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Kevin Cooley’s ‘Controlled Burns’ Shows The Beauty Of Fire

Kevin Cooley - Controlled Burn

Controlled Burns is a series of imposing images by the American photographer Kevin Cooley. Consisting of large, swirling clouds of smoke, these photographs are as beautiful as they are dramatic.

For Cooley, these images serve as a metaphor for opposition. “Fire is a powerful natural force that we harness for greater good” he says, “it is the only Classical element that we can create on demand, yet when out of control it has the potential for grave destruction”. At the heart of this series lies a simple duality – we can create fire and yet fire brings destruction.

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Sarah Coote’s ‘Ladies Hat Day’ And Other Paintings

Sarah Coote

There’s something almost shocking about the work of Sarah Coote. All teeth, tan and hand-on-hip poses, her paintings take aim at the clubs, societies and balls frequented by the upper classes. As a painter, Coote is interested in providing a psychological look into the American class structure and the spectacle that it has become.

Her brush strokes are bold, brash and expressive; forming a picture of society which feels warped and aggressive. Take for example her painting ‘Ladies Hat Day I’ (above). Here we see a row of youthful socialites all melded into one large blur of artificial smiles and summer dresses. It’s like haute couture meets Chris Cunningham by way of Elizabeth Peyton. I think it looks great!

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Adam Simpson Illustrates Architecture From Around The Globe

Adam Simpson - Moby - An architectural playlist 1

Last November Nowness asked Moby to curate a playlist which twined music with buildings. The resulting piece was accompanied by some beautiful illustrations by the London-based illustrator Adam Simpson and I feel he really did an excellent job of combining Moby’s musical selections with his architectural choices.

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‘Love Letters’ – Metronomy Team-Up With Michel Gondry For A New Music Video

Metronomy - Love Letters

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new music video from Michel Gondry. In fact, the French directors last dabble in the world of music promos was for Björk’s track “Crystalline” all the way back in 2011. Fortunately Gondry has returned, this time teaming-up with English four-piece Metronomy to bring his own distinctive vision to their new single “Love Letters”.

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Architecture and Love Meet in Giordano Poloni’s Illustrations

Climbing in Love - Giordano Poloni 1

Two of my favourite things are architecture and illustration so it’s no wonder that I love these illustrated buildings by the Italian illustrator Giordano Poloni. Giordano currently lives and works in Milan where he creates both illustrations and motion-graphics for clients such as WIRED, Random House, Vice Magazine and Smith Journal. These images come from an ongoing series called “Climbing in Love” which Giordano describes as “a personal series about architecture and love stories”.

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Eleni Kalorkoti Illustrates a Cemetery with Sweetness and Tenderness

Australian Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Eleni Kalorkoti 1

Recently Eleni Kalorkoti was asked to create some brochure illustrations for the Australian Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and the resulting work is just perfect. While some illustrators might find it challenging to get the right tone for a series of illustrations about cemeteries, Eleni manages to get it just right, showing a perfect balance of tenderness and delicacy with both sweetness and consideration.

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Jon Burgerman gets shot in the head to highlight violence in advertisements

Jon Burgerman - Headshot

You probably already know the work of illustrator Jon Burgerman. His idiosyncratic pictures are fun, playful and instantly recognizable. Filled with bright colors, cute smiles and vibrant characters, they almost feel a world removed away from this small project he’s currently working on. Called Headshot, these images show Jon seconds after he has been shot in the head by an advertisement. The resulting images are as striking as they are entertaining and the series works really well.

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Daniel Seung Lee explores the texture and form of flowers

Daniel Seunglee

Daniel Seunglee

This striking series of photographs comes from photographer Daniel Seung Lee. Entitled Corolla, the work consists of simple still-lifes yet by removing the colour in each of the images they become far more interesting and engaging. “[Corolla] is a study on the texture and form of flowers” says Seung Lee and through these dark and subtle pictures he highlights the beauty that exists in each of these plants.

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Lively Mid-Century Style Illustrations by Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly is an Irish illustrator who lives and works in Dublin. Strongly influenced by 1950’s modern design, his work is inventive, bright and cheerful. Frequently his images feature lively scenes, with each one bustling with interesting characters and lively action. There’s a great harmony to his compositions and I love the vibrant energy in his work.

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