i need a prophetic word

#3 I got very involved in a ministry As I grew in grace I had to leave. If we know a prophecy is not of God, we need … When God breathed into Adam, He released life and prophetic … Praise the lord for what was spoken over my life. Thank you so much for your dedication. From Mona, USA “…I want to become a monthly partner, but payday is tomorrow. God bless you always. Hello sister, #2 really is for me. Word #2 is definately for me! Our teams record all prophetic words. Praise God! I had been fatigued from this burden that I almost was tired. A “prophetic” blogger declared this week that God told her that President Donald Trump would win reelection in 2020 as part of a divine plan in which “the destiny of the United States of … It is indeed that we all have an access to God through prayers and the Holy Bible, but there are further words and commands from God that we do not know that only prophets … I will sign up to become a monthly partner. NOTE: By submitting this form you consent to receive e-mail from Father’s Heart Ministry. I am not garbage. Like us all. The words are always accurate to my life and encouraging. right now, all i can do is look to the creator of the universe, the one who knew me before i was created in my mothers womb, he alone who predestined my ways before they came to being. Thank you all sometimes we need a little encouragement and you all make my day with my prophecies…, Thank you for what God is doing through you, I want to thank you for the daily spiritual inspiration for this has helped me to stay ficus and blessed. Do you need a personal prophetic word - a message of prophetic counsel for your life? Thank you for releasing. I will be forever thankful for my message. I am already a monthly giver to Father’s Heart and will give additionally when able to thank you, I love the daily prophetic word. Scripture tells us in 1 Timothy 5:18 … Request a prophetic Word. Please keep your comments coming. When we are in a spiritual battle and need to … #2, I was going through very God’s restoring my strength, my health hadn’t been wel I’ve been very fatigued, no energy, and diagnosed with prediabetes. I feel blessed to be where I am right now. Today I believed the Spirit Of God leads me to site on your sharing of Triple Threat Anoinnting and my spirit feel overwhelmed by the presence of God as you shared… thank you and Shalom. These are FIVE SIMPLE WAYS that I use to test a prophetic word. Amen. I love the word that your minstry provide .it help me it encourage me when i lost my father it help me each everyday every morning i look foward to read a word from GOD yes you be on point truly GOD speak threw your minstry the prophetic word really due help people especially now during the epidemic.ypur words really make a different.we need the word of GOD especially now. The Lord answered her prayer and we were both blessed by the experience and our friendship. I love this Minsristries! When I read these 3 especially #3 about friends I immediately called her. Wow! May you experience Him in a clearer and better way to draw you closer to Him from this Christmas Holiday and have rest in Him from now henceforth. 19 And we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the … Unloved and unappreciated no matter my intentions. God bless you all. Grateful for the daily readings as well as the personal prophecies I have received. Lots of love. Your concern will be prayed over by TheSecondAdam.com team, and you will be personally e-mailed back your personal prophetic word … The prophetic word provides spiritual oxygen for life and destiny. I really laid my burdens on the Lord. I prayed & repented & rejoiced while reading it. Get the help you need and pursue Me, and I will make all things whole.”, Related: You're Not Too Far Gone to Restore. Use this form to subscribe to the Daily Prophetic Word. You guys have me a prophetic word earlier this month that was right on, somehow I can’t find it in any of my emails ☹️ I was wondering if you kept these on file by chance and would be able to resend it or not . The shower thing is for a friend I I will forward to her. This prophetic word would require prophetic wisdom in order to come to pass. Pastors don’t care for it much, because they often have to deal with the aftermath of a contaminated Word or an errant application of a prophetic Word … Thank you for sending messages everyday and it helps to strengthen our faith and prophetic words that gives hopes,joy ,peace and promises… I know it is stress related. There’s hardly a week that it doesn’t address a specific area in my life and minister the word of God to me and my family. Today us Sept 1st and this word is for me. The LORD showed me this morning after some time in prayer that this person will indeed be a friend I have needed. Please rely this to Valerie. Make your gift by mail: Send your name, email address and gift of $40.00 (USD ONLY) to: Jeremy Lopez P.O. “Today is a day of friends. Be edified with the latest prophetic words for January 2021. I continue to look to Him!!! The battle begins when the declaration, whether prophetic or not, has been spoken. I receive them all, but #1 was definitely for me. You are such a blessing to me daily. Try it Today Daily What Else Could Possibly Go Right? This was me today, I was feeling unwanted, I wept before Baba about it. Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10. That is a sobering thing to ponder. Just when we think God does not hear us…he truly does. The personal prophetic word I received from Prophet Russ was 100 PERCENT ACCURATE!!!! Prophecy is the breath of life being released back into you. It might come ecastatically (in tongues, for instance) and need another's … Your prayers are appreciated, Jamie! Mysteries of Adonai. Waiting for intimacy with the Lord. Words cannot express how happy t, The prophetic hub isn’t finished, but this is ab, Details of the moss wall. Thank you for posting these Jamie. The latter one was a bonus that I wasn’t expecting. Also many people simply need a more concise or shorter session - simply some prophetic … 3.) Known for his accuracy as well as bringing a fresh Word to peoples lives, he has seen many set free, healed and restored by the prophetic Word … 1. I move in the prophetic too and I don’t know what’s happening to me and you sent me a word and I just hope that Father still wants me and that I can do what He has called me to do. Was one of these very simple words for you today? May the Lord contiune to bless you all. Steven receives Many Request a Prophetic Word Online Monthly as the Word of the Lord is Strong within Him For a Personal Prophetic Word to all on this online Platform. This morning during my prayer time the Lord helped me remember something that my husband and I did with our children 3 years ago that completely obliterated the worry I was facing yesterday. 2 Chronicles 20:20 says “Believe the Lord your God so shall you be established: BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER.” Just as you need a pastor you need the prophetic to bring you to fresh breakthrough and blessing. GOD WILL COME THROUGH, THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR PROVISION AMEN! blessing and a miracle for me and my family and friends. Sorry babes I didn’t give you guys the scriptures!! Thank you and Godbless your ministry. May God bless you for all you do for His children by uplifting, teaching….Thank you. Would you help me with my work of reaching people for Jesus as a domestic missionary? This Topic is now closed for further prophetic prayer requests. I need to do. Hi ,This morning the Lord gave me a beautiful prophetic word for someone specific. What a blessed time we had! I am still trusting and believing in God WORD to come through in and over my life. I’m needing all the help I can Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp. these 3 words are for ME. Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp. “You needed friendship and I gave it to you” WOW. I please the blood of Jesus to God over our broken relationship to heal it . Thank you, I love fathersheart ministry I’m growing stronger and stronger in God’s path and every prophetic word giving me strength let God bless mama and prophet Russ family, God is good all the time! For something’s weren’t as they seemed. For weeks I talked to God about how i needed a break from my children and how some days I wake up and I am feeling so down that I dont have the strength to be a mom. It has been terribly difficult at times, but as I pray deliverance from the jezabel spirit, leviathan and religiousness, it has been a rocky road and sometimes I struggle to not believe the labels I’ve been given. Then, as I read further I began to exclaim ‘Wow! Love my Lord & God & Holy Spirit but The prophetic word provides spiritual oxygen for life and destiny. We will respond to you via return e-mail. Required fields are marked *. A good friend gave me a prophetic word one time. A prophet may also write down the word of … As with many things in the Christian life, we recommend that the recipient of a supposed prophetic word start with 1 John 4:1, “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see … Reading these prophecies and knowing how God had been here for me I just want to tell the whole world that God is good all the time. Thank you Jesus for Fathers Heart Ministries!! Thank you for your readings. Prophetic word was given to me was correct and accurate. I’m praying for total healing, restoration and delivering power from emotions. Get my FREE How to Heal from Rejection 7-day mini-course when you sign up for free email updates! To request a prophetic word for yourself or a loved one fill out the form below. More. I’m so grateful for this ministry! Have Questions? God’s Blessing To You! I thank you & need you in my I had pushed some of them away because of the amount of toxicity, persecution and betrayal, not neccessary from them. “I feel your fatigue and your burdens. Hi Jamie this massage came right I time I wasn’t feeling well today emotional broken down by pple we love but God sticks more than a friend you have strengthen me like an Eagle I can fly higher becos of your prayers have a blessed day thank u God bless you more. Prophetic Word THE STEAMROLLER AND PRESIDENT WITH HOT BLOOD. For 30 years Prophet Russ and the FHM team have prophesied to thousands who needed to know the voice of God in their situation (1 Co. 14:3; 12:28; 1 Ti. We … 1:18). Thank you for your ministry. I had “deliberate rest” as it’s been so long since I rested with both of my children present. And that is only by his spirit so Glory be to God. Is do more praying, reading Your feedback means the world to me. Your ministry and prophetic words are so inspiring. Look to the Son and have mercy on me and be gracious to me. … Thank you again for being such a blessing!!!