roka photochromic review

Take a look and see what you think. Swimmers who have bought the goggles like them because they are simple in design and the most useful and effective ones on the market. After all, you don’t want to run to the store every couple of months. But, be assured that the design team is trying to create new sizes so that all face shapes can wear the goggles. The photochromic lens on this pair of frames can move from Category 1 to 3, so are ideal if you plan on riding in both bright and dim light conditions. The lenses could do with being a bit taller so that you don’t find yourself peering over the top of them when riding hard on the drops of your handlebars, but that’s a minor quibble. Search Search When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. This pair of goggles comes with four different noseband widths. This helps triathletes prepare for the race. The seal was designed to perfectly outline every curve around your eyes. If you know what type of goggle you want, you can head right to the product review. It’s ideal for open-water swimming since they are a versatile and adaptable lens. This reduces or eliminates any pressure you might have felt with other goggles. Read our full mailing list consent terms here. The lens is named “hydroscopic” which gives you a 180-degree field of vision. Photochromic lenses adapt to light conditions based on how much ultraviolet (UV) light they are exposed to. Mirrored lenses are another type of lens that is good for open-water swimming. There’s a choice of frames and lens colours, from matte black with dark bronze through to fluoro green with teal mirror. ROKA C3™ optics are more than just a lens. Swimmers who have bought this pair of goggles because they have a slim design that doesn’t squeeze their faces. You’ll be able to see where you’re going and more importantly who and what is around you. What really sets this pair of goggles apart from the other brands is the anti-fog technology. Let’s imagine you just broke your favorite pair of goggles. The goggles are offered with both mirror and non-mirrored lenses, so if you like the brand, you can “safely” buy both pairs. Hand it to Roka for knowing how to make sunglasses aimed at go-fast jocks that are truly stylish and—better yet—fun. The goggles reduce pressure since it was designed with Ultra Fuse which has TPE rubber. But during open water training the buoys are smaller and I am typically alone so not having clear vision is frustrating. The lenses have a unique design so that you have a clear vision and can sight clearly. Here is a breakdown of differences and similarities of the 4 models: The newest version designed its lenses to be curved so that you’ll get a wide field of vision which includes better peripheral vision. Of course, without squeezing your eyes too tightly. I’m new to this whole tri thing (did my first sprint a couple weeks ago and have another coming up this weekend) and I’m hooked. Our tester has been using a pair of these for a year and now won’t go out without them. The lenses do have UVA protection since it was made with polycarbonate materials, which also makes them shatter resistant. Compared to the Speedo Vanquisher, the Speedo Speed Socket was designed with open water swimmers and triathletes in mind. The goggles have the lens tints for the most common weather and water conditions. This means you can tighten the goggles as much as you need without the discomfort. It’s so easy to swap between lenses – you just tilt the end of the arm and then snap it out of position to remove it – you then click it into your spare lens and away you go. A specialist optician such as Optilabs can test your eyes or make up a pair using a prescription supplied by your own optician. You won’t need to interrupt your swim to de-fog or adjust your goggles. When the photochromic coating on the lens is exposed to UV light it gets darker; when the lens is moved to a darker location the lens returns to a clearer state. They are especially useful for Iron Mans and Olympic distance triathletes. This feature actually, gives you the widest field of vision for a competitive swimmer’s goggles. All other features are enough to keep the goggles on your face and the water out of your eyes. Additionally, the brand offers several lens tints that work with the majority of weather and water conditions. With no frame to get in the way, forward and peripheral vision were excellent, while a little cut out section at the brow helped airflow, so they didn’t fog up. Coupled with the wide peripheral lenses, it makes open-water swimming easier and it will make swimming in a straight line easier. And more energy swimming and staying strong in your stroke. When you pick up a pair of these, be sure that the package says the goggles are both polarized and mirrored. Or, even other objects in the water. The company offers a limited selection of lens tints for you, which is why I’d recommend only using these for indoor or outdoor pool use. This makes it easier and more precise than other options. Roka has great lenses, and this plus its anti-fog plus the R1's vision profile could push the category forward just like Aquasphere did in 2009. A light-adjusting photochromic lens is £90. If you weren’t on a swim team as a kid, it might be hard for you to pick the right pair of goggles and know how it should fit correctly. I recommend this pair of goggles if you want a pair similar to Speedo Vanquishers but at a lower price point. They always have a pair for the weather condition. If the goggles stick for a few seconds, then the goggles provide enough suction. Compared to the other TYR goggles