Luxuriously detailed photographs by Lorenzo Pennati

Lorenzo Pennati Photo

Milanese photographer Lorenzo Pennati caught my eye as I was browsing the other day with his uniquely detailed style. I would describe what he captures as extremely posh, upscale lifestyle situations, which defy reality entirely thanks to some fantastic stylists. That’s the entire fun of his work though! There’s so much going in the frame, a multitude of patterns and objects that your eyes dance across his imagery.

The images here are from a “Gardening Style” spread for Marie Claire Maison Italy that I particularly liked. The muted palette of sea greens and blues paired with cremes are an absolute joy. I would love to live in a plant filled loft like this.

Lorenzo Pennati Photo

Lorenzo Pennati Photo

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  1. George June 24, 2015 at 9:28 PM

    The photos are quite something but man the colour balance is incredible. Must us the new Adobe Color and Hue to make these into swatches.

    Thanks for the find.

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