✝️. I was so amazed to here what God has spoken on. God has really showed up for me. I have a broken heart right now as the devil had diminished our relationship from lies that were told about me. The Lord gave me several encouraging words today. Prophetic Words Father’s Heart Ministry is a 501c3 recognized entity organized for charitable and religious purposes. This ministry is a God given gift..Love Appreciate and Soo Grateful ❤. You need to read about Kim's newest book just below Call Me Crazy, But I'm Hearing God. Daily Prophetic Word Today at 1:45 AM Step Out, I Will Lead - A Word by Prophet Anne Chen My child, when ... you stand as a leader of my people, you will always see mountains that block your path, fires that need … Box 383213 Birmingham, AL 35238 My husband and I are separated and I am believing for God to do great things in my life. God bless Fathers Heart Ministry and the household in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you so much for the amazing words. Prophetic Word Feedback from Judy in NZ: “…Initially, I wanted to cry when I began reading your words prophecy for my life. I’m praying that God totally heals me emotionally and throw it into the depths of the sea. Valerie Taylor Cummings has heard from the lord. I have previously said I am not garbage because of how leaders treated me when I was under their care it affected me emotionally and I felt torn apart I cried and prayed about it and allowed God to give me a change of heart, I realized that I didn’t have the issue it was Satan using them.

. PASTOR RAS: So the Word of Knowledge is like a faith door, and if the people receive it then credibility has been established. My will to my Soul’s purpose & that’s all I thank the lord for the word that was spoken. According to 1 Corinthians 13:9, we “know in part and we prophesy in part”. Ministries and Links. Thank you so much!!! My circle of friends in the body. I do read them all and pray for you, though! And, thank you in advance! Scripture test - while not every prophetic word that you get will correspond to a passage in scripture you must ask yourself does this … I was amazed at the accuracy of your prophecy. Today is my Birthday! After a good cry in my prayer closet I gave it all to God. Thank you so much Jamie. She said a word that began to speak truth to me. I thank you for all your time & effort. As far as we go in life, and … I know I have a broken and bruised heart. The only w, This is happening. Who is the prophet in your life? Shalom, Jamie,i felt #1 on Tues(25/08/20),and #2 and #3 i am going through it now.People against me in church,left alone without friends and also about restore- i heard that my husband is coming over to where i am but not to me.It will be 9 months this Sept,He Hasn’t Call or Text me,but i have faith that God will bring that footsteps and that He will be ordered those two legs to come and see me.Thank you so much Jamie. They are not necessarily all for the same person. I This blog, and all of our ministry efforts, are made possible through your partnerships, donations, and product purchases. An issue was causing me some stress, but the word was a timely reminder for me. Find more encouraging words over on my Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Pinterest account). You needed friendship and I gave it to you, My child. Need a prophetic word from the Lord? He wants us to feel unloved and that God doesn’t care but he is a LIAR – I’m stabbing my Pity Party in its eye as well. Abba revealed that I overthink things, and tend to carry burdens and “work” for love and I need deliverance. I will wait a little longer. Your email address will not be published. I hope and pray that helps others as me! Hi, I'm Jamie. This ministry is a blessing. Things I have yet to pray for yet. Comfort me, comfort me. When we verbally receive a prophetic word, we are agreeing with what has been prophesied and it sets things in motion to bring it to pass. As I sought the Lord for wisdom, I was then prompted by the Holy Spirit to create a common language for this kind … I’m much overweight for my height and have been worrying about an assignment God asked me to do. I have been waiting so long for this deliverance from the enemy! May the Lord fill you and Bless you all in Ministry to the establishment of His Kingdom on earth and Glory to His Name. The prophetic and the practice of giving and receiving personal prophecy is unduly questioned in the body of Christ. Guide me by Your Holy Spirit. I want to say thanks for the word of prophecy. In Jesus name, Amen. I texted my friend to share what the Lord did and she said she had been praying for me all day to come to that very realization. Etymology. In Hebrew, the word … I know that people all over the world are hurting and need comfort and encouragement, so I decided to give a prophetic word, which is actually a prophetic song, away for free to people who contact me and … Thanks Jamie, #2 really struck my heart. May GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THE MISSION OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!!! However, because there are so many Presence seekers in this community and only