Draw Better Portraits With a Free Class From Craftsy (Sponsored)

Draw Better Portraits With a Free Class From Craftsy (Sponsored)

Do you want to draw accurate, lifelike portraits? Join the free online video class, Draw Better Portraits: Capturing Likeness, and start sketching the human face with convincing realism.

Access the class instantly and enjoy four HD video lessons with renowned artist Gary Faigin. You’ll get the same expert instruction and up-close demonstrations as a live seminar, with the freedom and flexibility of an online class.

In four easy-to-follow lessons, Gary will guide you through essential techniques to help you draw your best portrait yet. You’ll learn to map the shapes and patterns in your subject’s face, and create “placeholders” to hone in on the correct position of facial features. Find out how to refine your drawing with adjustments to the mouth, chin, and nose, and discover how to successfully sketch lively eyes. Learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. Your access to this class will never expire, so you can revisit lessons anytime you want.

For your free class visit Craftsy.com.

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