Link Harvest

1/ If you know me at all you know of my love of the Blue Hawaiian, a perfect tiki drink for sipping while you sit and roast in the Palm Springs sun. Munchies has a look a the history of the drink as well as a simple recipe to convert you to the blue side.

2/ Knives are one of those things we tend to take for granted. So watching Bob Kramer make a knife, well, that’s like watching art happen. I had no idea a good knife took so many huge machines.

3/ In most cultures it’s fashionable to wear leather, so why not wear jewelry made of entrails and intestines? I know, it’s a tough sell, but you have to admit that Studio Gutedort does makes this concept very intriguing.

4/ This list of 10 bizarre, “body-based” drinks is pretty intense, consisting of drinks made with ingredients like beard yeast, stag semen, and smoked goat brains. I’ll stick to a plain ol’ Manhattan…

5/ As a solution to an invasive iguana problem, Puerto Ricans are promoting the lizards as a new type of exotic food. These little green guys “smells like fish, feels like chicken, and looks like red meat.”

6/ Vanity Fair has a behind-the-scenes look at the largest cheese fair in the U.S. 38 judges grade up to 50 cheeses a day, looking at things like well-distributed veining, cracks, and curdiness. How do I get this job?

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