Spotted: York freshens up their branding

New branding and logo for York - Peppermint Patties - Hershey

I stopped by the store last night for some much needed “post-airport craziness” bubbly wine, and I was waiting in line at the register I happened to notice a new logo and branding for York. You know, the Hershey company that makes peppermint patties.

The mark is a really nice evolution from the previous version, but what I specifically love about it is how the lettering mimics the look of the peppermint icing inside of a peppermint pattie. If you’ve ever taken a half bite of one of these the icing tends to be slightly stringy and a little messy, and the mark does a great job of mimicking that physical quality of the candy (quite literally in fact at the end of the circle container around the logo).

The letter forms themselves are way more elegant and considered. The old Y is kind of a hot mess balance-wise, with the over inflated upper and shrunken descender. The O to the R has a really nice playfulness, the K flows nicely into the circular container around it now, and I’m a big fan of the Y descending down and out of the blue container lozenge. Getting rid of the “Get the sensation!” tagline really helped the overall lock-up as it provides a lot of great negative space above and below the logo, giving it a much more elevated feeling overall.

New branding and logo for York - Peppermint Patties - Hershey

As you can see in the gross, conveyer belt photo I took above, they don’t seem to be printing that distracting dot pattern on the package which I think is a plus. I thought it was helpful to see how the metallic package is really quite striking with the pop of royal blue, and how the white of the logo has a nice contrast with the blue.

Overall, this is a beautifully refined word mark/focused branding effort that most consumers won’t notice, but clearly it’s remarkable enough for me to notice at a busy check stand. Now the big question: Anyone know who did the work? I’d love to be able to credit them! Email me if you have details.

February 20, 2018