Curious Design From Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Dylan Davis and Jean Lee founded their Seattle-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio in 2010. Though their products encompass everything from furniture and decorative objects to  jewelry and lighting, every piece is conceived via curiosity and exploration. I’m wild about their current collection—the Maru/Mirage Series—though it’s hard not to be enamored with each and every piece they create be it a super streamlined copper, wood, and felt chair or a wind chime made of metal tubes and broken ceramics.

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July 30, 2013 / By

Wearable Graphics from Red Brick

Red Brick North scarves

I was at an art show in an old bookstore in York, England, when I spied a girl wearing a curious scarf. When I stopped to ask her what the graphic was, she unfurled it to reveal the most lively and detailed illustration of Coney Island. Rarely have I come across an item of clothing that I’d frame, but this was frame-worthy. Later that evening, I met the maker of the scarf, Karen Mabon, who runs her own Yorkshire-based scarf and accessories line, Red Brick.

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July 29, 2013 / By

Imaginative Food Styling by Andrea Bricco

Andrea Bricco food photography

I’m all about playing with your food, specifically when its for photographic purposes. Los Angeles-based food and lifestyle photographer Andrea Bricco has a family history steeped in food. And though her work is more serious (and seriously beautiful) in nature, her food styling projects are another story. With a client list that includes everyone from GQ and Los Angeles magazine to chef conglomerates like Wolfgang Puck, her unusual work stands out in the saturated field of lifestyle photography.

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July 25, 2013 / By

The Surreal 3D World of Maiko Gubler

About Making Architecture illustration by Maiko Gubler

The work of Maiko Gubler is awesome. I know that sounds like a cliche word to use in a serious post about a serious artist, but if awesome is about being in awe of something that is inspiring, terrific, and extraordinary, then that’s what Gubler’s artwork is to me. Based in Berlin, Gubler is both a visual artist and an art director who sculpts textural pieces using virtual 3D technology. The results are counfounding.

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July 23, 2013 / By

A Persistent System: A New Video Showcasing Vitsœ’s Timeless Design

Vitsoe shelving system

“Living better, with less, that lasts longer.” These are the words of Mark Adams used to reiterate the ethos of Vitsœ, the enduring design company of which he is managing director. We continue to applaud—and desperately covet—the classic designs envisioned by industrial designer Dieter Rams which inspired the conception of the company founded by Niels Vitsœ and Otto Zapf. Not only are they representative of good design (as in the tenets of his design principles which cite that products be innovative, useful, unobtrusive, and long-lasting), they continue to be of use to us in the 21st century.

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July 22, 2013 / By

‘Moving’: A Stunning Music Film for Travis by Wriggles & Robins

'Moving' by Travis directed by Wriggles & Robins

It should be noted that we are fans of the directing duo Wriggles and Robins, aka Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson. Bobby first posted about Wrigglesworth’s (with Mathiew Cuvelier) short film, Le Mer de Pianos, back in 2011, and we’ve all continued to anticipate new work ever since. Thus, when W&R’s latest piece of cinematic magic hit our inboxes, we were gleefully flabbergasted as it involved projected animation, warm breath, and the band Travis—not exactly a combination you can easily visualize—and the results are absolutely stunning. We spoke to the duo to find out more.

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July 18, 2013 / By

Prismatic Sculpture by Phillip Low

Phillip Low sculptures

Phillip Low acrylic sculpture

I remember first encountering prisms in my youth. There was something about the refraction of light and ability to make rainbows dance along the walls that made a seemingly simple object magical. Prismatic shapes continue to be a source of inspiration for artists, but it’s rare to see actual prisms rendered so beautifully as those created by Phillip Low. Constructed out of Perspex and acrylic, their bold color and geometric shapes exist as rainbows of light within themselves.

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July 17, 2013 / By

Collaged Worlds by Natalie Nicklin

Natalie Nicklin collage

From found images to layered spheres and pyramids, artist Natalie Nicklin creates otherworldly escapes through her graphic design. Though her clients range from New Scientist to Urban Outfitters, her work recalls pop culture moments from another dimension. And while she hints at the retro and nods towards the whimsical, there’s something entirely modern about her vision.

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