The Fox Is Black’s Six Favorite Plant-centric Instagrammers

The Fox Is Black's Six Favorite Plant-centric Instagrammers

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wanting to feature more plant related topics on the site I thought it would be fun to pull inspiration from my own Instagram feed. The following is a list of people who frequently or somewhat often feature plants on their own feed, bringing a little life to the photo app. They’ve all been chosen for very different reasons and hopefully you’ll find one or a few that match your own personal aesthetics.

Louise Ljungberg

Louise Ljungberg – @louiselj
Stockholm based photographer Louise Ljungberg is the exactly what I think of when I think of a great plant-base Instagram account. More often than not leafy greens and boldly colored blossoms dominate her feed. I don’t think I could ever get tired of her POV on life.

The Horticult - Instagram

The Horticult – @thehorticult
The Instagram feed of The Horticult, a blog that focuses on finding garden inspirations. Founders Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit may not the most aesthetically beautiful feed on the list, but certainly they’re certainly the most knowledgable. These two are great nerds who’ve taught me a ton about plant life.

Emily Blincoe - thuglifeforevs - Instagram

Emily Blincoe – @thuglifeforevs
There are few photographers who are able to capture beautiful scenes like Emily Blincoe, who on Instagram goes by the handle @thuglifeforevs. I love when she creates these little set-ups with objects organized by color, especially these plant based ones. You can’t go wrong following Emily.

nistsa - Instagram

nistsa – @nistsa
Of everyone on this list nistsa is the most mysterious. Based in Japan, this Instagrammer shares minimal photos of plants on grey backgrounds, quite the opposite of some of the others on this list. I think the subdued nature of their photos is quite nice and the subtle details they capture shouldn’t be overlooked.

Nicole Franzen - Instagram

Nicole Franzen – @nicole_franzen
Photographer Nicole Franzen has an enviable life. She’s hanging out on boats, in cute French bistros, chilling with Giada and Tom Colicchio. What I’m digging about her Instagram though is all the lovely nature that finds itself in her feed. I pulled a bunch of the desert related photos because Palm Springs is my favorite place in the world, and they remind me of there.

Julie Lee - Instagram

Julie Lee – @julieskitchen
I’ve had Julie Lee on the site a couple times before, she’s well-known for her incredible plant/food mosaics which she posts frequently on her Instagram. I figured it would be silly to leave her off of a list like this. Julie turns plants into art and that’s not to be missed.

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