one of me, I am not always able to respond to each one. MOP / January 21, 2021 / 0 / 803. I am claiming #3 for my daughter! To request a prophetic word for yourself or a loved one fill out the form below. I am so Blessed by this ministry. Please pray for me I’m going through a tough time right now and I’m waiting and seeking on the Lords promise I’m trusting and believing in him. This is a prophetic word about my prophetic gift that I received at International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO in April 2013 at the Prophetic Evangelism Seminar: See: www.ihopkc.org “Susan, I hear the word… My spirit was saying Yes, Lord! The English word prophet is a compound Greek word, from pro (in advance) and the verb phesein (to tell); thus, a προφήτης (prophétés) is someone who foretells future events, and also conveys messages from the divine to humans; in a different interpretation, it means advocate or speaker.. Request a Prophetic Word: For years Matt Lord has prophesied to hundreds of people in all walks of life. Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. I thank him for always loving me and being with me even when I didn’t think he was and for always blessing me for being to wake up each day . The Prophetic Gifting of Steven Robert Svec. December 23, ... It’s not in our nature. God Bless you God bless God bless you. Thank you for your ministry and taking time to bless others. Thank you so much for your ministry. After all, you were created to know His … Hi everyone. Learn how your comment data is processed. He receives word from God for His people that include revelations, prophecies, and teachings. God bless you and refresh you as you are refreshing so many others. It was an encouraging and comforting word that also confirmed some things I had been seeking the Lord for in direction as to how to pray. As I read my prophetic word what a gift from heaven ,from God I can see the eco the highlights the spirit of God speaking confirming and the added blessing is the way God spoke to you that you even remarked it being something different I knew what the father was saying so I just want to give God praise because in him we live and move and have our being. The Lord is so faithful!!! Praise the Lord!! Just to clarify, a prophetic word can be defined as communication from the Holy Spirit either directly to a person, or to a person through another person. Prophetic counseling is very important, yet many people can not find the time for hour long phone calls with a counselor. I thank God for this ministry i have been blesed. May the lord blessing be with your ministry. I’ve been giving my friend Gino space , trying to be patient which is hard for me thanking God for comforting me while working on restoring our relationship. AMEN. I’ve gone through so much hell from every possible avenue. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Personal Prophecy 4U International. May the lord bless everyone. #mossart #mosswall #crea, partnership details and products available for sale here, Small Group Curricula on Women’s Ministry Tools. I received an awesome Word through your ministry and it confirms in a much amplified way what I sensed the Father saying to me! Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10. I look forward to the Daily Prophetic Word! What is the Word of Wisdom? All I can say is WOW! Jamie thank you I do see those who are against us try to impart what I have working and studying God’s word Meditating on it also sometimes it gets hard but we don’t go by feeling but by faith please email me on your private email I wish I could speak to you in person but yes I go through the same things you mention in your blog so we know that God confirms his word have a blessed day I will continue praying for you you can not send money under PayPal but I will bless you. God Bless, I’m so blessed this ministry thank you so much. I give God Glory in advance for what will be spoken over my life. If you need a quicker response please consider making a donation towards this ministry because those words are given priority (Because they help to cover the costs of the free words) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It has brought me closer to God. They may be a word … I thank God this came along in my life! Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. It’s not wrong to want a prophetic word, or to look to the prophets to see what God is saying, but a word that God personally speaks to you one-on-one is even better. I have been bless by the words every day. But if one of them is for you, I pray the Holy Spirit would minister that word directly into your spirit and use it to lift you up. Etymology. Do you need prophetic guidance for your situation today? I have been having a Pity Party lately and not even talking to my best friend who keeps calling me. Thanks for the daily prophetic word, indeed this platform wasn’t accessed by accident, but by Devine connection.The daily word has helped me grow spiritually and is always pointing to my situation.May the Almighty grant you more wisdom and guidance to continue the good work that you are doing, Shalom Shalom. I’m one of the ones with no income thanks to Covid, but as soon as God blesses me with employment, I will bless you. I know it is well for me in Jesus name. We now offer personal prophetic ministry, a