‘Fall of the Supers’ by Niwouinwouin, Costumes by Jean Jullien

Three of my favorite things in the world are design, music, and comic books, so when French w√ľnderkind Jean Jullien let me know about his newest project, a culmination of those three things, I knew it was gonna be awesome. The project is for a band called Niwoiunwouin, which I haven’t the faintest idea of how to pronounce, and their newest release called Fall of the Supers.

Jean decided to go all out on this project, crafting full costumes as a part of the packaging for the album. I think they look really rad, like some sort of pop art comic turned real. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the fella you see above is Jean himself, though hopefully I haven’t doomed Jean by revealing his secret identity! As for the album, well, it’s not quite my taste. It’s really abstract and electronic, kind of scattered all over the place, but I did enjoy some of the songs. To give a listen for yourself, click here.

You can also check out the rest of the things that Jean made by looking under the cut below!

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August 28, 2008 / By

The Official Watchmen Trailer

Here it is lady and gents, the next big movie coming from DC Comics, one of the most celebrated comic books ever written, Watchmen. For those who’ve never read it, WIkipedia describes it as:

Watchmen is set in 1985, in an alternative history United States where costumed adventurers are real and the country is edging closer to a nuclear war with the Soviet Union (the Doomsday Clock is at five minutes to midnight). It tells the story of a group of past and present superheroes and the events surrounding the mysterious murder of one of their own.

The book basically changed the entire medium of comics, edging more towards a darker, more realistic tone in comic books. The comic was seen more as an epic novel done in comic book form than about people dressing up in tights. It was about real people with problems, trying to deal with a murder of one of their own on the brink of world disaster. And even though it’s been 22 years since it first came out, the ideas in the book still ring true, just different circumstances.

Directing the picture is Zak Snyder who also did 300, and while it wasn’t the best plot, it was certainly beautiful to look at, and he’s definitely recaptured that. I personally think the trailer looks great, it looks like he’s definitely gotten the mood and feel of the world, the characters look right and real, and hopefully the story can hold up to the original book… But I’m not holding my breath. Anyhow, watch the trailer and let me know what you think. I think if DC can keep this up they could start to rival Marvel in movie terms (they’re still nothing comic book-wise, haha…).

Or watch it over on Apple Trailers in HD, plus it has the iconic smiley button : )


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Pigeons From Hell: An Interview with Nathan Fox

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from illustrator and Kitsune Noir friend Nathan Fox and it mentioned he had a new comic out called Pigeons From Hell. I had NO idea that he was working on a comic book so I went out and bought it the very next day, read it all the way through and was amazed. The story is adapted from a Robert E. Howard story, the guy who created and wrote Conan the Barbarian, though this story is a spooky/horror kind of story set in a swamp in the South.

Nathan’s art has never looked more beautiful, and it’s pretty rad to see him doing sequential artwork for a change. The story is also colored by the amazing Jeromy Cox, who colored one of my all-time favorite comics, Promethea. Since I was so enamored with the first issue of the series, I did a little interview with Nathan and asked him a little about the book and his new experience with comics.

+KN: So how did you get attached to drawing Pigeons From Hell?

Nathan Fox: I’ve been sending my work around for a while through pitches and narrative illustration work, trying to see if anyone would take a chance, and Matt Dryer at Dark Horse called me up for Pigeons From Hell.

+KN: Were you a fan of Robert E. Howard’s work before you started work on the comic?

Nathan Fox: Nope. Didn’t know about Joe’s work at all. I really didn’t know that much about the breadth of Howard’s work out there to tell you the truth beyond the barbarian movies. I only knew about Conan comics wise but rarely picked up any issues except for Greg Ruth’s work on the series. Love his stuff. But once I got into Howard’s writing and short stories and read the original Pigeons From Hell and caught up with the work Joe had been doing I was sold. And here we are.

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Mats!? Traveler of Time and SPACE

If you’re in Los Angeles tonight I highly suggest stopping by my favorite comic book shop Secret Headquarters for the opening of a new art show titled, Mats!? Traveler of Time and SPACE. Mats was born in France to Swedish parents, and has been drawing weird shit since he was in kindergarten. I stopped by the shop yesterday night and was able to take a sneak peek at the artwork and it looks like it’s going to be a really rad show.

