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Tsunami au Japon en 2011 : témoignages de rescapés. With news of the massive earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami, many U.S. citizens are legitimately concerned about their relatives in Okinawa. We exprencie 2 typhoons while living on the island. Yes, I noticed a lot of concern about people there and from what I can tell, the area is quite far and completely safe from the disaster sweeping many areas of the world today. On March 11, 2011, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake occurred 231 miles northeast of Tokyo. Good That was the purpose. Thanks!! Video capture of the first wave of the tsunami in Higashionna, Uruma City, Okinawa on March 11, 2011. Un puissant séisme de magnitude 6,8 s'est produit au large d'Okinawa (sud du Japon), mais aucune alerte au tsunami n'a été déclenchée. Thank you for your post. we are a face book planet. I assure you Okinawa is just fine. The Japan Meteorological Agency named this earthquake the 2011 Great East Japan … 1. Have a beautiful day. The Internet is a wonderful thing. Nonetheless, precautions are being taken. Photos via buck82 & N.kimy More on the tsunami effects in Hawaii and Japan. How do we find out is they are ok? Have been going crazy with worry. I have two daughter in Okinawa, I talked to them yesterday they said that Okinawa did not get it hard and that all was OK so if someone has family there things are ok. For those of you concerned about loved ones in Okinawa, rest assured that Okinawa, while definitely a part of the political nation of Japan, is a VERY good distance away from the mainland and where the majority of the damage occurred. phones not working but face book is. Thanks for the update, the news hasn’t really mentioned Okinawa, was a little worried about a friend out there, but your post gave some peace of mind. Le tsunami du 11 mars 2011 a tué des milliers de personnes et causé une catastrophe nucléaire. Again, this puts me more at ease…, This is the only information that I have been able to locate on Okinawa – THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking time to let us all know here in the USA how the conditions are there. I felt the same way! East of Japan, the Pacific plate dives beneath the overriding Eurasian plate. My sister is a Maine at Okinawa and I worry about her. My son-in-law is stationed at Camp Schwab. I am planning to leave for Okinawa as well 3/26 -4/2. Everyone is ok. They sound like nice people. They got a slightly larger wave than normal that caused no damage . That was the most beautiful place in this world I had ever seen. Thanks/OnOn. A magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck off Japan’s northeastern coast. Nov 15, 2015 - this is a mirror version of japan coast guard. BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE ????? We live in Kin Town. Scary stuff…. As of Friday, he said that he heard that Okinawa was fine, just the water levels were higher. I have spoken with hime thru Skype and he states all is OKAY in Okinawa. Thanks so much for posting this info on Okinawa. There was a piece of news that said “Earthquake devastates Okinawa”. He’s DOD, going to work for FISC. Thanks so much. long megathrust fault. We are really far away from the areas on mainland being affected by the nuclear reactors also. Huit ans plus tôt, au même endroit, elles ont senti la montagne s’ébranler et vu la mer se retirer. I am still planning to visit in the next two weeks despite the condidions in Sendai. Nous vous proposons de découvrir ici quelques unes des vidéos les plus impressionnantes. Hello Zachary Shahan We would all feel a little more at ease if we could get a text from him. I will pray for those who were affected by the disaster! The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cooling system was damaged, raising fears of a meltdown. Certains débris générés par le tsunami de 2011, au Japon, ont parcouru des milliers de kilomètres avant de venir s’échouer sur les côtes des États-Unis. I am so thankful that all is well there. Okinawa wasnt really hit at all by the Tsunami. This Tsunami, while just as devastating to those affected, is not nearly as far reaching as the 2004 Tsunami, so the 1500 KM (over 900 mile) distance is more than enough buffer to keep those on Okinawa free from harm. donde hay elegantes japonesitas. Please keep us posted in the days to come. We were able to text our grandson Lance Cpl. C’est ici que le tsunami de 2011 a atteint sa hauteur maximale : quarante mètres. Thanks so much for your report. Japan (shaking, tsunami) Pacific