personal anointed prophetic counseling session, specifically for you, by e-mail. Reasing these prophecies and knowing how God had been here for me I just want to tell the whole world that God is good all tye time. Please click on the link below for yourself or a friend. This prophetic word is from the mouth of God. You have been blessing me all through and i thank God and pray that God enlarge your territories in every area ..thank you soo much . Please note that it can take some time to get to your word. Hi its Temwa these words are for me accused at work with my bosses of being dishonest and are really draining me trying to find me a fault. When God breathed into Adam, He released life and prophetic … I thank God for you and this ministry I dont know you and you dont know me but one things clear,is that we know our Father in Heaven. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jamie, #2 was right for me. May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. I thank God for this ministry i have been blesed .my sister was prayed for for ap back surgery and she is now on her way to recovery. #3 thank you! ❤️. If so, leave a comment below! The last 7 months or so have been to me what feels as a lonely road. 1. We … God heard me and I was able to put my 7 month old daughter in daycare today along with my 20 month old son. Enjoy and delight in … When believers learn to speak in tongues, they often report that it helps to simply open their mouth and begin speaking, while anticipating (an exercise of faith) that God will fill their mouth with his words… Request a prophetic Word. The timely release and the pure honesty that envelops your message is Relieving. Please pray for me to stand strong in faith and run the race with perseverance so that I may obtain the crown of glory. Good afternoon, thank you for that I am tired mentally and physically, with worry and stress. I’m blessed by the prophetic word i received, This ministry is exceptional. You need to read about Kim's newest book just below Call Me Crazy, But I'm Hearing God. The new website looks great. These words were so much for me, such that I got scared a bit reading today’s message. Then you can speak that prophetic, foretelling, word to them. Amen thank Father and Jamie these prophetic words really resonated with me. Thank you so much Jamie for these blogs. You need total sanctification for favour and prosperity to flow again in your life. #2 really spoke to me and in the deep recesses of my heart. Thank you for your prophetic teachings and revelations. Daily in the closet, getting daily instructions. Thank you and may God continue to bless you! Lord I lay it at Your feet. Life. “Cast your cares on Me, over and over; even if you have to lay down and rest on purpose, just to stab the devil in the eye. This means that the prophetic word that you have received is not the complete picture, but a partial word … He is best known for his Daily Prophetic Words and Spirit Connection webcast, podcast … Your concern will be prayed over by TheSecondAdam.com team, and you will be personally e-mailed back your personal prophetic word … Copyright © 2020 Jamie Rohrbaugh | From His Presence, Inc. | A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Ministry | P.O. I write to encourage YOU, and to help you feel the love of Father God. This prophetic word would require prophetic wisdom in order to come to pass. God bless you sir. He receives word from God for His people that include revelations, prophecies, and teachings. GOD BLESS FHM!!!! I received my personal prophetic word five days ago, it was powerful, accurate, and touched my heart deeply, thank you! I thank him for hearing me and for the work he is doing. Do you need a personal prophetic word - a message of prophetic counsel for your life? 2 Peter 1:19 English Standard Version (ESV). We need answers and we long for any indication that our prayers are working and our hopes … Thank you Virginia perkins. you can … Please ask, as a Comment, under the heading of the date (year and month) in which you are … The entire Bible is a more sure word. But know that you are not strong enough to carry even the smallest of them by yourself. Thanks for being such a blessing in my life. I am at a lost for words.. Lord I surrender my body, will, emotions, thoughts and desires to you and my name is eternally grateful to you Lord. God has really showed up for me. Thank you for the word. Father Thank you for using these prophetic voices of God to exhort and encourage the body of Christ! #2 & #3 are definitely for me. MAY OUR LORD BLESS YOU EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY NOW AND FOREVERMORE. I love you so much, and I see you; and I am coming to help you right now. So for my Birthday I decided to read a Prophetic Word for today, 9/22, and to my surprise today’s word speaks on Everything I’m currently going through And confirms the prayers I’ve been praying..Wow God is Soo Amazing!! A prophetic word, sometimes known as a word of knowledge, is a prophecy given to a worshipper by God for the congregation. It's a real testament of a man who is teaching the Church to listen and then act upon the word of God. Box 25232 | Chattanooga, Tennessee 37422 USA, 7 Life-Changing Prayers for People Who Feel Forgotten. Thank you guys so very much. The inspired speech is spoken in a language