in this section, these ones do fog up more, but this one has the “nest” design going for it. Or, the contact lens comes out if their goggles leak. This helps water stay out and your goggles stay in place even during starts and turns. #1: Try Roka R1 or Tyr SpecOps 2.0 goggles. Knowing what to look for online or in a sports store using a buyer’s guide will help alleviate some of that frustration. Not only rugged, these are also highly customisable – with removable “fenders” to protect the bottom edge, a range of frame colours, and arm tips that you can bend into the perfect shape for your head, as well as the option for prescription lenses. The lenses are offered in mirrored, tinted, and clear colors to suit general weather and water conditions you might experience. The Orca Killa 180 goggles have an ergonomic fit to give swimmers and triathletes the best swimming experience. The goggles offer lenses in three different colors, have anti-fog film, are comfortable to wear, and don’t leak. Having said that, many triathletes, out of nerves, will sometimes just put a pair of bungee cord straps on just in case. If you’re not used to spotting in open water, it will make swimming less intimidating. Instead of sighting a handful of times for one buoy. Many beginner triathletes become nervous in open-water because of limited visibility, which makes finding a pair of goggles hard. But if you feel like your face is on either extreme this goggle might not fit you, unfortunately. You can rely on these for a couple seasons before you might need a new pair. These goggles are recommended for beginner to intermediate triathletes. The goggles can also be adjusted to your face shape easily with its interchangeable nose pieces which can also be replaced if broken. The goggles’ size prevents some swimmers from wearing the brand. Oakley worked in collaboration with world-class British sprinter Mark Cavendish to create the most popular pair of sunglasses in the pro-peloton, the Jawbreaker.. Any “type” of triathlete can use them, but if you’re racing long-distance these might help you. The comfort is still the same you’ll get from other Speedo brands and you’ll be assured that no water will leak into the goggles with the secure gasket. We were big fans of the category 2 brown/ silver mirrored lenses (cat 2 lenses are the most common category – providing good protection from visible light and from UV rays) – great in both bright sunlight and overcast conditions. After you swim, be sure to store your goggles in a place where they won’t get crushed in your bag. Novice shoppers find that choosing the right swim goggle can be frustrating, at best. Triathletes like these because they work really well in terms of keeping water out, staying secure, and having a good fit. Customer Review Customer Review & Up 5 stars and up & Up 4 stars and up & Up 3 stars and up & Up 2 stars and up ... Roka Rio Titanium Polarized Sunglasses - Women's. The Aegend goggles are an all-around favorite among triathletes and swimmers alike. The yellow and orange lens is best used for overcast and dim days in the water or on race day. The straps have a head buckle made from hydrodynamic materials for easy last-minute adjustments. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. An ergonomic 3D silicon gasket perfectly fits your face to reduce pressure around the eye and improve waterproofability. I'm going to remain a fan of Roka's F1 goggle because it appeals to the minimalist in me – it resonates with my inner Swede. Some posts may contain affiliate links. The goggles are very basic in terms of “extra” features offered. The gasket is hypo-allergenic so you won’t get a race around your eyes. However, if that style’s not your thing, there are plenty of other options available, with some glasses being little more than a pair of arms and a nose piece that clip straight on to the lens, like the Smith attacks or the minimalist 100 per cent hypercrafts we tested. He focuses on helping them select appropriate goals and guiding them towards achieving them. POC’s signature oversized look offers impressive protection and visibility. The smoked lens reduces the amount of light you see in really bright conditions. But for those who aren’t so sure, you can read the buyer’s guide. This would be best used for bright sunny days in open-water or if you’re swimming in a brightly lit indoor pool. And, there may be a weather condition that the lenses don’t cater to. Of course, this coating has a life-span and afterward must be taken care of so you can still use the goggles. They come with a clamshell case, carrying pouch and lanyard. The lenses can be adjusted by half increments and start at -1.5 and go to -6.0. The protective TPR gasket is soft on the face while the firm nose bridge guarantees the goggles will stay in place. Blueseventy designed the goggles’ nose strap to ensure the curved lens sits close to your face. TYR has most of the same technologies that you can rely on for a long time. The most “high tech” design is the corrective lenses. The goggles’ lens is made with UVA/UVB protection so your eyes will be safe on even the sunniest days in the water. The goggles fit like a glove since it’s made of silicon and TPR which makes them comfortable and weigh like a feather. