The Kakimori Stationery Shop Gives People A Reason To Write Things Down

The Kakimori Stationery Shop

It certainly feels like the act of handwriting is being lost. I’ll never be the person who says something is “dead” though clearly computers have decreased our need for writing by hand. If you could see my handwriting you’d understand just how sad the situation has become. Still, you have hold-outs like the Kakimori Stationery Shop in Tokyo who still see life in the practice. They see the shops purpose as creating a richer experience for communication as well as giving people a reason to write things down.

Kakimori Stationery Shop

Each item in the shop is researched and hand-selected as customers tend to ask detailed questions about how and where the products are made. They had originally tried carrying mass-market products but they couldn’t compete against the larger chains, eventually going back stocking only the finest in pens, papers, and accessories. Now they also make custom made notebooks, you can see the owner assembling each by hand.

Though you may not take up writing notes by hand again it’s nice to see there are still people out there who are passionate about the experience.

July 31, 2014