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Forkful Is A Website That Makes Food Look Amazing

Forkful 1

“Simple recipes deliciously shot” is the strapline for In those four words they perfectly sum up what the website is all about; making simple food look beautiful. While it may be a fairly straightforward premise, the selection of receipes and the quality of their videos is what really makes this website stand out.

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Criticism of Olive Garden’s New Logo Leaves A Bad Taste In My Mouth

Olive Garden Logo Redesign

“Opinions are like elbows, everybody’s got one or two.” I think this phrase to myself a lot. I find it applies especially well to the realm of design. And it’s certainly true when you’re talking about logo redesigns, the Internet’s favorite subject to shit on. I’ve certainly shared quite a few of my own opinions on the site, though in recent years I’ve tried to bring constructive criticism to my posts so I don’t add to the senseless noise. Last night I started to read about a new logo redesign for Olive Garden by Lipincott, which was generally being panned. Curious I took a look at what all the fuss was about… and honestly couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. And boy was there a lot of fuss.

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The Message is Medium Rare

It’s a fact, my favorite food on earth is the hamburger (though I might be partial, Los Angeles is the burger capitol of the world). To me it’s an incredible combination of meats, vegetables, and sauces, neatly packaged up between two delicious buns. A burger is simple enough to make but it takes a great chef to transform it into something truly magnificent. I’m not alone in my admiration, the guys at MINE, a design firm located in San Francisco, have started The Message is Medium Rare, which finds creative metaphors in the act of eating burgers.


People often ask us where we get our inspiration, how we stay creative, and how we get “unstuck.” What we’ve found is that, if you look at the world both critically and with wonder, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. Every object, experience, relationship, environment, phrase—everything—has locked inside it an insight it wants to share. The only trick is remembering to look for it.

To investigate this idea, we’re eating a burger a week for the next 52 weeks and sharing the lessons they teach us.

Each piece is a great read, relating a 75-year-old burger shop owners retirement to leaving the game when you’re at the top and how too much lettuce on a burger spurs a realization that design is a balancing act.

Classic cocktail Prints By Derrick Castle


Mixing illustrations with vintage typographical concepts, Derrick Castle carves the beauty of traditional drinks in his Classic Cocktails series.

Castle, a graphic designer and illustrator, has worked for some big names like Nike, Under Armour and Harley Davidson to name a few. Living in Nashville, Castle has been exposed to mixology and modern interpretations of classic cocktails through friends in the bartending industry.

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Nendo brings beauty and new utility to chopsticks

Nendo's Rassen chopsticks

It doesn’t get much more simple than chopsticks. A pair of finally crafted pieces of wood that allow you to nimbly eat. If you would have asked me if it was possible to make a better, or perhaps more innovative pair of chopsticks, I’d probably so no, that they’ve been refined to their basic essence. Nendo on the other hand has found not one but two new ways of innovating on the basic design of chopsticks.

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This no nonsense branding kills the pretentious aspect of wine

Easy Choice WInery - Design by Realist

Easy Choice WInery - Design by Realist

Most wine bottles are boring. Wandering the aisles it’s hard to tell most of them apart, because really, the only true way to tell them apart is by tasting. Still, effective packaging design is the easiest way to increase sales, so creating an interesting brand is extremely critical. That brings up the work that Realist has done for The Easy Choice Winery, an upscale winery in Paarl, South Africa, who’s brought some humor and simplicity to their branding.

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Content Aware Typography turns mundane type into wild experiments

Abstract Kellogg's Corn Flakes box

I found this crazy looking Corn Flakes box over the weekend and thought, “Wow, I’d stop and consider buying that.” It turns out it’s a part of an interesting Tumblr called Content Aware Typography which has 4 simple rules:

1. Choose a picture with some typography in it;
2. Select an area that is close to the letters;
3. Apply Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill;
4. Submit.

The results are actually quite beautiful, and it’s really interesting to see how Photoshop’s content aware tool works. Like the example above, this Ed Ruscha OOF painting gets super trippy when you follow the rules above. Still, that Corn Flakes box is so damn cool. Kellogg’s should seriously consider doing an artist version like this.

The Snob, A Fancy Bubbly Wine

The Snob Cava Packaging

Sparkling wine is associated with all things posh. Images of Jay Gatsby come to mind and those dang fancy ladies of any version of The Real Housewives come to mind: the world sees sparkling wines like champagnes and cavas as the drink of the rich. Enter The Snob, a very well designed sparkling wine that gets right to it: bubbly wine is for the fancy—so why not make it look fancy?

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Flavors identified by type in Frem soda redesign


For a while now, I’ve been looking for some work that lends to talking about type and the subconscious. Jonathan Faust‘s redesign of the Danish Soda brand, Frem, is attractive, trendy, type-focused and not unlike some design I’ve seen before. But what really makes Faust’s work so intriguing to me is the fact that each flavor has it’s own identity through typography.

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Exquisitely sweet honey concept packaging by Maksim Arbuzov

Exquisitely sweet honey concept packaging by Maksim Arbuzov

Creating daring food packaging feels to me like the ultimate designer’s dream. Walking down an aisle of a shop and seeing your work beautifully displayed has to be an amazing feeling. And when I look at this honey concept by Maksim Arbuzov, it makes me wonder why these aren’t in every super market in the world.

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