Organize Your Desk With Blocks by Kukka

Blocks by Kukka

I always get an urge for new stationary at this time of year. Perhaps it’s to do with the back-to-school energy that’s in the air. Maybe it’s to do with Winter’s fast approach. Or perhaps it’s just to do with how brilliant stationary is and I really shouldn’t have to make excuses for why I get an urge to covet pretty things!

Blocks by Kukka

So if you’re like me I’m sure you’ll love Blocks by Kukka. Designed by the Israeli/British designer Rona Meyuchas K., the product consists of a set of wooden blocks that can hold everything from pens to post-it notes.


Composed of four basic shapes, the set modulates to create a range of products, with sets being able to assemble together in a range of combinations. Inspired by the wooden blocks that the designer’s children played with; each one is made from natural beech wood that will darken naturally over time. It’s a beautiful collection and it’s bound to be a wonderful companion to your office or studio desk.

Blocks by Kukka

Blocks is available to purchase here.

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