The opening goes from 8 to 10 pm tonight and Mats artwork will be up until April 30th in case you can’t make it tonight!


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Marvel’s Secret Invasion

Since I’m a big ol’ comic beek nerd, I want to post my thoughts about Marvel’s newest mega-event, Secret Invasion.
I’ve been looking forward to this event for quite a while, and I’ve loved the build-up immensely. I think Brian Michael Bendis is easily the best comic book writer out there right now hands down. The man has orchestrated this event over the last 4 years, like, that’s unheard of.

Thankfully the issue definitely pays off and you see Marvel universe go to hell in a handbasket really quickly. I”m not gonna talk about the issue, but I do want to talk about some the ideas I have about who may be a Skrull and what might be coming up in the series. So if you haven’t read the first issue yet, don’t look under the cut. If you have, please let me know what you think!

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April 4, 2008 / By

The Walking Dead

A couple weeks ago my best friend Garrett suggested I check out this comic book called The Walking Dead, which he described as a really good zombie story. I’m a big fan of zombies, so I bought the first trade paperback and gave it a try. I ended up getting completely addicted to this comic, and have since bought trades 1 through 7 in an effort to try and catch up.

The story is a pretty simple one, a good cop gets shot and put into a coma, wakes up to find the world’s gone to hell. There are zombies everywhere, and no one has any idea why. There’s no government, no law, just a lot of random people trying their best to survive. But what really sets this story apart is the incredible writing from Robert Kirkman. I think he described it best in the introduction to the first trade paperback when he said, “With The Walking Dead I want to explore how people deal with extreme situations and how these events CHANGE them.”

This isn’t just some zombie story, this is about people trying to keep their humanity in a world that’s been turned upside down. What also makes the story so amazing that it doesn’t hold anything back. People cuss, people get eaten, people die. Nothing is taboo or off limits, this is how fucked up the world would be and how people would react. It’s also pretty gruesome, so if you have a problem with gore, this probably isn’t the book for you, but it’s certainly not what this book is all about either.

I can’t say enough great things about this book, so go to your local comic book shop or even a bookstore and take a peek for yourself!


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The New Astonishing X-Men

Newsarama posted some new images of the second run of Astonishing X-Men, one of the best things in comic books these days. Currently it’s being written by Joss Whedon and drawn by John Cassaday, both incredibly talented people, but their run ends with Giant Size Astonishing X-Men. That leaves the reins falling to two other extremely talented guys, Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi.

Warren Ellis has helped to change the landscape of comics over the last 10 years or so. His creation of The Authority brought a more mature, grittier edge to comics (along with others of course) and one of my personal favorites, Planetary, showed everyone how a brand new comic book could have an immensely rich past and a mystery that unravels after every issue. Simone Bianchi on the other hand is a relative newcomer, who’s only mainstream work that I know of was a few issues of Wolverine. But as you can see in the image above he’s definitely got an amazing style.

Together I think these guys are gonna’ make some rad comics, hopefully just as good as the previous run.


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Official Watchmen Promo Images

For about the last 10 years now comic books have become one of the hottest places to find good material for movies. Very few of these movies though have been based off comics that are considered to be “classics” by fans. That all changes next year with the release of Watchmen, a comic written by Alan Moore in 1986 that changed the very notion of what a comic book could really be. The story is set in the United States in 1985, where a world filled by super heroes is on the brink of a nuclear war. The story begins with one of the Watchmen being murdered, leading into a journey of who did it and the bigger implications of why.

The movie is going to be directed by Zack Snyder, know for his true-to-form adaptation of 300, which was a graphic novel by writer/artist Frank Miller. Snyder did a great job visually, though the screenplay was way too wordy, probably an attempt at making up for the fact that the graphic novel had very little speaking. I have a feeling that he’s going to do a good job of sticking to the book, and seeing the images above make me all the more confident. I think the Comedian (the guy with the shotgun) looks absolutely spot on, and the changes made to Nite Owl and Ozymandias present a good update to the original outfits.

The movie is supposed to come out 1 year from today, so hopefully they release some trailers soon to quench my thirst for more! For more info about the movie, check out the official Watchmen movie blog which is written by Zack Snyder himself.


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