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My Story’s on Digg!

So I’ve hit a pretty cool milestone, at least in my own opinion. I wrote a story for LAist yesterday called ‘Kreepsville Industries Presents: Cereal Killers‘ that just made it onto Digg! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Digg (like you, mom), Digg is “a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web.” So basically, there are thousands of people from all over the world looking at my little article.

It’s got quite a lot of momentum right now, meaning it might end up on the Top 10 stories being Dugg! Pretty nutty, but really exciting. If you want to sign up and vote for my story, then click here! And be sure to go read the article over on LAist as well, it has a lot of rad pictures!


Alex Ross Totally Ruins The Captain America Costume

Continuing with the comic book theme this morning, I just thought I’d comment on the new Captain America, and his ultra-shitty new costume. To give you the backstory, there’s going to be a new Captain America, coming in January. The original Captain America, Steve Rogers, was sniped and is totally dead (for the time being). I think it’s cool that they’re finally having someone else take up the mantle of Captain America, and it should be a good story.

My problem comes with this new costume, which was designed by a guy named Alex Ross. Ross is an incredible painter, and has told some of the most iconic comic book stories of the last 15 years. But I also think he’s an ego-maniacal asshole. The guy thinks he’s the savior of comic books, but 15 years later, his style really hasn’t changed and he’s still drawing the same “iconic” way… basically he’s a one trick pony.

And now he’s redesigned the new Captain America costume. Just look at it. It’s black pants, a black shirt, and then some god awful, ultra shiny, metal head/chest piece thing-y. I think what really bothers me is how unrealistic this is. Not that comic books are firmly rooted in reality, but I feel like Marvel tries harder than the other companies to keep things in a more realistic world.

My point being, how the hell would anyone fight in a giant metal head and chest piece?! If he bends over to touch his toes, he’s going to gore himself in the abdomen! How is he going to lift his arms above his head?!?! it makes no sense at all that anyone would ever try to fight in a silly get-up like this.
It also looks like all of the character designs he did for Kingdom Come, and that JLA thing where they got those metal costumes. Seriously, Alex? This is the best you could do? Stop being a one trick pony, and start doing edgy, creative things like Uncle Sam again.



Bee Raw Honey

I spotted these jars of honey while I was browsing Design*Sponge and had to post them immediately. They’re made by a company called Bee Raw, and they are makers of high quality, varietal honeys. Honestly I had no idea that there were flavors of honey, but the folks at Bee Raw compare honey to wine or coffee, it tastes different depending upon the floral source the honey is made from. They have 11 flavors available, including sage, wild raspberry, sourwood and star thistle.

It sounds like a really cool idea, and I’d totally love to try some of these, even though I’m not a big fan of honey. Which in my case they come in sampler packs which has the honey packed into vials with corks in the top. I’m so in love with the packaging they used for everything. The minimal type on the front of the jars lets the color of the honey be the real star. And the tiny vials of honey are really amazing and wonderful.

A really great idea, executed extremely well.


Say Hello to the LAist Art + Design Editor

I’ve been writing on and off for LAist for about 6 months now, slowly feeling more confident about injecting my voice to a larger audience that much different then the folks who read Kitsune Noir.
Well as of today, I’m officially the Art + Design Editor for LAist! It’s pretty exciting, and I’m pretty honored to write with a lot of really fun and talented people. I’ve been trying to post more frequently over there, while not neglecting this blog at the same time.

I’ll continue posting my Last Week in LAist every Sunday, so you can keep up that way, or check in randomly throughout the week. I suggest the latter.


Kenwood’s Response Kettle

I saw the kettles above over on Boing Boing and thought I’d post a little blurb. It’s called the Response Kettle, and was created by the folks over at Kenmore. The outside of the kettle lights up to show you the temperature of the water inside, blue means cold, red means hot.

This totally reminded me of the Hansa Waterfall Faucet, which shows you the temperature of the water coming out of your tap.
These are both are great examples of how design can really help people. No more worrying about the water being too hot or cold, you know instantly by sight.


Drop iPod Speaker

I was walking around a shop on Vermont the other day when I noticed this giant water drop in a box. Intrigued, I decided to pick it up and check it out. Turns out it’s a waterproof speaker for your bathtub/shower/sink area. I thought, “that’s pretty cool” and wrote it down in my Field Notes and was on my way.

Well it turns out that it’s called the Zumreed Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker (elegant, huh?), and it’s not just a speaker, you actually put your iPod in the drop! The drops come in three different colors, runs off of 4 AA batteries, and from the one review on their site, the guy says that it works well in the shower, overcoming the sound the water makes.

They go for $50, which isn’t half bad if you like the idea of rocking out to that rare Pixies B-side while you get squeaky clean.



TSHIRT STORE is exactly what is sounds like, a store that sells t-shirts. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of people longing to make high quality t-shirts that were made under their watchful eyes. That means no outsourcing, no wholesale, just a good fit with great designs that can constantly be updated. Think of them as a cross between American Apparel and Threadless, and you know, Swedish.

They have some really great designs online, the three above were my personal favorites. But I have a feeling after seeing Viktor’s post on his blog Issue that they have even more cool designs in their physical stores. As of now I think they have two stores, but they’re going to be opening a store in the International Airport Kastrup in Copenhagen a little later this year. So if you’re ever flying through, be sure to stop and pick up something.


Solitary Arts

Solitary Arts is the collaboration between Yong-Ki Chang and Geoff Mcfettridge, a company who’s “single goal of creating things that are playful, useful, and beautiful, all in one.

So far they’ve created a line of t-shirts (above), as well as two skate decks, one of which is called Big Red, and is a red deck (duh) with a giant grip tape foot on the top of it. It also comes with LED’s on the back of it so people can see you at night! I don’t skate, but I’d certainly hang it on my wall… does that make me a poser? They’ve also made two sets of wheels, two sets of trucks, bearings, stickers, and pins.

Definitely something to keep your eye on. I really hope they do well so we can have more awesome Geoff-stuff!

Link via boicozine