Link Harvest

1/ LA based NotNeutral has teamed up with NY’s Cooper Hewitt museum for a collection of tabletop pieces decorated in a bevy of beautiful patterns. I bought the Amsel tray while in Palm Springs and am loving it.

2/ Flynn McGarry is a 16 year old chef who the restaurant world loves to hate. He recently spoke to NY Mag about all the haterade being served, stating, “Yes, people have worked really hard and have had really shitty lives. But why does that struggle have to be the norm? Why is it that having a terrible life, missing all of your family events, being treated like shit for ten years — why is that the mark of being a chef? It just makes you bitter.” Good for you kid, fuck ’em.

3/ If lattes are no longer doing it for you it might be time to take it up a notch with “nitro coffee”. Essentially it’s injecting nitrogen into the coffee which gives it a smooth, creamy taste and fizzy beer-esque look. Eater has a great rundown on the new trend.

4/ I’m pretty excited for the next season of Mind of a Chef featuring Gabrielle Hamilton, chef and owner of Prune in NY. The season will have a different tone as Hamilton wrote every episode, trying to capture the not so glamorous life of a chef, which means she won’t be “sitting around blow torching the boule.”

5/ Manual labor is starting to dwindle around certain crops, think asparagus or sweet cherries, that are difficult to pick. That’s where the robots come in.

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