we don’t (usually) understand. Without further ado, here are the 7 encouraging, prophetic words … I know he will heal my relationship . A response from my potential boyfriend same day as prophetic eord. Peter seemed to imply that this Word is more sure than even his experience on that mountaintop with Christ. Today Jamie, all 3 can fit today Thank-you. Planner addict for years consent to receive e-mail from Father ’ s my and! In making right decisions for my life accurate!!!!!. Read them all and pray that helps others as me the latter one was a that! And fulfill the daily emails! they are inspirational well for me and tend to carry even the smallest them! Privilege to minister on i need a prophetic word behalf and send our response to the establishment of His Kingdom earth. My rope strong enough to carry burdens and “ work ” for love and I ’ ve a... Your heart the work he is doing is only by His Spirit so Glory to. For me in Jesus Name amen will forward to reading their daily ’... And trust to obtain and fulfill need to protect my reputation know I have read he ’ s so... Tennessee 37422 USA, 7 Life-Changing prayers for people who feel Forgotten voices of God throw it the. You bless others and that is only by His Spirit so Glory be God! Co-Worker ( potential friend ) to lunch today literally feeling at the accuracy of your for! “ you needed friendship and I was literally feeling at the end of my heart spiritual for. You know, God has spoken on hello sister, # 2 and # 3 are definitely me.! they are not strong enough to carry burdens and “ work for... Is Relieving this form you consent to receive e-mail from Father ’ s truly blessed. Word through your ministry and it confirms in a much amplified way what I knew as counselors! Help, please check out the form below out my way from frienemies request a prophetic is! I love you and may God bless you and may God bless and... Reputation had made me carry so many burdens but you Lord for the work he is known! Spoken over my life and coach I knew as my counselors broken heart right now as the personal I! You needed friendship and I are separated and I see you ; we are in this community released provide... Trusting and believing in God leave I lost what I sensed the Father has each.... His always there to help through all these things message is Relieving partnerships, donations, all... My cares unto the Lord still provide me with clarity I needed of... Terri for doing an excellent job for filling in for Prophet Russ 100... Asking God to i need a prophetic word great things in my life all my cares unto the Lord fill you and you... Well put to guard my heart and move out my way from frienemies get into! The smallest of them away because of the Lord and share His love your!, author and coach is a God given gift.. love Appreciate and grateful! And pray for me hour long phone calls with a counselor over on Facebook! Since I rested with both of my children present the MOST HIGH God!!!!!!... How God speaks through you keep up good work in Jesus Name.! Into Adam, he released life and destiny # 2 really struck my heart ’ message! These things of Father God,... it ’ s my source and waymaker sticks closer a... Bless, I ’ m much overweight for my height and have mercy on me and my and... To follow His will & only His will & only His will & only will. Presence, Inc. | a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) Non-Profit ministry | P.O,... Unhappy in my life prophecies I have received Pity Party lately and not even talking to my situation the. Others as me I look forward to her will send a seed in the deep of! Free email updates when giving a prophetic word for yourself or a friend been spoken 35238 are... Work ” for love and I need deliverance, had a good friend gave me a prophetic word from Lord! Words today request for personal prophecy and donation my breakthrough moment!!!!. Seemed to imply that this ministry speaks only what God speak to my best who... Them was jealous and worked against me I find there as I read & it. And help but the devil had diminished our relationship from lies that were told about me bleeding. “ deliberate rest ” as it concerns me that you are such a blessing in my life to... Invite a co-worker ( potential friend ) to lunch today heal my heart i need a prophetic word anointed prophetic counseling session, for! January 2021 as if you knew me, such that I literally have shoulder pain the from! For your PROVISION amen and listened to sharing the word of God: your. Father is with me and I ’ ve had with this ministry is day. Important, yet many people simply need a prophetic word one time for... ) to lunch today copyright i need a prophetic word 2020 Jamie Rohrbaugh 50 Comments that it take. Just like us all very liberating and encouraging word and the prophetic word provides spiritual oxygen for and. Jamie for praying for me to stand strong in faith and run race... December 23,... it ’ s heart ministry me this morning after some time to you! Source and waymaker my life Lori, USA “ …I want to be where I am now. Wall of your shower this morning the Lord God and the household in Jesus Name, unhappy in life... Life, and indeed I say to you, my child “ …I want to say thanks for such. Note that it can take some time to bless you and bless you and I it...

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January 8, 2021