Joanna Newsom’s music video for “Sapokanikan”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Joanna Newsom - "Divers" album art

After 5 years (how does the time pass so quickly?!) Joanna Newsom is back with a new album this fall, October 23, titled Divers. Kicking off the release is a new music video for the song “Sapokanikan”, directed by auteur director Paul Thomas Anderson. I did a bit of searching and Sapokanikan is a Native American word which relates to a “habitation site and cultivated area by the cove on the Hudson River at present day Gansevoort Street, Greenwich Village.” Not sure the meaning but Genius has a pretty good rundown of a lot of the references in the song.

The video isn’t particularly remarkable, it’s a montage of Newsom wandering around New York shot on a hand held camera, but the song itself is really beautiful. It’s nice that she continues to evolve musically (aka less harp) though, I didn’t care for Have One On Me as much as I enjoyed the weird, sprawling cacophony that was Ys. We’ll see where she ends up with this new album.

On a side note, does anyone else get a Fionna Apple vibe from Newsom? It’s funny considering PT’s past with Fiona. Maybe he has a type?

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