Link Harvest

1/ Is finding the right condom challenging? Taiwan designer Guan-Hao Pan has created a series of condoms based on the, *ahem*, girths, of various fruits and vegetables, ensuring the right fit. Beware, much like produce, a wrong choice could result in a bruised ego.

2/ Shake Ramen, a new LA food truck, is reinventing traditional Japanese abura soba. They’re sealing the noodles, sauce, a protein, and other yummy sides into boba cups which you shake, then enjoy.

3/ Love space? Love wine? This NAPA t-shirt is made for you. The detail of the cork-shaped comet really nails it.

4/ I have a huge amount of respect for Andrew Zimmern and what he does. This interview with Munchies he did while traveling through Oaxaca highlights exactly why.

5/ If you feel like coffee making is a mystical, dark art then perhaps you should check out this Blue Bottle Skillshare class? BB Director of Traning Michael Phillips has an hour worth of videos teaching how to make a basic cup of joe to move advanced, barista-y shit.

6/ Fellow resident has a lovely interview with Beau Ciolino about his site Probably This, his work as a food blogger, and all the things he loves about his hometown of New Orleans.

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