Florence, an intimate love story experienced through a game

Florence,  an intimate love story experienced through a game

I remember my twenties as a very exciting but often frustrating time. I began to feel like the real me, the person I always wanted to be, but it was oftentimes fraught with frustration, self-doubt, and a steady stream of relationships that didn’t seem to go anywhere. So a game like Florence, if a game is really even the right word for it, strikes a chord with me, and I’m sure many others.

You experience the world of Florence Yeoh, a women in her twenties who feels a bit stuck in her daily routine. That is until she hears encounters Krish, a cello player performing in the park, and their relationship begins to unfold. The story is straightforward, but the experience that the team at Mountains has created truly makes you feel involved in Florence and Krish’s time together. From the App Store review:

There is a subtle beauty to Florence. This poignant love story intertwines a succinct narrative with smart interaction design to create moments of surprising emotional weight. Conversations are turned into puzzles that evolve as the characters’ moods shift. Memories fade into focus like old Polaroid photos. The way you touch the screen becomes just as important as the plot, which makes for a story you want to steer as well as follow.

What should also be mentioned is the brilliant art style of the game, which was led by Ken Wong. It gives the experience such a warm and inviting feeling, one that you might experience in a graphic novel or a web comic. The simplified color palette is also a really nice touch.

You can download Florence for iPhone and iPad (coming to Android soon) by clicking here.

Florence,  an intimate love story experienced through a game

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