Casa Bosques melds chocolate with design, creating delicious results

For the past six months I’ve been working out how I can combine my love of design with my passion for food. I started a pop-up brasserie called Le Filou with my buddy Nate Isreal, which was fun and successful, and makes me want try more ambitious efforts. Then I see inspiring works like Casa Bosques, a chocolate project from Savvy Studio, which makes me really want do make some left-field works.

The guiding concept behind Casa Bosques is to bring each project to its maximum capacity and expression. This is why Each CBB project is carefully manufactured using high quality raw materials. Collaborators are thoughtfully selected; Casa Bosques looks for experts that are passionate about their specialties, and also feel motivated by the constant search for perfection. Casa Bosques Chocolates is our first project in the entity, a collaboration with the master chocolatier Jorge Llanderal. Twelve different editions will be produced, one every season.

Casa Bosques Chocolate

The packaging design is exquisitely minimal, with playfully laid type set in a sans and monospace variety. I love the square image as the containing device for information, which is used again as a full-bleed print on the inside of the packaging. It imparts a touch of personality and a hint of context to what the flavor of the chocolate is.

Casa Bosques Chocolate and Apartmento collaboration

These fun details extend even further with the collaborations they’ve done, such as the one above with lifestyle magazine apartamento. The bar was made in honor of the magazine’s 10 year anniversary, and in true apartamento form, features a photo of a toilet taken by Katarina Šoški?. On the inside is the trademark pattern that adorns the side of the magazine which really makes this feel like a perfect, honest collaboration.

Speaking to the flavors, they’ve picked some really unique takes like Shiitake Mushroom and Puffed Quinoa, or the Pink Peppercorn which I’ve bought. Pink pepper has a delightfully mild, slightly floral flavor to it, and paired with the dark chocolate, makes for a winning combination.

You can splurge on a few bars for yourself by clicking here.

December 19, 2018