The presence of street art tends to be a polarising factor in many inner-city communities. While some people love the literal face-lift it provides derelict and empty spaces, others are unable to differentiate between art and ugly tagging. However, Chris and D’arcy, the guys at the head of the KerbScrawl collective in Perth, may be able to charm the detractors. Transforming urban facades with materials that are non-toxic, non-permanent and odour-free, KerbScrawl have converted street art and advertising into an ephemeral and eco-friendly mode of creative practice. It looks incredible and there is definitely something appealing about putting art out in the public sphere that will naturally fade and disappear before the council bring out the pressure hoses.

Check out more of their urban-based work on their flickr.


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Hookturn Industries Reusable BYO Coffee Cup

When I was in my teens I was harshly dubbed by a member of my family as “an advertising whore.” This family member – who shall remain nameless – was quite clearly referring to how I am easily seduced by both print and television advertising and even went so far as to list various examples of this behaviour. I’d like to think that I am now wiser and less likely to fall prey to the charms of my capitalist suitors, but I must admit that I am rather besotted with this advertisement for Hookturn Industries BYO reusable coffee cup.

Yes, it only took one look at the cups’ simple silicone design and the cute Melbourne cafe location and I was gone. Plus, their environmentally friendly ethos really tickles my fancy too. I guess old habits die hard.

If you’re also keen, the BYO reusable coffee cups can be purchased via Hookturn Industries online store.


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Design Currency: Icograda Design Week

For the upcoming Design Currency 2010 Conference in Vancouver, design firm rethink has created this pretty brilliant (but slightly nauseating) video to explain just what Design Currency is. It’s a great little idea of using a money counter, but damn I bet they would have had to print out thousands of these images to get this to work! I love that all of the elements come together at the end to make a piece of currency, I would totally use those Design Bucks.

Thanks for the tip, Todd.


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Ulule Ad by Julien Nantiec

Ulule is a service a lot like Kickstarter where you get your friends and social circle to help you fund a project, though it seems as though it’s more of an international version. That said Julien Nantiec was tasked with creating a commercial for Ulule, illustrating all of the previously stated ideas.

What he came up with is an adorable little advertisement that not only makes you smile but it got me curious to check out the service as well. It’s quite a simple commercial overall but its simplicity, to me, translates to clarity of message, which is what’s most important.


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CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film

Did I mention that today is all video day? Cuz’ it is. I don’t usually like to post videos more than once every couple days but I kept finding videos that were really exciting, so here we are. This video above by LEGO, which was created for their Lego CL!CK site, might be my favorite of them all though.

It’s a short film about a man who’s trying to figure out how to make a man fly by himself. But he’s struggling through a creative block until the literal blocks fall upon his table and turn into a factory of ideas. He searches through the factory, trying to find his idea until he finally comes upon it.

The story is told entirely through stop-motion, or something like it, and almost has an Amélie vibe to it. But there’s also a bit of Wallace and Gromitt-esque humor to it as well, that makes you kind of grin to yourself while you watch it. I also think it’s great that hte factory is filled with all kinds of ideas, represented in different sizes depending on how complex they are. The best example is the idea of world peace, which is a giant light bulb sitting in a courtyard, still yet to be completed. But then there are smaller ideas, like the idea of peanut butter pasta… blech.


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Where The Wild Things Are Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

Last Saturday I spent pretty much all day traveling. I got on a plane in Chicago at 1pm and landed in Los Angeles at 8pm. Did that stop me from going to the Where The Wild Things Are pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty? Nope. This time around they totally tricked out the space, filling ti with all kinds of trees and branches and even made a giant log nest kinda’ thing. Scattered around that were all kinds of Wild Things merchandise like t-shirts with Geoff McFetridege drawings, books, toys and stuffed animals. Max Records, the kid who plays Max in the movie, was even there running around and wearing a big silver crown.

I also wanted to point to a picture of the display artists that work at Space 15 Twenty and do an amazing job. They consistently create some of the best interior displays that I’ve ever seen and they definitely deserve a ton of credit for their work.

Check out a bunch of pictures of the space under the cut.

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Ben and Jerry’s Advertisements by Ogilvy & Mather

Check out these crazy advertisements for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! I think these may be some of the most complex ads I’ve seen in a while, all of those elements created by hand. The ads were created by Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Singapore, featuring words and phrases accompanied by some very Friends With You!-esque characters and creatures. These ads definitely caught my eye, though I’m not sure that it makes me want to eat ice cream anymore so than usual.

Check out a couple more of these ads under the cut.

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The Coke Zero Billboards Have Been Changed!

I just got an email from Mr. Andy Mueller reminding me of a photo I took a couple weeks ago that I’ve posted above.

A few weeks ago, some of you might remember that I posted about how Coke Shamelessly Ripped Off Evan Hecox, or at least totally stole his style to try make a buck. Some of you got it, some of you were totally blind, but here we are now, and Coke has changed all of the billboards in the Los Angeles area to the top image. That’s right folks, they took out the background of the image, the most offensive part, and replaced it with a new guy.

I’m not going to say that I single-handedly made this change come about, but that’s a pretty weird coincidence, right? I think it’s pretty crazy how much power the internet has these days, and maybe if you make a big enough of a stink about something you can really cause some change, even if it is something small. I will say this though, good call Coke. Even if I had nothing do with this change, at least it shows some respect to a damn fine artist who deserved better than to have his style shilled out for a soft drink.

What do you all think?


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