Jon Burgerman gets shot in the head to highlight violence in advertisements

Jon Burgerman - Headshot

You probably already know the work of illustrator Jon Burgerman. His idiosyncratic pictures are fun, playful and instantly recognizable. Filled with bright colors, cute smiles and vibrant characters, they almost feel a world removed away from this small project he’s currently working on. Called Headshot, these images show Jon seconds after he has been shot in the head by an advertisement. The resulting images are as striking as they are entertaining and the series works really well.

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The humorous collages of Zeren Badar

Zeren Badar

Some of my favorite art is that which makes me laugh. When most people traditionally think of art we think of old world masterpieces painted with oils depicting those that have been long dead. So what if you took those venerable works of art and put a ridiculous twist on them? You’d end up with these lighthearted series of collages from Zeren Badar.

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Rimon Guimarães’ Colorful Building Sized Murals

Rimon Guimarães' Mural Street Art 1

Rimon Guimarães' Mural Street Art 2

You probably wouldn’t guess this from the title but Rimon Guimarães is a young self-taught artist. He is from Brazil and only twenty-five years old: for such a young man, it’s somewhat hard to believe that he has a very developed, very wide reaching hand in street art. Guimarães creates giant, building covering paintings of almond eyed people who are colorful and lanky, shapely and physically active. They are made out of stripes of color and often are studies in human form.

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Craig Green’s tied, dyed, smothered, and covered S/S 2014 collection

Craig Green Spring Summer 2014 4

Not sure if people would agree but tie-dye feels like it’s back in. This isn’t the traditional entry that is for and by hippies but is instead new takes on dye born out of the resurge in popularity of indigo. Thus, the style is back but in through new, experimental ways.

London based artist and “fashion designer” Craig Green obviously feels this way as his Spring/Summer 2014 show is a collection of works that incorporate his “subdued” past of blacks and whites and smothering covers into new takes on dying. He has taken his own aesthetic, put it through a self-referential dye process, and ended up with the new collection.

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Dyami O’Brien’s amazing abstract portraits

Dyami O'Brien Painting 1

It’s a little difficult to explain the work of Dyami O’Brien. The artist paints warped portraits of people that exaggerate their physical characteristics while also addressing their personal style. They’re inspired by everything from soul records to Facebook pages, something we discovered while researching his work previously for Los Angeles, I’m Yours. If anything, O’Brien is an artist doing something totally unique.

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Skyler Brickley melts masses of plastic into abstract forms

Skyler Brickley

Skyler Brickley is a New York based artist who basically makes what looks like destroyed hoods from brightly colored cars from the future. He twists and punches through sheets of supposed metal that could be shipped off to a space junk yard. They are big and fascinating and definitely give you the feeling that his pieces are part of something larger. Maybe a Transformer molted, leaving behind this rippling sheet? No, not really: they’re actually made out of polyethylene terephthalate or FRP, complicated and sturdy plastics that—when painted with automotive paint—appear to be twisted metal.

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Love For Sale: Valentine’s inspired by Talking Heads

Love For Sale: Valentine's inspired by Talking Heads

I can’t say I associate Talking Heads with love. I associate Talking Heads with David Byrne shouting and making weird noises, funky bass lines, and influencing a generation of musicians. But not love. I might be in the minority though as Kate Bingaman-Burt, Will Bryant, and Frank Chimero are curating a show titled Love For Sale: Valentine’s inspired by Talking Heads.

The show has over 70 artists confirmed including Jessica Hische, Mark Weaver, Adi Goodrich, Erik Marinovich, Jennifer Daniel, Paul Windle, Jeremy Pelley (Official Mfg. Co.), Richard Perez (Skinny Ships), Rose Blake, Adam J. Kurtz, Jen Mussari, Rand Renfrow, Keetra Dean Dixon, and Berkley Illustration. That’s like everyone you follow on Twitter, right? You can see a sneak peek of the show over on the Love For Sale Tumblr where they’re posting up previews. My favorites are by Skinny Ships and Gemma Correll which you can see below.

The show opens February 13, so if you’re in the Portland area stop by!

Love For Sale - Skinny Ships

Love For Sale - Gemma Correll

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