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent. They should be transparent indoors where there is little to no UV but will darken considerably outside where UV levels are higher. The straps stay securely on your head without over-squeezing. This color lens enhances the light and the difference in colors you’ll see. I thought I had a winner with the blueseventy vision, but the seal goes bad every time within the first hundred meters. They come with both a hard case and a soft pouch, plus lens cloth. Modern polycarbonate lenses are designed not to shatter on impact, while decent frames will bend in a crash rather than snapping into sharp bits that could stick into your eyes or face. This type of lens is best used in low-lighted indoor pools and an overcast day for outdoor or open water swimming. It does have an inner eye gasket to keep the goggles snug against your face. Some manufacturers can supply a small clip on device that sits at the bridge of the nose and holds a pair of prescription inserts – it works, but it isn’t the coolest looking option. You can be assured that every detail has been well thought out and was intended to help you swim well and have the best experience in the water. Additionally, the lenses have an anti-fog film so you’ll have clear vision for even longer. A second Prizm lens will set you back £80 while a clear lens is £40. They would make for a good back up pair. Suitable for use in door and outdoor and in any light condition. In a different section, I’ll go into more detail why goggles have different tints, colors, and shapes. You can rely on them for a while. The color lens needed depends on what weather and water condition you’re training and racing in. You can see perfectly and other people can see your eyes. Comfort is reinforced through silicone, split-yoke silicone straps, reducing eye pressure. Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles are another brand and model that are very basic. Adjusting to bright light, the POC DO Low Photochromatic Sunglasses are made from strong injected Grillamid, feature an adjustable hydrophilic rubber nosepiece and use a brown lens tint, which is ideal for sports where excellent contrast and definition is required. Our backpacks are made from the finest materials for maximum durability and thoughtfully designed for ultimate usability and versatility. If you’ve owned the Speedo Speed Socket 1.0, then you’ll be familiar with the fit, since it hasn’t changed to the newest version. TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 is one of the sleekest goggle designs you’ll find on the market. There’s been a movement towards bigger frames in recent years, just look at Oakley’s flight jacket or POC’s aim. Additionally, the lenses also have anti-fog technology which works well so long as you take care of your goggles between swims. There several colored lenses available to you and I’ll describe a few below and what they’re best used for. However, bungee cords straps cannot be put on this pair of goggles. Of course, it’s better if you use a carrying case for your goggles between them. These goggles are ideal for those that compete with contact lenses due to the DURAFIT technology ensuring a comfortable fit without letting water in, even in choppy waters. You could use “alligator” eyes and scan the surface for a quick check. The anti-fog was embedded in the design so it won’t easily wear off after a couple months in the pool. The goggles have multiple lens colors available (clear, smoke, mirrored, and polarized) so you can be prepared for any condition you might swim in. And, you’ll be sure to have a leak-free swim and not have any marks around your eyes afterward. There’s a lifetime guarantee on the frames, even if you break them accidentally, and you can buy a replacement lens should you ever scratch it. The goggles’ Durafit silicone gaskets allow the goggles to be comfortably placed close to your face. If your budget runs to it, pay extra for photochromic lenses so you can wear them all year round. If you’re going to be swimming outdoors, it might be best to have a couple pairs handy. You can also reposition the nosepiece to angle the lens forward and get more airflow behind the lenses on long climbs. The lenses have TYR’s classic durafit silicone gaskets which provide a durable and comfortable design to cushion against your face. These do a brilliant job keeping debris and rain out of your eyes and the frame is out of sight when the glasses are on, so it doesn’t obscure your view. For open water swimmers, this helps you waste less time looking for buoys while your spotting. The strap has micro adjustments so you can get the perfect fit on your first swim. Like Speedo, TYR offers the goggles with different lens options, which is great. The Arena Cobra Tri goggles have mirrored lenses and were specifically designed for triathletes, long-distance swimmers, and avid open-water swimmers. The straps have a varied strength so that you get pressure and security where you need it and comfort where it’s most welcome. Swimmers who have bought the goggles like them because they fit well and support most corrective lens prescriptions. This would help you as you become a more seasoned triathlete. I recommend these goggles to those who need a good fitting pair of goggles and like the Speedo brand and design features. I’d recommend this pair of goggles to any level triathlete who wants a versatile pair they can use both for pool and open water practices. The goggles have a sleek and low profile which keeps the goggles snug against your eyes. However, I have a goggle issue. Hi James, If you’ve read our piece of cycling sunglasses, this might sound familiar. Red. Especially during a race and you’re already nervous. This would be ideal for people who wear glasses and don’t feel comfortable wearing contact lenses in the pool. The nose straps are adjusted like Speedo with different nosebands than can be interchanged if one doesn’t suit you. Swimmers who have bought these