The Alchemists Dressing Table Requires Time and Effort To Create Your Own Beauty Products

The Alchemists Dressing Table by Lauren Davies

Do you know where your cosmetics come from, or how they’re made? Like a lot of things in our life there’s an unknowing of how the things we use day-to-day are manufactured. Lauren Davies, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, addresses this issue with her project The Alchemist’s Dressing Table.

Together, the tools form a statement piece; reigniting a dialogue about our relationship with nature and the materials we use. I believe this could be the future of cosmetics for the modern woman who has a desire to be more in control of what she uses on her skin and the impact they have on our environment. The tools I’ve designed will enable women to forge a stronger connection to their personal beauty rituals and a more magical relationship with nature’s intricate mysteries.

She’s taken the arcane and archaic idea of alchemy and presented it in a contemporary fashion. The tools she’s created allow the owner to make a wide variety of beautifying products like creams, balms, perfumes, and essential oils. One of the products I find most inventive is the eyeliner that utilizes burnt almond oil for it’s creation.

The kohl plate is for the preparation of black kohl eyeliner. Carbon collects on the underside of the copper plate from the almond oil burning in the oil burner below for a period of time. This black carbon deposit can then be mixed with almond oil for a smudged finish or aloe vera and witch hazel to allow a brush drawn line and used as eyeliner.

I also like that Lauren’s project tangentially addresses the issue of instant gratification. The idea that you’d need to sit down and prepare your beautification products is interesting to me. We take for granted being able to walk into a store and purchase cosmetics and perfumes immediately.

You can read more about the project by clicking here.

The Alchemists Dressing Table by Lauren Davies

The Alchemists Dressing Table by Lauren Davies