works. Like the example above, this Ed Ruscha OOF painting gets super trippy when you follow the rules above. Still, that Corn Flakes box is so damn cool. Kellogg’s should seriously consider doing an artist version like this.

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The Snob, A Fancy Bubbly Wine

The Snob Cava Packaging

Sparkling wine is associated with all things posh. Images of Jay Gatsby come to mind and those dang fancy ladies of any version of The Real Housewives come to mind: the world sees sparkling wines like champagnes and cavas as the drink of the rich. Enter The Snob, a very well designed sparkling wine that gets right to it: bubbly wine is for the fancy—so why not make it look fancy?

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Chow Scout – Scouting the depths of amazon for fun and delicious food finds

Chow Scout - Scouting the depths of amazon for fun and delicious food finds

Elsa Lang, the better half of Always With Honor, has started a new blog called Chow Scout which hunts down the best foods and treats that Amazon has to offer. It’s still relatively new but you can already see that she’s digging up some unique finds like Aardvark Sauce, Taiwanese Pineapple Cake Butter Cookies, and of course, adorable packages of Kewpie Mayo.

Best of all, she’s using an affiliate link to earn money which is being donated to the Oregon Humane Society. Nothing better than helping pets in need AND eating delicious foods.

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Anagrama creates a vibrant brand design for Habibis, an Arabic-Mexican fusion taqueria

Habibi branding by Anagram

Mexican branding agency Anagrama never fail to impress. It seems like they have at least one new branding project launch each month, and each of them are always drool worthy and make you wish you’d created them. Their most recent project is for an Arabic-Mexican fusion restaurant called Habibi, which is located in San Pedro Garza García.

Habibi branding by Anagram

Habibis is an Arabic-Mexican fusion taqueria located in San Pedro Garza García, a city enriched by the culinary treats of its third generation Arab immigrants. Previously a humble taco stand, Habibis approached us with the task of creating a brand that communicated the foods’ exceptional mixed background and quality without losing its street-friendly and casual demeanor.

Our proposal is a brand that adapts stylized Arabic calligraphy to a typical Mexican street setting, complete with neon colors and inexpensive materials, like craft paper bags. Deep research and careful understanding of the Arabic alphabet was needed to design, using calligraphic pens and special brushes, the various words and signage in both Arabic and Latin. The custom type is accompanied by Gotham, a gentle and neutral typeface that would allow the bespoken logotypes to stand out above everything else. The pattern is based on traditional keffiyeh (a Middle Eastern headdress fashioned from a square scarf) and gorgeously intrinsic mosaic patterns.

Habibi branding by Anagram

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The Fox Is Black takes over The Macallan

Elliott Erwitt for Macallan

If there’s two things I love it’s good whiskey, and obviously, beautiful photography. So it’s pretty awesome that I was asked to take over the Instagram handle for The Macallan tonight at a special event celebrating the launch of the brand’s Masters of Photography series. For the fourth edition of its series, The Macallan has commissioned renowned photographer Elliott Erwitt to capture the spirit of Scotland (where Macallan is made) through a collection of 58 images; each pair with a never before released single cask whisky from The Macallan.

If you love fine whisky and photography as much as I do, follow my photographic journey on Instagram at @The_Macallan and on Twitter at @USMacallan.

(The Elliott Erwitt photograph that accompanies Cask Number 0004112. The Macallan, Easter Elchies House in Craigellachie, Moray – © Elliott ErwittMagnum Photos)

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