An In-Depth Look At Why Colonizing Mars Will be So Difficult, with Beautiful Illustrations by Josh Cochran

All Dressed Up For Mars and Nowhere to Go

A well-known effect on astronauts out on long missions is the dip at the halfway point, when the excitement has worn off and the return home seems unbearably distant. There is no way to know how a human mind will encounter passing the threshold of no return, when the Earth recedes from sight, and the pitch black enormity of deep space and the impossibility of ever turning back sinks in.

That’s an excerpt from an exceptional long read piece by Elmo Keep titled All Dressed Up For Mars and Nowhere to Go, which explores the company Mars One, a “start-up of sorts that intends to send people on a one way trip to Mars. He writes about the company, it’s co-founder and CEO Bas Lansdorp (who’s a bit of a weirdo) and highlights many of the numerous challenges that colonizing Mars would present.

Mars Illustration by Josh Cohcran

What really sells the article for me are the incredible illustrations by Josh Cochran, a long time friend of TFIB. He masterfully communicates a number of complex concepts in the simplest ways, things like eating insects, the effects of cosmic rays, what the lack of vitamin D can do to you. Funny enough Josh did a space/astronaut themed wallpaper for the site back in 2008 which you can still download. It’s cool to see how his style has changed, he’s become more confident I feel, and he’s really hitting new highs with his work.