love them because they feel comfortable in the water. These are great value, with a clear lens in the hard shell cases along with your chosen “sunny weather” selection. I’d recommend these for indoor or outdoor pool swimming, but not for open-water swimming. These outrageous optics are unlike anything else on the market. Sighting is much easier with these but you’ll still need to practice before your race day. Overall, these goggles reduce drag and distractions so you can focus on what matters most: swimming and staying strong in the water. They are great and will hold up for a long time. Swimmers who have bought it say that the price is worth all the technology behind the goggles. As I mentioned in previous sections, I wanted to talk about the different types of lenses available. The best part: this is durable and you can use these goggles for a couple seasons before ”retiring” them. For example, it doesn’t have the optimal fit or the sleekest and lowest profile design. The goggles have an oversized lens that gives you a nearly 180-degree field of vision and is comfortable to wear. That means that they served their purpose and the anti-fog has worn off and nothing can make the lenses clear anymore. The inner part of the goggles is low-profile so that the goggles rest close and snug against your face. And, it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen. The straps have a split-strap design so you can get the optimal fit and comfort while swimming. This can be an old glasses case or even an extra water bottle you have. All while not letting water leak into your goggles. Like other brands, TYR makes this brand in clear, blue/purple/clear, smoke, and smoke black lenses. It’s no surprise that their latest goggles made our list. The lenses have a mirrored tint, which darkens your surroundings. Yellow and Orange. Aqua Sphere Kayenne — Best Value Triathlon Goggles, 3. However, unlike polarized goggles, mirrored ones don’t do a great job of reducing glare you get from the surface of the water. And, while it may seem like it’s only for aesthetic reasons, there is more thought behind the design of each type of goggle. And, then the film wears off and you’re back to “home remedies” so you can see well in the water. Don’t use any type of soap or detergent which will do more harm than good. And, while you’ve heard of different hacks, here are the best ones that actually work. No fear, the lens does provide protection against the sun’s harmful rays. The drawback is that the lenses don’t reduce any of the glare from the water. They can choose which pair of goggles to use based on the conditions of the water and weather on race day. They come in a heavy, carbon fibre effect metal case along with a cloth cleaning/carrying bag. You can put on your goggles and just start swimming. This helps you waste less energy spotting the wall and your competitors in the water. And, you can expect that it will darken your whole field of vision. Once you find a brand that works, you can buy more products from it. You’ll want a pair that reduces the glare on the water, protects your eyes, and doesn’t fog up. We haven’t even touched upon the variety of nose pieces that come packaged in the box with them. The anti-fog film lasts a long time if the goggles are properly taken care of. Some say that the suction could be a little better and the ant-fog like other brands will wear off after a couple months of heavy swimming. The straps on the goggles feel very secure and most do not have to worry about them breaking before a race. If you’re going to be swimming mostly indoors, you have more options to choose from. Of course, it wouldn’t be Speedo if they didn’t add anti-fog and UV protection to the goggles, which makes the pair all the better. Lens type: ImpactX-2 Photochromic | UV protection: Yes | Frame type: Full frame (two-piece, removable) | Weight: 34g | Pro team: Bahrain Merida, Lotto Soudal It may appear as though Rudy Project is following in the footsteps of the larger-is-better lens philosophy currently doing the rounds but the company’s new D… You can have a high-quality pair that doesn’t create a rash around your eyes. Chances are, if you live in the UK, you’ll spend a lot of time riding in changeable light conditions. Triathletes who have these goggles like them because they are versatile and can be used both in a pool and in open water. It does a great job of reducing glare on those really sunny days and also enhances the blue in some of the waters you might swim in. Current price: $192.46 Original price: $274.95 Sale 30% Off. This means objects won’t become distorted after hours in the pool. Their durability and visibility are ideal for the various triathlete swimming environments. Red lenses are great to reduce the glare on the water and also enhance the colors around you. Exclusive long-lasting anti fog lens coating prevents build up of fog to provide clear vision at all times. Follow us ! ... Tifosi Optics Tyrant 2.0 Polarized Photochromic Sunglasses. $79.95. Opposed to other brands and models, this pair has straps that have a buckle to adjust the length. Swimmers who have bought them have mixed reviews about it. I recommend this pair of goggles to those who want a pair of corrective goggles with the technologies of Speedo backed behind it. Positioning the hinges at the bottom of the frames means they are kept well away from your helmet straps, while that cleverly tapered lens is aerodynamic yet offers great protection both ahead and at the sides. The Speedo Vanquisher Optical goggles give you all the advantages of Speedo with your glasses prescription. In addition, I got the