The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Michael Olivo

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Michael Olivio

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Slowly but surely I’ve been trying to change the voice and vision of The Fox Is Black. For the past year it hasn’t quite felt like me “now”, it’s felt like the me of 3 or 4 years ago. I’ve changed, as has my taste. As a part of this endeavor I knew that the Desktop Wallpaper Project also needed to change so I’ve been working with some artists on creating a revised vision.

The first person I collaborated with is artist Michael Olivo. He’s based in Oakland and works in a number of mediums such as animation, mural painting, print-making, graphic design, and video art. Visually, his forms flow amidst built structures to organic figures to ephemeral wisps of movement, often rendered in either stark black and white or highly saturated colors. Here’s what he had to say about his wallpaper:

This piece was inspired by some notes my brother gave me on a concept album he’s working on in the sci-fi vein. One chapter involved a large giant being destroyed and his bones becoming satellite planets over a long period of time. So this image is basically the transition period where the fragmented skeleton is floating in space, and that strange skull face is a ghostly afterimage or an essence of some sort.

I love the energy of this piece and the color palette is striking. I’ve had this piece as my wallpaper for the past week or so and I was surprised at how well it works as a background. I see this as a piece of fine art that greets you every time you open your computer. A big thanks to Michael for such great work.