Portfolio Update: OMFGCO


A few weeks back Portland based OMFGCO (the Original Manufacturing Company for those who don’t know) made a substantial update to their portfolio, showcasing works from the last several years. Made up of duo Jeremy Pelley and Fritz Mesenbrink, these guys are churning out top-notch quality work non-stop.

OMFGCO for Beams Japan

One of my favorite parts is the design work they did for BEAMS, the Japanese clothing brand. The variety of logos and word marks they came up with are beautiful and I would wear any of them on a t-shirt. They also did an amazing job on a branding assignment for Union Way, a walking street in Downtown Portland that needed an identity system that seamlessly blended into the area. As you can see below this is a place that would make any designer drool.

OMFGCO for Union Way

OMFGCO for Union Way

OMFGCO for Union Way

See more of their fine work by clicking here.

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