Ikimono Architects and the Aberrant Ground

Ikimono Architects Model Eats Ground Project

This weekend, I kind of stumbled into a rabbit hole of Japanese architecture. Or maybe it’s more like an ant farm? It started when I wanted to see what Jun Aoki was up to, and ended when I found these incredible models by Ikimono Architects. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I arrived at the firm’s website; between Jun Aoki and Ikimono Architects, it’s all a blur of white spaces and asymmetrical windows.

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What has Jun Aoki Been Up To?

Jun Aoki and Associates Diagram Miyoshi

Jun Aoki and Associates Diagram Omiyame

Jun Aoki is probably best known (at least in the States) for his designs of Louis Vuitton retail spaces. For over a decade he’s been working on retail projects for the brand in prestigious locations like 5th Avenue, where he wrapped the flagship retail space in a kinetic moiré pattern. Like many of his projects the predominate color of the space and it’s ghostly skin is white. So I was surprised that when I went to the firm’s website and looked at projects “In Progress” and I was greeted by diagrams as colorful as a candy shelf.

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Building Staircases with Nice Views: GLUCK+

Gluck+ Tower House

Gluck+ Tower House

Earlier this week, Dezeen ran a story about a clean and modern house; a house where the living spaces cantilevered off of stacked bedrooms like a grown-up, contemporary treehouse. The views from the so-called Tower House are incredible and the architects responsible for the projects are the ones at Gluck+. I poked around the firm’s website a bit and found that the Tower House has a sort of cousin built in the New York: the Vertical Library. Although one house is rural and the other urban, both are organized around something simple and humble: a staircase. More than just circulation, the stairs become exciting and dynamic places in these projects. In the city, the stair climbs a four-story bookshelf, and in the trees, the stair is painted bright yellow.

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Battle Ground: The CIPEA No. 4 House by AZL Architects

CIPEA No. 4 House by AZL Architects

Photos © Yao Li

A couple days ago Alex posted this great piece on the USJ campus de l’innovation et du sport, which to me looked like some kind of ancient apartment building that had been recently uncovered. The building had been getting a lot of flack for the way it looked, and in fact, our own readers took to our Facebook to point out that it looked like it had “been bombarded”. which kinda cracked me up.

I thought I’d continue with the theme of “bombardment” and present the CIPEA No. 4 House by AZL Architects, which is located in Nanjing, China, and looks like it’s been through quite a bit.

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“Less is Less, But Enough.” Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop

Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop

Last week, Ray Harryhausen passed away. For decades, Ray created special effects for Hollywood, using stop motion animation and old fashioned camera trickery to bring artifical villans to the big screen. When asked how computers have revolutionized special effects, Ray replied “you know, in a thirty-second commercial you see the most amazing images, the amazing image is no longer spectacular. It’s become mundane because it’s over used. The computer seems to be able to do anything. So people take it for granted.”

And even though he was talking about mythological characters and fake dinosaurs, he might as well have been talking about architecture.

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