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Family Band’s ‘Moonbeams’ – A Beautiful and Haunting Video

Family Band - Moonbeams 1

Family Band - Moonbeams 2

Family Band - Moonbeams 3

I love this strange and surreal video from the Brooklyn indie-folk outfit Family Band. Directed by Sam Macon, it shows a pair of skeletons share a day together; finding love in the suburbs and put a whole new spin on the phrase “till death do us part”.

It’s a very sweet and spooky video and set against the Family Band’s mournful ballad it feels rather touching. Family Band’s album Grace & Lies was released last July on No Quarter.

Smorgasboard – A Beautifully Illustrated Board Game For Foodies


Steve Simpson - Smorgasboard 2

Steve Simpson - Smorgasboard 3


Steve Simpson - Smorgasboard 4

Smorgasboard is a fantastic new board game for foodies. The aim of the game is to be the first team of chefs to graduate from Rick’s Culinary Academy and achieve gastronomic success! To do this, teams of 2 or more are set a series of challenges which involve tasks like drawing food-related words without letting the pencil leave the paper or spotting the ‘missing ingredient’ in a classic recipe. The game has a great selection of tasks on offer and if you’re a fan of team-based board games then this is certaintly one which is well worth adding to your games cabinet.

What I like most of all about it is how it looks. Illustrated and designed by the Irish-based illustrator Steve Simpson, Smorgasboard is the type of game that really catches your eye. Filled with rich colors, great looking characters and fantastic details, it’s the sort of game which is just perfect for playing with friends that you’ve invited around for dinner. You can find out more about the game (and buy a copy) online here. And also make sure to take a look at Steve’s Behance page where he gives a great insight into the project and shows off the game in all its wonderful detail.

FUD by Elsa Lang


FUD by Elsa Lang 2

“Blanabbas, urngs and purs!” You really just can’t beat some misspelled food. The Portland-based illustrator and designer Elsa Lang agrees and – inspired by the FUD meme – she’s made some fantastic FUD wallpapers. Don’t try and get either of us to explain why misspelled food is so funny… it just is!

Many of you might know Elsa from her work with Always With Honor (where she designs and illustrates with her husband Tyler and their dog Zoe). Her FUD wallpaper was made a few years ago and I just really love it. You can download a copy of it here. If you don’t download it you could end up with agg on your face!

Update: The other day Always With Honor created another great food-related illustration and so I thought I’d tag it on to the end of this post. It’s a portrait of Julia Child, one of Elsa’s favorite people of all time! It’s a great portrait and it really captures the character of Child. You can download it as a phone wallpaper here.

Always With Honor - Julia Child

‘Prolegomenon’ – A Mandala Made Of Food Comes To Life For The Soil & the Sun

'Prolegomenon' video by The Sun & The Soil

“Prolegomenon” – A food mandala comes alive for The Soil & The Sun 1

I love this stop motion animation music video for the experiential spiritual folk-rock band the Soil and the Sun. Animated by It’s just nice., the video was made over the course of 3 days and shows peppers, rice, peanuts, kale, coffee beans and spices all whirling together and forming a beautiful mandala which is used as the cover of the band’s new album What Wonder is this Universe!.

It’s a great little video and the animation is just mind-bogglingly brilliant. You can check out the New-Mexican based band online here.

Food As Fashion – Fulvio Bonavia’s ‘A Matter of Taste’

Fulvio Bonavia’s ‘A Matter of Taste’ c

Fulvio Bonavia’s ‘A Matter of Taste’ a

Fulvio Bonavia’s ‘A Matter of Taste’ b

Fulvio Bonavia’s ‘A Matter of Taste’ d

The Italian advertising and editorial photographer Fulvio Bonavia has created these amazing photographs using food. Taking edible elements he’s turned our daily eats into finely crafted jewelry, handbags, shoes and more. The series – aptly titled A Matter of Taste – is fun, unique and inventive and it’s also incredibly beautiful.

Here we see cauliflowers become bobble hats and watermelons become scooter helmets. Every creation is so clever and every image so beautiful. What I love most about this series is how Bonavia can take the foods we see everyday and cast them in a new light, making us stop and re-appreciate the beauty of the food we eat. You can see more of the series online here or buy a copy of the book. It’s a delicious collection of photographs.

The Fantastically Irreverent Art of Michael Gaughan


half-pipe-scanflattenedlow rez

Lolita compositionlowrez


I recently discovered the work of artist Michael Gaughan after he launched a new site and I really love what he does. The Minnesota-based artist, illustrator and performer creates beautifully made and terrifically witty watercolor paintings that mix parody and satire in a fantastically entertaining way.

Over the years Gaughan has worked for clients such as Andrew WK, American Apparel and Flaunt Magazine. He has also exhibited in cities such as from Rotterdam, New York, LA and Portland. Under the name ICE ROD he performace a project where he freestyle raps on Chatroulette with an audience. Make sure to check that out here and also visit his new site here.

Fantastic illustrations by Luke Best

Luke Best 'Cures of Whale'

Luke Best



I discovered the work of Luke Best just a few days ago when I stumbled across his fantastic pictures illustrating a poetry feature on The New York Times website. Living and working in London, Luke has had an impressive array of clients over they years and he is currently represented in London and New York by Heart Agency. On top of that, he’s also a member of the fantastically talented collective Peepshow Collective.

His illustrations are beautifully crafted images and they often are made from a variety of materials. I love his use of color and the almost lo-fi nature of his collage work. The balance between block colors and texture is perfect and his images are filled with rich mark-making and beautiful lines. It’s very inspiring work! Check out more of it on his website here.

Check out Pulp’s ‘After You’ (Produced by James Murphy)


Since 2013 started all I seem to be listening to is this great new track from Pulp! Given as “a little present” to fans at a recent gig in the band’s hometown of Sheffield, the track is the group’s first release in ten years. Originally demoed back in 2000, the song was recently re-recorded back in November and produced by former LCD Soundsystem’s front-man James Murphy.

The pairing couldn’t be better. Murphy adds a wonderful touch of his quintessential groove to Cockers’ cheeky and charming lyrics and the whole thing is as energetic as it is seductive. The track is a fitting send-off for the band who recently concluded a two-year long reunion tour. It’s sad to see them sail into the sunset, but it’s hard to mourn too much when you’re listening to a song as fun as this.

Atmospheric Street Scenes And Cityscapes By Painter Jeremy Mann





I love these paintings by the American artist Jeremy Mann. His surroundings play an important role in much of his work and many of his painting are inspired by the streets of downtown San Francisco. Mann is an incredibly talented artist and it’s amazing to see him capture such atmosphere, mood and expression simply with a few brushstrokes.

For me, it’s his use of textures that I love. I could easily get lost in the playful way he paints and I imagine his work is even stronger when seen in real life. He’s also an incredibly prolific artist and his website is filled with a huge amount of work covering a broad range of subjects from cityscapes and landscapes to portraits and figurative studies. To see more of his work make sure to visit his website online here.