Brian Lotti paints the feeling of Southern California

It’s hump day, I’m in Milan, and honestly I have so few worries (except for how much my feet hurt from all this walking, first world problems). With that in mind I thought I’d post something that matches my current state of mind: chill.

Brian Lotti, for a great portion of his life, was known for being an exceptional technical street skater, meaning he could do tricks no one else had even thought of. But then a series of injuries came along and he decided to focus on the arts, like film-making, and for the purpose of this post, fine art.

What I love about his paintings is that they showcase the vibe of Southern California but in a beautifully abstract way. Washy swathes of greens and oranges become trees and murky greys and blues become the asphalt, the sky, the mountains.

April 5, 2017