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How to have the most #000000 Christmas

How to have the most #000000 Christmas

#000000. Most designers are familiar with this hexadecimal code and understand it represents the color black. Black is timeless, it’s chic, it’s mysterious. A color that, when worn, works for any occasion, pairs well with any other color (yes, even blue, don’t believe the myth), and gives anyone wearing it a sleek, sophisticated look. Black products tend to look futuristic (Apple is particularly good at this) as well as seeming to be more precious and luxurious.

No matter the application, black will never go out of style. Please enjoy this list of products that explores the range and versatility of #000000.

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

Calling The Kettle #000000

Stagg Pour Over Kettle by Fellow – $79

Claire Vivier -  Asphalt Flat Clutch

For The #000000 Eyed Girl

Asphalt/Black Flat Clutch by Clare V. – $215

Blu Dot Toro Modern Lounge Chair

The #000000 Throne

Toro Modern Lounge Chair by Blu Dot – $1299

Études Etoile Black Accent Sweatshirt

The #000000 Letter

Etoile Accent Sweatshirt by Études – $138

Garrett Leight Milwood Sunglasses

Framed in #000000-ness

Milwood Sunglasses by Garrett Leight Optical Company – $315

Ghostly International Coffee Mug & Canister

I Drink My Coffee #000000

Canister and Mug Bundle by Ghostly International – $70

Goodbye Doormat by Parra

#000000 Omen

Goodbye Doormat by Parra – $54

Makr Black Speckletone Notebook

Little #000000 Book

Speckletone Notebook by Makr – $28

Karl-Johan Table Lamp by New Works & Signe Hytte

Turn On The #000000 Light

Karl-Johan Table Lamp by New Works & Signe Hytte – $265

Shinola & Zippo Matte Black Lighter

For The Man in #000000

Zippo Lighter by Shinola – $50

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Sound Most #000000

A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Bang & Olufson – $399

ADIDAS Tubular Viral W sneakers

A Walk in the #000000 Forest

Tubular Viral W Sneaker by ADIDAS – $103

Ugmonk Black Series – Part II, for the designer wardrobe

Ugmonk Black Series - Part II

For the past year or so my wardrobe has progressively headed toward limited palette of black, white, and grey. Perhaps I’m becoming that stereotypical creative director, perhaps it’s the fact that I’m nearing 33? Either way I feel good with the change but I’m always on the look out for some stylish black clothing.

That’s why I was stoked to see the Ugmonk Black Series – Part II drop yesterday, a tightly designed collection of mostly black garments and accessories. I’m guessing there’s literally something for everyone in this collection, though my personal fave has to be the stitched ampersand crewneck sweatshirt. Totally on point.

Ugmonk - Black Series - Ampersand Sweatshirt

Manual Brings A Refined Identity To Mountain Bike Apparel Company Kitsbow

Kitsbow Brand Identity by Manual

When I think if branding for outdoor activity companies I have mixed feelings. Sometimes they feel really granola or too extreme, sometimes they’re well-considered and well-done like Aether Apparel. The folks at Manual, a design studio based in San Francisco, decided to go with the latter route for their branding of Kitsbow, a company that makes high quality mountain bike apparel with a minimal aesthetic and tailored details.

The logo references both the tailoring aspect of the product, and the winding trails on which mountain bikers ride. A monochromatic color palette with small touches of a blue accent color was used across all branded deliverables. We used extra thick card stocks, varnishes and foils to provide a sense of tactility and quality.

Kitsbow Brand Identity by Manual

Kitsbow Brand Identity by Manual

The identity design is extremely far reaching, encompassing apparel, website, stationary, and even a van wrap. The concept of the winding trails as the logo inspiration is fitting and brings a bit of life to a brand which could have been rigid or stodgy. I’m also really impressed with the iconography created for the clothing labels, which give the customer clear insight into what abilities the garment has.

You can see more of the work Manual did by clicking here, and you can visit the Kitsbow site by clicking here.

Kitsbow Brand Identity by Manual

Kitsbow Brand Identity by Manual

Kitsbow Brand Identity by Manual

Kitsbow Brand Identity by Manual

Burberry Prorsum’s Script Typeface Energizes Their Men’s SS15 Collection

Burberry's Script Typeface Livens Up Their SS15 Collection

When you think of high-end fashion does typeography spring to mind? Patterns and monograms are de rigueur in fashion branding yet type is rarely used to augment a brands presence and reenforce it’s identity. Brian Alexander at SLAMXHYPE recently did a nice job of distilling down the typographic use of fashion brands but how often do you see these typefaces gracing a garment? This is where Burberry has taken a new tack, introducing a beautiful new script which graces their Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collection.

