Intricate model of the upcoming Apple Campus designed by Foster + Partners

Intricate model of the upcoming Apple Campus designed by Foster + Partners

The Mercury News has a great slideshow featuring the upcoming Apple Campus which was designed by Foster + Partners. Apple is still waiting on a final vote from the Cupertino city council, but if it’s approved the 175-acre site that’s now 80 percent asphalt and buildings will turn into one that’s 80 percent open space and parkland, with a giant aluminum ring laying gently amongst it all. The model certainly helps to illustrate the immensity of the project and hopefully it’ll start development soon.

You can read more about the building and grounds by clicking here.

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Fantastic miniature pavilions from The Mini Paper Pavilion Club

The Modernist’s Mountain Pavilion

This is such a neat project! The Miniature Paper Pavilion Club are a collective based in Vancouver who meets biweekly to build ~1:100 scale architectural pavilions. It’s such a fun little idea and their resulting work is terrific.

“We are interested in creating imaginary celebrative public spaces” they say on their website, adding that these miniature buildings are “beacons to all humankind, elevating the wonder of innovation and excellence!” … I couldn’t put it better myself!

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Forgotten Homes in Chris Mottalini’s Poignant Series ‘After You Left, They Took It Apart’

Chris Mottalini - After You Left

After You Left, They Took It Apart is the title of a series of images taken by the New York based photographer Chris Mottalini. Showing a collection Paul Rudolph-designed homes just before they were to be demolished, the series took Mottalini almost seven years to complete and presents a poignant picture of mid-century modernism at the end of its life.

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Barrow Cabins: Hunting Cabins in Alaska by Eirik Johnson

Barrow Cabins by Eirik Johnson 1a

Barrow Cabins by Eirik Johnson 1b

Barrow Cabins is the name of a collection of photographs by the Seattle-based photographer and mixed-media artist Eirik Johnson. Presented as a series of diptychs, the images show summer and winter views of small hunting cabins built by the Iñupiat inhabitants of Barrow, Alaska. Located just 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Barrow is a mere 1300 miles south of the North Pole and is the largest city of the North Slope Borough.

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Toby Melville-Brown Makes Real Drawings of Fake Buildings

Toby Melville-Brown

To finish the week, how about some lovely drawings by Toby Melville-Brown? These drawings of fictional towers are as absurd (and almost as detailed) as the room with 80 million surfaces, only realized in a way almost as slowly as an actual building project. He drew them by hand. It takes a level of skill and patience I can only imagine. Happily, the results of all his work are amusing drawings when seen at a distance, but infinitely rewarding as you lean in toward the details. His drawings make me wish I had opted for the retina display. You can see more under the jump.

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