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Free City Los Angeles

A few weeks back I went to the opening of the Free City, a Los Angeles based clothing company that sells some… interesting garments. To be honest, the clothes they sell aren’t really my style, I don’t need a $300 sweatshirt with a gradient bird logo on it. That said, the new space they created on Fairfax is an amazing burst of color. The space looks like an old warehouse that’s had a few walls built into along with about a million pieces of color stuff.

As you can see in the photos this place is jam packed with stuff. I love the Kevin Cyr-esque bicycle with tons of packages on the back and a rickshaw that looks like it’s been blinged out by hippies. They even sell bread and drinks and stuff like that, it’s pretty amazing. I can’t say that I would ever recommend the clothes, but if you’re in town you should definitely check out the space.


Gareth Pugh S/S 2011 Collection

When it comes to high fashion there are few people as cutting edge, or weird, as Gareth Pugh. The man basically makes clothes for when we’re living in Buckminster Fuller inspired pods on the surface of Mars, and his Spring/Summer 2011 collection is no exception. The video above was created to give a look at his new collection, which visually lands between the imagination of Chris Cunningham and Mark Romanek’s video for Michael and Janet Jackson’s Scream. It’s flashy, it’s edgy and it’s intense, but that’s sort of the fun of it. My favorite part is at the 9 minute mark, so if you can’t make it that far be sure to fast forward and see what I’m talking about.



British illustrator Matthew Hodson, who goes by the enigmatic moniker Matthew the Horse, has recently expanded his mini-empire to create a series of limited edition t-shirts. His collection, which is entitled HORSE, features 100% cotton tees hand printed with his graphically bold, quirky and cheeky illustrations in simple monochrome. I really like how his drawing style is simultaneously sophisticated and naive, slightly crazy and yet minimalist. More goodies can be viewed on his blog and you can purchase his tees through his online shop.

Thank you to Gerlin for sending a link to Matthew’s work my way!


Blixt & Dunder Bow Tie

I got an email this morning from a young, Swedish couple from Malmö who run a small design firm called Blixt & Dunder. They wrote me to tell me that they’ve started selling their first product, a simple silk black bow tie covered with tiny lightning bolts. It’s a beautiful and simple bow tie that’s actually reasonably priced at around $62. To promote their bow tie they’ve created this short promotional video which I thought was too beautiful not to post. I wish them good luck in their endeavors and hopefully we see more beautiful products from this talented duo.


Put This On, Episode 3: Work

The dudes from Put This On are back with a new episode, this time centered around what to wear to work. Dressing up at work can be hard, especially when none of your coworkers think twice about wearing the saem t-shirts twice in one week. That’s where these guys step in to give some tips and advice on dressing up and maybe even instill a bit of confidence to get you dressing up more often.


Brooklyn Tailors

I spent a good part of my Sunday morning lazily rummaging through Etsy in search of a much needed navy skirt, but to no avail. What I did find was Brooklyn Tailors and their stylish collection of handmade bespoke mens’ suits and shirts. Now, obviously their garments are not made with ladies in mind from an apparel perspective; however, I would be quite impressed by a geezer wearing their designs. I’m sure that most girls would agree that you really can’t beat a man in a suit or a crisp cotton shirt and jeans.

Prices are a little on the expensive side, but just remember that the money will go towards the detail of craftsmanship and the opportunity to set a girl (or boy’s) heart a-flutter in your new threads.


Sovereign Beck 2010 Resort Collection

The guys over at Sovereign Beck just expanded their line of exquisitely made ties with their Resort Collection. This new collection is intended to fill out your vacation wardrobe, classing up what might be a strict swim trunks only getaway. Personally I’m really into the Sunset Plaid Flannel Tie (which is the bright ass one on the far right) which I think would be great with a crisp white button down. There’s also the Driftwood Plaid version which is which is a much more subtle version in case you don’t want to be quite so bold. All ties are 3″ wide (a perfect size) are limited to 20 each and are handmade in New York.


Kenneth Anger for Missoni

I’m totally in awe of this new Missoni ad directed by short film maker Kenneth Anger. I wasn’t very familiar with his work but after reading about him on WIkipedia, which is a pretty epic entry, the guy sounds amazing. He’s made a ton of short films in his life (he was born in 1927!), most of which have created quite a stir. He was also friends with people like Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, who even created the music to some of his movies.

Well at the age of 83 Mr. Anger has created this beautiful short film for the Italian fashion houes Missoni. The short is a beautiful collage of images, ranging from beautiful women in patterned gowns, falling water, flowers blooming and moons rising… very Anger-esque imagery. It seems like Missoni is trying to brand itself as something much more edgy, as they just had Juergen Teller shoot their spring/summer 2010 campaign. I’m all for it, personally, I think they’re creating some wonderfully weird stuff.

Found through Selectism


Camo Is Making A Comeback

Last week I tweeted about a camo Nom de Guerre shirt/jacket (as seen in the bottom image) I had recently bought and asked people’s opinion about how it looked, curious what people thought. About 10 or 15 years ago you might remember how popular camo was, I think you could by any article of clothing in the stuff. Due to an over-saturation or a general annoyance camo fell out of favor… to plaid, I would assume.

Recently though I keep seeing plaid pop-up all over the place, especially in the more high end areas of fashion. The images above are a sampling of things I found rather easily. The reportage style photos were taken by Tommy Ton a month ago for GQ at European Fashion Week and as you can see it was out in force. Could any normal joe off the street pull some of this stuff off? No, but I believe it’s a sign that we’re in for a camo renaissance.

The Creative Recreations at top also caught my eye, they’re like a refined camo that isn’t too over the top, something you could wear on a daily basis.

What do you think? Is camo able to make a well designed return or is it the bastard pattern child?


An Afternoon with Gary Pepper Vintage

I’m not usually a big fan of fashion videos, but I have been turned around with this video for online vintage clothing boutique Gary Pepper Vintage. Featuring the boutique’s owner, Nicole Warne, the video showcases the superb vintage finds from Gary Pepper Vintage and an assortment of Jeffrey Campbell shoes courtesy of SoleStruck. Filmed and edited by Chad Waldron, the video is a behind-the-scene’s peek at a photo shoot of the collaboration between the two online boutiques.

As there is no specific narrative, the video successfully works to frame the beautiful clothes and shoes. Warne’s styling, in particular, is impeccable, and carefully blends her vintage threads with the new season footwear. I really love the carefree mood and the small fashion journey that the viewer is taken on.