Neverclear: Re-Imagining The Worst Alcohol on Earth

Neverclear by Toni Hall

Everclear, an alcohol bottled the American spirits company Luxco, is renowned for it’s deadly alcohol content, 95%, which is basically ethanol, which is commonly mixed with gasoline. University of Wisconsin-Stout student Toni Hall thought that a sexier, less deadly version, might be good for the market, so she created this lovely bottle for her fictional brand, Neverclear.

Neverclear by Toni Hall

A part of her design of the bottle was to simulate the feeling of being intoxicated. To this end she chose a bottle with a diamond shape and printed moire patterns on the back label. The combination then creates a warping effect that’s something akin to knocking a few too many back. A really clever way of utilizing graphics to illustrate a concept.

My only issue is with the logo on the bottle which doesn’t read clearly as Neverclear. It might have been more successful if the A in Clear didn’t have it’s cross bar, this allowing Never to read more clearly. Otherwise I know this bottle would absolutely jump out to me on the shelf, even though I hate vodka.

Neverclear by Toni Hall

Bobby Solomon

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