Listen To “Karma”, A New Track from Anenon’s Forthcoming Album ‘Sagrada’

Anenon - Brian Allen Simon

Anenon, the moniker of Los Angeles based musician and Nonprojects label founder Brian Allen Simon, has a new album coming out this fall titled Sagrada. The new project feels like a perfect maturation of his already unique musical style. He deftly combines electronic drums and melodies and combines them with breathy saxophone rhythms, the results of which have similarities to the work of Steve Reich and Aphex Twin.

Riding the line between four-on-the floor and completely free beats with abandon, Anenon’s new rhythms spin from feeling as steady as a river to dropping out from under your feet at a moment’s notice. Because many of the sounds on Sagrada were sourced from recordings of live shows as well as hours spent tucked away in the studio, the listener is somehow drawn into a feeling of thoughtful intimacy pulsing with the energy of an ecstatic crowd.

I’ve had a chance to listen to the record a few times now, and at times it travels into the idea of album as experience, not necessarily “music” as we like to contextualize it. It’s setting up a mood and feeling to transport you elsewhere. Definitely the type of record that you throw on a pair of headphones for.

Sagrada will be released on vinyl and digitally September 23, 2014.