Burberry's Script Typeface Livens Up Their SS15 Collection

Emblazoned with script in all forms they’ve made jackets and bags, scarves and portfolios. The Daily Mail states “the collection, entitled ‘Book Covers & Bruce Chatwin’ featured original illustrations and typographic prints that take their creative lead from vintage English book covers,” while the Telegraph specifically states that it was a “weathered Bruce Chatwin first edition” which provided the inspiration. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Chief Creative and CEO, is well known as a book lover, so the stories certainly fit.

For me the collection feels like a bold experiment which uses this lovely script as a visual element, but also as a brand element. The exaggerated scale of the type abstracts it just enough. It piques your interest just slightly but doesn’t detract from the garments and accessories. I’m curious to see if other brands pick up on this trend in their next collections or if this is simply a summer fling with typography. Even so, I applaud Mr. Bailey for bringing a bit of the graphic design world into his fashion design world.

Burberry's Script Typeface Livens Up Their SS15 Collection

Burberry's Script Typeface Livens Up Their SS15 Collection

Following A Pattern – 5 Standout Swim Trunks

Following A Pattern - 5 Standout Swim Trunks

Summer’s in full swing and the right pair of swim trunks are a must have. Don’t make the mistake of being that guy (or the partner of that guy) with the long board shorts that go past the knee. Live a little, show off some thigh, and snag a pair of brightly patterned shorts that fit the season.

1. Yuko Hagiwara Print Swim Trunk by Orlebar Brown
These trunks utilize an incredible photo by Yuko Hagiwara to make a bold statement. Plus these have a button fly, zipper and pockets, so they’d even be suitable for outside the beach. – Buy it here

2. Mineral Print Swim Trunk by Saturdays Surf NYC
My favorite of the bunch, these mineral printed shorts come in three color variations – white with blue, blue with black, and the raciest of the bunch, black and red. – Buy it here

3. Rick – Watercolor Swim trunk by ourCaste
My partner Kyle has these and they’re an amazing print. Like the Orlebar’s above these are also a hybrid trunk, made for the waves or the day-to-day. – Buy it here

4. Raw Surf Stripe Swim Swim Trunk by Quality Peoples
For those who don’t want to make as bold of a statement these are for you. The black short with chunky swath of paint means you can still show your artsy side. – Buy it here

5. The Right Asteroid Swim Trunk by Deus
If fine art is more your vibe these op art inspired shorts by Deus is where it’s at. These might camouflage you in the water but you’ll be a stand out on the beach. – Buy it here

Mondo Creates ‘The Shining’ Inspired Clothes & Products

Mondo Creates 'The Shining' Inspired Clothes & Products

Jack Torrance: Mr. Grady, You WERE the caretaker here.
Grady: I’m sorry to differ with you sir, but YOU are the caretaker. You’ve always been the caretaker. I should know sir, I’ve always been here.

One of the most iconic aspects of the film The Shining is not Stanley Kubrick’s direction, nor Jack Nicholson’s demented acting: it’s the repeating carpet that lines the Overlook Hotel. The honeycomb pattern made up of warm reds and oranges is both menacing (when you think of the film) though quite aesthetically beautiful in that sort of House Industries sort of way.

Mondo, the Austin based gallery known for the appropriation of pop culture, has released the Mondo 237 collection, which is a series of clothing and home items that utilize the print. For those of you who’ve dreamed of having a cardigan (or balaclava) with the iconic pattern look no further. Personally I think the doormat is pretty rad, and the detail of having the key on the clothing tag is a nice touch. Really nice implementation all around.

Mondo Creates 'The Shining' Inspired Clothes & Products

Mondo Creates 'The Shining' Inspired Clothes & Products

Nike and Pendleton Woolen Mills collaborate on a graphic collection

Nike and Pendleton Woolen Mills

In my mind there are two major brands in Oregon: Nike and Pendleton. So it makes a lot of sense to see the brands crossover, however difficult the execution of the project might actually might be. Thankfully Nike designer Derek Roberts found a number of interesting ways for the brands to intersect, creating a collection that’s a fusion of Native American patterns and next level technology.

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Dior Homme gets together with Fantastic Man to combine fashion with dance

Dior Homme teams up with Fantastic Man, combining fashion with dance

Dance and fashion. You don’t often seem them together very often, and if you do, it might only be in the sort of over-the-top theatrical sense. Dior Homme and Fantastic Man magazine have decided to shift that perception. Working together the two brands have created a series of five short videos which showcase the impressive dance moves of some rather talented young men who are dressed to the nines in some of Dior Hommes fall-winter 2013 collection.

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