The Secret Hack That Lets You Find Out What Your Uber Passenger Rating Is

The Secret Way of Finding Out Your Uber Score

The world of transportation has been fundamentally changed by start-up ride share service Uber. One feature that differentiates Uber from the traditional taxi experience is their rating system, which allows the passenger to rate their driver and vice versa. Is your driver swerving all over the road? You can leave a poor rating and a comment knowing that Uber will take care of it (they even write you an email back). But what about your own rating?

Aaron Landy has found a great hack that tells you what your score is in four easy steps. This should help answer whether or not that night you blacked out and took Uber home may have been more of a mess than you remember. I’m proud to say that after 30+ rides I’ve still got a perfect rating.

Uber Passenger Rating

If you’ve never used Uber before you’re totally missing out. Use the link to get your first ride free (and I get a free ride in return).

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