“We’ve been weaned off this culture in recent decades by the emergence of the platform as picker, with the voice stripped back. The DJ, when vocal, must act as a Nick Carraway to our moment–in it but above it–and like Orson Welles, a commanding voice forcing us into the future. The eternal joy of this vox as a knowing guide might account for the rise in podcasts, too. It is an on-demand friend, a lone accompaniment to the freelancer and commuter nation.”

Sam Valenti, founder of Ghostly Records, wrote a piece on Medium that echoes my thoughts on curation, specifically how important it is to music. Services like Rdio or Beats rely too heavily on algorithms to make your experience “customized.” Unfortunately, you end up being bucketed with everyone else who may have listened to a similar set of albums or artists. Curation offers a point of view, a variety of options which can even contradict each other and surprise you.

June 12, 2015 / By