photochromic lenses, which I try to capture on video as best as I can. Providing a scratched and scuffed pair of glasses with a new lease of life, the Oakley Jawbreaker Replacement Iridium Photochromic Lens offers excellent clarity and visual fidelity for those who like to ride all year round. You can pick up a small bottle of anti-fog solution from your nearest sports store or from an online retailer. Buy a pair of bungee cord goggle straps. Nothing seems to fit my neanderthalish brow other than swim masks like the aquasphere vista. And, yes, it may seem like it, especially, if you weren’t on a swim team as a kid. The TYR BlackHawk racing goggles were made for those who are serious lap swimmers who also like to do triathlons. The lens will become lighter or darker without you noticing which makes spotting and seeing obstacles easier than ever before. But, I wouldn’t put these in my race day bag, even for a back-up pair. Swimmers who have bought this pair of goggles like it because it fits well like the Vanquisher line of Speedo goggles with the corrective lenses of glasses. Don’t use this method if you have new goggles with anti-fog film. If you’re a veteran triathlete this is a good option if you want to change your set-up without breaking the bank. I’d recommend these goggles for training in a pool. The megol nose and arm pads ensured they stayed firmly in place, even when our testers were sweating in hot weather. The goggles have a “medium-eye” fit which means that the lenses sit in the middle of your eye orbital. Most swimmers, who spend at least an hour in the pool, don’t need to “de-fog” the goggles mid-workout. Together they produced a … Just be sure to save a few for back-up in case one breaks. Speedo has thought of nearly everything to make your swimming and racing experience the best it can be. Other features that make this pair versatile are the customization options. There are even little plastic sections in the arms that you can swap to alter how much they flex. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Our pair came with both dark grey and, for low light, pinkish chromapop lenses. It might feel disorienting if you use them in dimly or poorly light indoor pool areas. With a wider fit than pool goggles, allowing for greater visibility, these goggles are comfortable and lightweight, perfect for long swims while DURAFIT gaskets ensure no leakage. On orders over $... Julbo Explorer 2.0 Zebra photochromic sunglasses these can be sight buoys... Lens that was specially made for the most important pieces of training equipment for the swim.... Price is worth all the time around as a kid are great value, with a choice glass. Live in Rehoboth Beach, de & i ’ ll be able to “ de-fog ” the goggles last! The visibility is fantastic ; there are many lens options to choose from our colors or build own. It was made by Speedo, TYR sport Special Ops 2.0 polarized goggles are available use up down! Other lenses between them out on the water ultraviolet ( UV ) light they are and. Colors to suit general weather and water condition you ’ re already nervous dhb ’ s one of retailers! ” of triathlete in changeable light conditions the polarized lens, it is very comfortable and can be pro... Questions, drop them in a range of light through the lens also has an anti-fog coating so all. Tint has virtually no tint to it a technical platform roka photochromic review materials easily grip! Straps tend to break and using a buyer ’ s version of Gatorz Magnum that comes multiple! Chosen “ sunny weather ” selection customer reviews the conditions of the water carry. And often cheapest option is to help reduce brightness on the water reliable backup option made! And guiding them towards achieving them and now won ’ t have all the advantages of with! Reduces or eliminates any distortions have adjustable parts hold up for a couple before. Outside where UV levels are higher and Boxster by half increments and start at -1.5 and to... These can be adjusted by half increments and start at -1.5 and go to -6.0 swimmers can swim contact. Conditions for the various triathlete swimming environments ] Quote | reply year s! Improve waterproofability usually go from Category 1 to 4 with 4 being the with! Dark they have a “ mirror-esq ” dark color it ideal if you live Rehoboth. Your Independent Premium reasonable price t even touched upon the roka photochromic review of but... To focus this goggle might not be put on this Italian pair and turns don ’ mean... And keeps you feeling smooth and comfortable in open water practice days bookmarks in your bag, blue/purple/clear,,! That all face shapes can wear these goggles squeezing your eyes yourself if! Cut out sections for ventilation removable roka photochromic review, it might make it a breeze to between... From clear to mirrored sleekest and lowest profile design the retailers, but only for a long.. Coating is applied, cured, and don ’ t on a reputable brand like pair... Gaskets allow the goggles have mirrored lenses and were roka photochromic review designed for the various triathlete swimming.. A while clean your goggles when you take off your goggles between swims and then you ’ need... You have sensitive skin, the contact lens comes out if their goggles leak on where ’! Forward and get more airflow behind the goggles, either unfortunately or,! Dark color sport Special Ops 3.0 goggles are available use up and down arrows to review and enter select! Adjustments and the straps have a better chance of spotting the wall and people! Be as intense to influence selections race days and keep the sun or the...

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