Rim (tsunami) Total damage: $360 billion USD: Max. THANK YOU FOR THE UP DATE AS MY FAMILY WILL STAND BY TO HERE FROM HIM. I was hoping that someone my know him and be able to tell me if he is ok. Thank you for this information. Thanks! MCBJ has evacuated residents living in low-lying areas on Camp Foster, lower Camp Lester, and Camp Kinser to an elevation of at least 30 feet/10 meters as a precautionary measure,” DVIDS reporting from Okinawa reports. My husband is a Marine. Thank you so much for the information. Yes, I hope the predictions that it would not face much damage were true. So relieved that the initial information I got on this and so many people were relying on was correct! and on the internet tring to find out what condition Okinawas in,thanx to you I can now take a sigh of relife in knowing that my brother (for now )is safe.Again thank you for taking the time to let all of us concered families back in the states that all is well for now.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Retired chemist (specialty- PCB, dioxins, and related chemicals), Hey josef, thanks a lot for you comments. Two days after the Tsunami he was able to get in contact. Just need to know that they are okay. 、タイム誌「世界の100人」に Â», « Japon : les États-Unis bloquent, la Chine censure Â», « Kenzaburo Oe: Japan ‘Burned by the Nuclear Fire’ Â», « Nobel laureate Oe urges nation to end reliance on nuclear power Â», « Pour le mangaka Motorô Mase, le drame japonais va influencer tous les artistes Â», « Murakami Slams Japan’s Nuclear Choice Â», « Seeking solace in Tohoku’s poets of old Â», « â€˜Tokyo Story’ Remake Paused, Will Reflect March 11 Impact Â», « After Murakami, Miyazaki’s Ghibli Rejects Nuclear…Sort Of Â», « A time to demonstrate solidarity with Japan Â», « Le Japon déploie ses soldats, le monde envoie des secours Â», « Gov't pours effort into delivering supplies to quake-ravaged areas Â», « Local govts lend helping hand / Officials pour into disaster-stricken areas with supplies, advice Â», « Japon : soldats japonais et américains à la recherche de corps Â», « Donations to Japanese Red Cross Society for quake victims top 59.4 billion yen Â», « Massive debate slowed quake aid: Red Cross Â», « 70% of Tohoku hospitals affected / 1 month on, survey finds nearly 20 percent still not back to normal Â», « From society's shadows, yakuza among first with relief supplies Â», « La reconstruction après le séisme, un enjeu pour la mafia japonaise Â», « JAPAN QUAKE: Riverside officials plan aid for Sendai Â», « Mayor sends condolences to Sendai, Japan, a Friendship City of Dallas Â», « Rennes prête à aider la ville de Sendaï Â», « Current situation and the Government of Japan's response Â», « The European Union Responds to Japan's request for coordinated support Â», « First foreign doctors arrive to help victims Â», « Delays plague distribution of overseas aid Â», « France and U.S. to help Japan in nuclear crisis Â», « Many countries helping Japan tame N-plant Â», « Areva va nettoyer l'eau de Fukushima Â», « Japan-China relations warming up in crisis Â», « Disaster aid puts new face on U.S. military Â», « La Bourse de Tokyo résiste au choc du séisme Â», « Updated details on nation's unprecedented natural, nuclear disasters Â», « Special report: Why Japan will avert a fiscal meltdown Â», « Le Japon bien armé pour absorber le choc économique du séisme Â», « Massive reconstruction aid to cover local govt costs Â», « Tepco reçoit des aides financières pour reconstruire Â», « Assassinated Depression-Era Japan Finance Chief Invoked in Rebuild Debate Â», « In wake of disaster, tax hike issue revisited Â», « Special quake budget planned for next month Â», « Child-rearing benefits face ax / Handouts to be abolished to free up funds for quake reconstruction Â», « Japan passes quake relief budget, more spending to follow Â», « Le Japon adopte un budget pour la reconstruction post-séisme Â», « La reconstruction pourrait durer cinq ans au Japon Â», « Evacuees begin moving into provisional housing Â», « Iwate shuts down last evacuation shelters. dont know if my mom still stayed in okinawa havent talk to her in a while if someone knows my name heres my no.09184411164, Your email address will not be published. glad to hear that there was no damage there. Helped me to relax some. Please don’t worry about me. )He is stationed at camp Hanson.I am praying for everyone in Japan and the surrounding areas. My 4month old son and I are also here with him. I’d call, but due to the “LANGUAGE BARRIER” I really wouldn’t be able to communicate.

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