Profile and Interview with Issey Miyake

Profile and Interview with Issey Miyake

The Financial Times’ How To Spend It section has an in-depth interview/profile on designer of all things Issey Miyake, highlighting his current projects, the variety of his projects, speaking to his peers, his work process, and his own inspirations. The man is 76 so it makes sense that he’s done so much, but the paragraph below is a perfect example of just how much he’s actually working on with his team.

The hub of Miyake’s empire is the Reality Lab department at the Miyake Design Studio. This is where his small team – including textile engineer Manabu Kikuchi, pattern engineer Sachiko Yamamoto and employees who have been working with him since before the Issey Miyake brand launched in 1971 – articulate designs for the 132 5. collection that often have their basis in complex computer-generated 3D shapes by Jun Mitani, associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, Tsukuba University. 132 5. is one part origami, two parts advanced mathematics; the result includes the new Grid cardigan (£645) and skirt (£425) with triangular panels of grey, blue and green. For the 132 5. spring collection, dynamic helix shapes, originally developed by scientists for solar panels orbiting the earth, have been reworked into flat patterns and garments. The process is both difficult and extraordinary – two things that clearly excite Miyake, for whom the journey of creation is as stimulating as the end result.

I wanna’ be like Miyake.

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