Weather Dial Perfects The Concept of the Minimal Weather App

Weather Dial App

In the last few years we’ve hit a maximum saturation point when it comes to weather apps. They’re easy to make with weather data readily available and a rather straightforward functionality. That said I was surprised by the newly updated version of Weather Dial which features a slimmed down UI and straightforward experience.


The app focuses (as it should) primarily on the weather with a subtle reference to the days to come. Swipe left and you can see information on the times of the sunrise and sunset as well as the humidity and wind speed. A light and dark mode rounds things out nicely. The one surprise is when you turn the phone sideways you access an hourly view of the weather which iconically shows you the type of moon and the chance of precipitation chart which animates in nicely, as you can see below.

Weather Dial 2 Perfects The Concept of the Minimal Weather App

My current weather app is Yahoo! Weather, though as I’ve been using Weather Dial I appreciate the straightforwardness of it. The app reminds me of the phrase, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” The font choice allows for a clear legibility, the iconography is considered and overall you see that it’s just the right amount of information to make it perfectly useful.

You can download it for yourself by clicking here.