Sari Cohen Invites You to View Her Machine Dreams

Sari Cohen - La Culture

Over the week I discovered the work of Sari Cohen; an illustrator and print-maker from Tel Aviv. I love the colors in her work and I really like the shapes and forms that she uses. The work here was created for an exhibition called La Culture which ran in Tel Aviv at the end of May.

Sari Cohen - La Culture

The exhibition was part of a whole festival of illustration which took place in the city for ten days. It was Israel’s first ever Illustration Week and it sounded like they hosted a great series of events. I’ve never heard of a city putting on an illustration week before, and this one in Tel Aviv seems to have really done it well; putting together work from some of the country’s top illustrators as well as hosting dozens of exhibitions, workshops and opportunities for local illustrators and the general public to meet up.

Sari Cohen - La Culture

Sari’s illustration was selected as one of the images to promote the week and I think it’s a wonderful image to pick. Called Machine Dreams, the image is a fantastic piece of work celebrating imagination with surrealism and beautiful dream-like moments. Prints are currently available to purchase here, or perhaps even better is the possibility to buy the image on a dream journal which comes with a rather nifty LED pen hidden inside.

More illustrations from Sari can be viewed on her website.

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